What was your B-HCG level at 10dp5dt or 12dp3dt and is it a boy or a girl?

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    Sunny1978 New Member

    Hi! I saw some research that boys typically produce lower B-HCG levels and girls higher B-HCG levels, so I want to see if we can get a poll going.

    What was your B-HCG level and are you having a boy or a girl?

    My husband wants to wait for us to find out the sex until the birth, so of course I'm trying to do my own research to figure it out!

    My B-HCG level at 10dp5dt was 70.

    Thank you!

    BlueSkiesGal New Member

    I've never heard that before, interesting....
    My beta at 15dpo was also 70, like yours, with my first IVF cycle. That resulted in our DD!!! I have heard about the HB wivestale....140-150 range (boy) and 150-160 (girl) that has been true for my first pg and with my sister's pgs. Also, for fun, did you try putting in your info on the Chinese calendar? They claim 75% accuracy...and once again it was right with my DD and my sister's kids.

    agr72 Member

    Well, I had an IUI, but at 14dpiui (equivalent of 9dp5dt), my beta was 325! Only one bean in there and it is a boy...he was not shy about showing off his 'stuff' at our last ultrasound. LOL...

    So, not sure HCG is really a good indicator of how many babies you have OR baby's sex...

    I need to check the chinese calendar predictor, now that we know what we are having. I kind of felt along we were having a boy, but had no real concrete evidence of it until the 18 week u/s. Have fun guessing!

    HopefulinCO New Member

    Well, my kiddos foiled the Chinese predictor, but in relation to one another the beta is true. With DD my beta was about 125 at 11 dp 3 dt. With this pg (boy for sure - even I could tell on the ultrasounds) my beta was only 103 at 12 dp 2 dt (and really it would have been even lower except I had a second embryo implant that never developed more than a small fetal pole).

    I wish I could remember heart rates...

    divibaby New Member

    I have three girls and allnproduced low betas. So ive always believed the low numbers were girls (take longer to implant). This time around its a boy/girl so cant go by those numbers. Ive polled before and the majority also found the samento be true. I predict girl ;)

    mdown071 New Member

    At 10 days post 5 day transfer mine was 113. And I am having a little boy.

    AmandaLynn New Member

    Mine was 331 12dp3dt and we are having a girl!!

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