I Didn’t Get Pregnant Using Fertility Pills & Here’s What I Want You to Know

Like many of you, I found myself at a fertility clinic in an effort to become pregnant. Lucky for us (as crazy as that sounds) we didn’t have to go through all the testing and trying to figure out what the root of the problem was, we knew all along. My husband has a zero sperm count, so there was no trying to “fix” that and we jumped right into artificial insemination using a donor sperm.

We discussed how long and how many times we were going to put my body through this process before moving on to adoption, our lucky number was three (3) times. The first two (2) times were unsuccessful. The third and final attempt I got pregnant. We lost the baby just 8 short weeks later. Of course, there is more to this story, but this isn’t the place for that now.

Through the artificial insemination process I was prescribed a few medications to increase my chances of getting pregnant. One of those was clomid, a very well known fertility drug to increase ovulation. I also was prescribed Human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. This was an injectable medication that I gave to myself 36-48 hours before I thought I would be ovulating to increase the changes of an egg being released.

I wouldn’t change anything about the process I went through. But I will give you a few tips/advice for the process.

First, do your own research about the medications your doctor wants to prescribe for you, many of them have side effects. Before going through this process I never really took medication and never experienced side effects. The side effects of clomid that I experienced were hot flashes, mood swings, and a little bit of abdominal discomfort. And let me tell you the mood swings, both emotional and psychological were so hard to go through. 

Secondly, be prepared for the good and the bad. There is no magical pill that you can take and you will end up pregnant, no questions asked. If there was, I would probably be first in line to get such pill! But be prepared for the side effects mentioned above and be prepared for the negative pregnancy tests.

Lastly, make sure to have a good support network to help you through the hard days. This process is extremely difficult and very emotional. You will need someone to talk to through the pain, the suffering, and the doctor’s appointments. Like I said, I wouldn’t change our process, but I would have done more research. I would have read more articles like this. I would have prepared myself just a little bit more than I did. But, in the very end, do not lose hope!