How Easy Is It To Get Pregnant?

The topic of conception has been an issue of debate between women for ages. Like everything in life, not everything is the same for every person. Some women have found that they get pregnant too easily, while others can’t get pregnant regardless of what method or scientific technique is used.

Knowing your body is a key component to getting pregnant. Understanding how your system works, understanding your weight and how it can affect conception, even knowing your family history with fertility issues, are all important subjects to understanding your chances of getting pregnant.

Typically the younger the mother-to-be, the easier it is to get pregnant; young bodies are usually healthier and work better. For some females it has been known to happen that their first sexual encounter can lead to an unexpected pregnancy; for other women it may take the intervention of science to help them conceive, and even others who never do conceive regardless of situation or age.

Reducing the amount of stress in your everyday life is a key component to becoming pregnant, though not a guarantee. A body under a great amount of stress is less likely to become pregnant than others who deal with a lower stress level. Some heavier women may find it difficult to become pregnant because at a certain weight the body stops functioning properly. Though weight may be a contributing factor to some, it isn’t a steadfast rule for all. Again, every body is different; not one generic term is applicable to all females.

If you’re trying to get pregnant and finding it more difficult than expected, you may try using your ovulation schedule as a starting point. Knowing when to expect your period can be a key element to planning a pregnancy. Some studies indicate that having unprotected sex the day prior or the day after your menstrual cycle may help in conception. Other studies indicate that increasing the amount of intimate times with your partner may be helpful. The theory that more is better, or as the old saying goes…if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? However, if trying to conceive is the only agenda in having sexual relations with your partner, it may very well become a mundane, rewardless exercise, which should never be the case. Sex should be an enjoyable, beautiful, bonding, intimate thing between two lovers, never seen as a chore only to conceive.

There is no easy answer for how easy it may be to become pregnant because again there is no one rule that works universally. However, we are fortunate to live in an era where science has studied cause and effects. Multiple products are available in the free market to help you conceive, and medical experts have the ability to intervene with the initial stages of conception. Having a baby is one of life’s biggest rewards, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey on the way to becoming parents. Having sex should be the beginning of a beautiful story with a happy ending.