Who knows how to interpret Cycle Day 3 labs? LH, FSH, ESTRADIOL?

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    I got my CD3 labs back today and I have NO CLUE how to interpret these...


    LH = 13.5
    ****LH Reference Range

    Follicular Phase 1.9- 12.5
    Mid-cycle Peak 8.7- 76.3
    Luteal Phase 0.5- 16.9
    Postmenopausal 15.9- 54.0

    FSH = 3.5
    ****FSH Reference Range

    Follicular Phase 2.5-10.2
    Mid-cycle Peak 3.1-17.7
    Luteal Phase 1.5- 9.1
    Postmenopausal 23.0-116.3

    ESTRADIOL = 68
    ****ESTRADIOL Reference Range
    Follicular Phase: 11-212
    Mid-Cycle: 18-480
    Luteal Phase: < or = 247
    Post-Menopausal: < or = 27

    I know these numbers mean something even though they're in range... even if it's not in the right time of my cycle range... but I have heard something about an LH/FSH ratio that is looked at... so anyone know??


    ahhny New Member

    I wish I could tell you, but I am as clueless as you. I would PM Crelalis as I know she will be able to tell you exactly what they mean.

    I do know that based on your references and that these are taken on CD 3--you are in the follicular phase and your LH is high which is not good. It is an indication of PCOS. Your Estadiol also looks high to me for the fllicular phase even though the reference says it is in range, but that is just my instinct not a scientific analysis. Also, the reference range says that the mid-phase is normal from 18-480 and I know that is not correct as mine has been a 20 and the Doc said that is way too low for someone trying to conceive (normal is 300 for an 18yo) (20 is normal too, but only if you are 80 yo). Therefore, we can conclude that although you seem to be within normal ranges on your FSH and Estradiol you may not be where you should be for you age and desire to conceive.

    You probably already know all of that though. Again I would just PM crelalis or just call and ask your RE what they like to see for CD 3.

    Gambler New Member

    Based on what I've read

    I can tell you about the FSH and E2/Estradiol levels. I read on FertilityPlus.com (I believe) that day 3 levels are as follows:

    FSH Levels are normal between 3-20. However, if the numbers are between 6-9 = Excellent, 9-10 = Fair, 10-13 = Diminished, and 13+ Hard to Stimulate. Now your levels are 3.5 so I'm thinking that is beyond excellent.

    Estradiol levels on the lower end tend to be better for stimulating. Normal levels are between 25-75.

    I hope this helps. I just got my blood taken today to get my FSH and Estradiol levels and will have them taken again in 6 days for the Clomid Challenge, although this is my 3rd round of Clomid.

    lynde New Member

    LH:FSH ratio 2:1 or greater is a sign of PCOS. You are almost 4:1. Interestingly I was about there a few years ago and am now 1:1 without really doing anything.

    kimberf New Member

    Here are a couple of the sites I used when I got mine back:
    Hormone Levels & Fertility Bloodwork - Fertility Plus
    Day 3 FSH Fertility Test of Ovarian Reserve (FSH and estradiol only)

    Your estradiol level seems a tiny bit high, but not horrible. Mine was 29, for comparison's sake. It could be due to a functional cyst.

    Your FSH level does look good, though it may be suppressed a little bit due to the estradiol level being higher.

    And lynde is right, that FSH/LH ratio is an indicator of PCOS (which I know from other discussions that you already have plenty of indicators of that, so shouldn't be much of a surprise there.)

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