How Do You Conceive A Baby Girl?

They say there’s a 50/50 chance of being able to conceive a baby girl. Is there a way to up the odds? There’s no science to say for sure, but there are plenty of old wives’ tales to put to the test. Here are five of those tales. 

Keep calm

It’s been said that even tempered parents have even tempered little ladies. Angry, aggressive parents will have a wild little boy. So do some yoga and practice your meditation if you’re trying for a daughter!

Sugar, spice, and everything nice

Little girls are so sweet–so eating more chocolate might make it a girl! This is a delicious way to try for a girl. I mean, who wouldn’t want an excuse to eat more chocolate? It has also been said that eating red meat will increase your chances of having a boy, so stick with fish instead. Citrus is said to change the pH of your body, making it a more hospitable environment for a girl.

Afternoon delight

Children conceived in the afternoon, especially on even days of the month, are supposedly more likely to be girls. If you can make a baby during the full moon, it’s a guaranteed baby girl.

Watch your ovulation

It’s all about timing. Presumably, the optimum time to have a girl is exactly 12 hours after ovulation. Wait longer than 3 days after ovulation and you increase your chances of having a boy.

Stick to the rituals

There are plenty of rituals some couples swear by to guarantee a baby girl. These include a wooden spoon under the bed and a pink ribbon under the pillow, having sex while facing north, and eating lemons before and after intercourse.

There is no scientific guarantee that you can influence the gender of your child. But it doesn’t hurt to try!