we are pregnant!!!!!!!

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    ladybird345 Member

    Hello to all!
    I want to share my positive result. As you probably know, I was recommended a surrogacy.
    So we have started our journey in biotex.
    Yesterday we got to know our surrogate is pregnant!
    I feel like I'm walking on the air. frankly I didn't expect such a vertiginous whirl of fortune, I thought we would fail this try but no. The God heard our prayers.
    Now we are waiting for the ultrasound. I can't stand waiting this time, hope it will be fun and we will see our baby.
    Good luck for everyone who are trying to get pregnant!!!!!!


    Am_elia Member

    hello, ladybird! my congrats to you! Happy to see such an amazing news from you! God see and hear everything! Now you're on your way of becoming a mother!
    How interesting, I was speaking today on forum about waiting of ultrasound scan and how exhausting it is. that's probably the most hated thing in whole surrogacy program.
    But now, as I look through my journey from the beginning up to now I realize that the time passed quickly. In two month I will have my boys and they are worth of waiting!
    So, enjoy every moment of it!

    ladybird345 Member

    Oh thank you very much for good words. I want to scream I'm the happiest woman in the world. My family is going to be complete it's amazing feeling.
    not really, I can't stand waiting it's was the longest time in my life. I prayed every day for a positive result. and you see he has heard me. he gave me a chance to be a mom.
    of course my clinic helps a lot, I really want to see my surrogate, i want to say her thank you, she's doing a great job.
    wow, my congrats to you!
    where have you started your journey?

    Mydreammore Member

    Hi! Fantastic news! You’re sounding in tune with me. I’m also in the seventh heaven! So happy and a bit nervous.
    My surrogate is pregnant it seems I’ve done all I could to have such news.
    So I really understand you. are you in Ukraine? I mean your clinic is in Ukraine.
    Thank you for sharing
    my best congrats!! XxxxX

    ladybird345 Member

    thank you very much for good words. Yes we are with Ukraine. We didn't expect to be in process so far. I thought I would take some months before we would found a clinic and a surrogate. fortunately, it has happened faster that we supposed to it be.
    My fingers crossed for healthy baby, the first scan will show it.
    oh, nearly forgot to ask what stage are you at?
    Are you in Ukraine these days?
    Are you with biotex?

    kellysweet New Member

    Wow, dear.. My congrats! So happy to hear those news. You know we are involved in the same process. The difference is that I've proceeded a bit further within the program.. :) That's great clinic. I like the way they treat their clients and the way they help to go through each and every stage of the your journey. I'm so excited to get another scan and some news each month.. I'm looking forward my the next one each time. That makes me stay calm and think of our blissful future. Wish you all the best x

    ladybird345 Member

    thanks, oh, how much further? have you already got your 7 week's scan? how it looks like? did you have an opportunity to be with your surrogate during it?
    yes, clinic is great! we are totally satisfied with the service. and our manager is great, of course she is busy but she is helping other people for sure.

    Mydreammore Member

    You didn’t point the quotes but I think you meant to ask me about where I am now.
    No, we are in Netherlands now, but if we’re informed that we may see our surrogate we’ll immediately go to Ukraine. Today my husband has possibility to work at home and it’s not a problem to send his working reports to the main office from Ukraine.
    And the next replies are also Yes.

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