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    deepasocean New Member

    Hi everyone

    I have FET scheduled for tomorrow. What should and should not be done after FET. e.g. is bed rest advisable? and for how long? What about the diet?

    Please advice


    HRMS MOM New Member

    Did your dr give you any guidelines? My dr gave us a sheet with all of his guidelines to follow afterward with that said here is what I did with both my IVF and FET.

    Per my DR strictly laying on your back for 6 hours after the transfer. My DR is 2 hours away so this meant I laid in the back seat of our car with a pillow under my tush. This may be extreme but it worked. Then I walked in the house up to bed and laid on my back for another 4 hours.

    After the 6 hours normal bed rest for 3 days now this is one day longer than what I was told for my IVF not sure why.

    than light bed rest, only moving around the house for day 4.

    I ate ice cream everyday and pinapple.

    Who knows if this all worked or if it is all in your head but my little girl is 8 month old now so I will be doing the same things in a couple of months when we have our next FET.

    Good luck to you!!

    drbrown New Member

    I will be having my 1st FET transfer on Feb. 18th and I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for posting this. I'm scheduled for a wednesday so I will have 5 full days before I have to go back to work. I just want to do my best to follow drs orders!

    ImHis New Member

    With my fet's I have strick bed rest for 3 days. Not even a shower. I can get up to go to the bathroom adn that is it. After that, just take it easy, no lifting over 1/2 gallon and no exercise... I try to eat healthy just as I should be doing all the time :woohoo: but definently should do if I were to get pregnant.

    deepasocean New Member

    Well, thanks everybody...

    My RE didn't suggest bed rest at all. According to her it doesn't make any difference. Just don't do any vigorous exercises and thats it!

    But I don't want to take any chances... So even if someone else's RE says to do bed rest, I am doing that too... Atleast I won't regret that I didn't do my best.


    ImHis New Member

    There is a big debate on the whole bed rest thing after a transfer. I have had 2 RE's and both did the bed rest. One had me do it 2 days, my current one 3 days.
    I dont mind doing it, as you said, if something goes wrong at least you know it wasnt something you did or didnt do.

    Angelwithhope New Member

    Although I have yet to do a FET, my SIL and I both attend the same clinic where they say NO BEDREST, it cuts off the very important blood flow to the uterus. We were both advised (me on fresh and her on her FET) to relax and take it easy for the day but to go out, have lunch, do some light ten minute walks and rest on the coach, but not necessarly lay flat. I'll tell you though, something must have worked because I am pg with twins and she got pg with twins on one of her FET and a singleton on her last FET. There thinking is again, that blood flow is restricted when a person is lying around doing zip. Food for thought.

    Also, all acupuncturists will tell you to avoid ice cream after a transfer because it can make your uterus "Cold" and make implantation more difficult. You want a warm uterus so mine have suggested drinking room temp liquids and warm teas but no green tea and nothing with caffeine.

    There is so much varying information out there, though. You'll hear it've just got to decide to do what feels best for you! ;)

    Anel New Member

    Transfer today!

    Hi Girls,

    I am really gald you post this thread. I had FET today:pray:
    My RE said no lifthing heavy thing, no aerobics and running, no sex, BUT nothing regarding bed rest.
    He said just take it slow for a day or too.

    I agree with Angel, eat nothing cold, I was told the same thing.

    I head nothing negative regarding green tea it does have caffein I agree, but not as much as coffee or black tea, and I do not want to switch it off due to all other goodies in it.

    Good luck girls with your transfer tomorrow!

    Anel New Member

    And one more thing..

    I was moderatly active during my first transfer and had a bed rest for 5 days with my second transfer.
    Both end up :bfn: .

    So you never really know what works what does not.

    Erika84 New Member

    i did three days of strict bed rest. i layed completely flat on my back the three days. even layed flat on my back while eating. i also had my husband carry me to and from the bathroom. it was miserable but i cant help but feel like it paid off. i am now 20 weeks pregnant! good luck with your transfers everyone!!!

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