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    Dolphins New Member

    I have several weeks before determining the sex of my baby. I am so anxious, so I was wondering if you can give me some feedback....

    I heard that the symptoms when a woman is pregnant with a boy vs a girl is very different. In fact I know 4 ladies who were recently pregnant with boys and they almost had a probrlem free pregnancy. With girls I heard there is more morning sickness etc....


    missjoli New Member

    I'm pregnant with two boys, and I was sick as a dog the first 3 months. I lost 12 lbs from all the puking.

    Mom2MandyandTristan New Member

    My first was a girl and I had a symptom free pregnancy.
    My next was a boy and every symptom you can think of I had ("morning" sickness that lasted all day and a nasty metal taste in my mouth) plus heartburn & RLS.

    chantalTTC New Member

    I'm pregnant with a girl and would forget I'm pregnant if it weren't for the growing belly...barely no symptoms at all.

    Persephone1881 New Member

    I don't know what I'm having yet (9 more days!!) but I would forget I was pregnant too if not for the u/s pictures I have.. so if that means I'm having a girl then WOOHOO!!! I do know that when my mom was pregnant with my brother, she was very sick for 6 months. When she was pregnant with my sister and then with me, she just had a bit of nausea, no throwing up. I've never heard before that symptoms, or lack thereof, were any indication of the baby's gender.

    The Chinese gender prediction chart seems to be pretty accurate though.. oddly enough. I'm generally pretty skeptical so I looked up myself, my siblings, my neice and nephew, the 2 children of a family friend, and all the ladies on the Dec. due date thread who have found out already and all but 2 were correct. It's bizare. I hope it's accurate for my baby since it says I'm having a girl.

    Lawyerlady New Member

    I've also heard no morning sickness means a boy, sickness means a girl, but from the responses here it may be an old wives' tale! I'm really no help as I am having one of each - but I wasn't sick at all.

    Dolphins New Member

    Thanks for your reply... Now I will jsut have to wait.. God is good and will give me what he wants...
    Which chinese predictor did you use?

    charms New Member

    i have been pregnant with boys and now a girl, never had morning sickness with either one.

    liv New Member

    If you google chinese gender predictor, it will come up, but for me it was wrong. There isn't a whole lot to it. My first symptoms (except on and off sore breasts) and it was a boy. The heart rate was always around 150. This one, the predictor said girl. My skin has broken out some. I had morning sickness for 13-14 weeks (starting very early). The heart rate was a little higher, bit then settled around 150. It is a boy too! I just don't think there are any accurate predictors. My gut was saying boy for most of the time up to the anatomy scan though.

    Good luck. I know it's hard to wait!


    infertilitynovice New Member

    We're having a girl and, though I had a few moments of "ewey" feelings here and there, my pregnancy has been uneventful too. I think the heart rate theory holds more water than if you are sick or not. There's also the old wives' tale that says if you're craving more citrus or sour then it is a boy and if you're craving sweet things then it is a girl. I can't seem to get enough of fruit in general, citrus or sweet.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    kensbaby93 New Member

    I dont really believe in all the old wives tales. But its fun to play around with. The Chineese gender thing said my 1st PG was to be a girl and it was a boy. Everyone said the way I was carrying it woud be a girl and it was a boy...LOL.
    I had no symptoms with DS, but this PG is slightly aversions, lots of headaches and occasional nausea, so it will be interesting to see if its a girl, but I will not find out till the baby is born.

    CatIz1 New Member

    I was nauseous for 2 months and am having a girl.

    moriarty New Member

    I felt horrible for the first three months and really didn't start to feel better until 16 weeks and I am having a girl. The Chinese birth predictor said I was having a boy. Her heartrate is generally in the 140's and 150's. I also carry low which the myth says means boy.

    My friend is having a boy. She never had a lot of morning sickness, but has had bad heartburn since the beginning. Her belly is VERY high. His heartrate is always in the 150's and 150's.

    So, really, they are ALL old wives tales.

    tamarie New Member

    I've had no morning sickness but I still have horrible heartburn. My OB predicted boys based on their heartrates (sorry I can't remember what they were) and she was right. The Chinese predictor said girl!

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