Taking Femara Day 3-7 or 5-9?

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    Hi everyone. I'm just wondering what's the difference between taking Femara on Day 3-7 versus Day 5-9. I've read some threads of people who are taking it day 3-7, and some day 5-9. I just started my first round of Femara, and my doctor has prescribed it for Day 3-7. Just wondering if anyone knows why the difference?

    EsperanzaFL New Member

    hi I have always taken it 3-7. My re states that when you do 5-9 you are in a gray area meaning you are out of the follicular phase peak time with femara. I was at 2.5mg but move on to 5.0mg. I really want the 7.5mg but he says no difference.:) check on the BFP status under IUI to see if anyone has success with 5-9 days. Good Luck!

    africanpryncess New Member

    Taking Femara and Injections

    Hi ladies, today is day 7 of my cycle and I started the Gonal F injections and I am to take that until day 9 which is Sunday. This is my first time taking injections so I was a little nervous but I'm okay now; I was also taking Femara which I started on day 3 and ended today. I go to the doctor on Monday to see how I'm progressing so is there anyone doing injections? :pray:

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    My main concern right now is that I started AF last Friday morning so I couldn't go in for my U/S until this past monday CD 4 so my RE started me on Femera on CD 4-8. After reading these boards I haven't seen anyone start on CD 4 so I'm a bit worried I started it too late.

    EsperanzaFL New Member

    Femara 2.5mg or Femara 5mg.....hmmm depends

    @ Willow

    :) No worries.Yes I have started on CD 4 before. You will be okay. Just have faith. Femara is a little different than Clomid.It saves the lining a little bit more. I am on a 5mg dose so the 2.5 may produce slower follies when starting on CD 4.I also believe if you have ever ovulated on your own the 2.5mg will be okay.You may need 2 ultrasounds to check the sizes. Let us know what the size follies the scan showed.:cross: :bsv:

    Willowcat New Member

    1 Follie at 16.5 and another Follie/cyst at 18.5

    I went for an u/s today CD 11 to see if the Femara worked. I had okay news I guess. I have two follies on the left side 1 at 16.5 and the other at 18.5. My RE thinks the bigger one may be a cyct that he saw at my last u/s but is not certain. He has gone ahead and scheduled my iui for this Thursday. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm happy I have 1 folli two work with but really hoped to have more. I'll be doing a lot of :pray: in the next few weeks.

    Mina New Member

    New to Femara

    I'm starting Femara for the 1st time today. I've had one cycle of Clomid, Rx by my OBGYN without success. However, the RE said Clomid is old fashioned and put me on Femara. It'll be CD 5-9, although the RE preferred it was CD3-7, but it's to late now. We'll be trying Femara for two cycles, no IUI, no monitoring, nothing else. :pray: :babydust: :bsv:

    RaeMae New Member

    My RE has me starting Femara CD3 and I continue taking it until my follis look good! Last month I took it for 9 days! This is the first I've heard of this schedule but he's had great success with it! I am monitored often to watch for approaching O, so that is a good thing! I go in this Tuesday to see how my follis are doing! I'm currently CD5

    TheSOFTBlogger New Member

    Most FE's recommend taking femara on days 3-7 of a cycle for a few reasons. The old protocols, when either clomid or femara were used, had patients taking ovulation induction meds from days 5-9 but often follicle development was much faster and less controlled with/without FSH injections added to cycles.

    Day 3-7 is routinely used now in IUI or monitored cycles to allow better recruitment of follicle development and allow for more control when using FSH injectables to progress immature follicles to ovulation.

    EtsyMama New Member

    I started CD3. I'm also doing supposed to injects 3-4 days. But we'll see.

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