TSH bloodwork and optimal levels during pregnancy

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    wantbabiesnow New Member

    I have hypothyroidism, am on medication, and my TSH level is currently 0.98.
    Does anyone know what the optimal TSH levels during pregnancy are and how often you need to get your levels checked?

    Cree New Member

    Hi want babiesnow. I've heard optimal is between 1 and 2 for TSH. .98 is very close to this so very good in fact! A second range allows up to 3.5 for people TTC so there is some disagreement with regards to correct TSH range. As far as getting checked during pregnancy I've been told it's important to get checked as soon as you find out you are pregnant and several times thereafter. If you feel any symptoms of hypo or hyperthyroidism during pregnancy I would request an uptake as well regardless of whether it fits into a scheduled appointment or not. The thyroid page on about.com has a lot of articles about thyroid and pregnancy if you are interested in reading more. I think they have an article on exactly what you are asking about regarding how often to get checked out.

    Susse New Member

    I have posted in this forum section before so perhaps look for that and some others who have given detailed info; however, 1 is optimal and below 3 for sure! I would say you are at a good level. Right now I am at .4 and my RE wants to bring it up a little so I don't go hyper.
    Def look at about.com thyroid info with Mary Shomon. Great info there. Also, NEVER let them tell you it is in the "normal" range. Normal varies from Dr to Dr and lab. The normal is 1-3 with the lower end being best for pregnancy.

    Also, once you have a confirmed pregnancy check your TSH and then get it tested at least every 6 weeks. My TSH went up within the first 6 weeks when I was pregnant with my son and stayed pretty level. Went up once during the 9months but not much and then really jumped at the end. I think the iron I was taking was blocking the Levoxyl from being absorbed.
    I have a beautiful healthy son.

    wantbabiesnow New Member

    Thanks Cree and Susse! I was confused after hearing different values from different docs. I will read up more on the sites you have suggested.

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