Preparing For A Baby: How Can You Be “A Fertile Woman?”

Preparing for a baby is a wonderful thing. Here are some helpful hints to becoming a fertile woman.

So you and your partner have finally decided to take the leap into parenthood. How exciting! There’s a lot of fun to be had trying to make a baby. The anticipation grows with each passing month. You start getting way ahead of yourself planning and dreaming and wishing…

We all know the logistics of how it’s going to happen–and it will! But have you considered preparing your own body and mind for this adventure? Did you know there are things that you can do now–before conception–to increase your chances AND give your baby the best start possible?

  1.      Talk to your doctor. Set up an appointment to discuss with your doctor how to increase your odds, and get your annual physical. Make     sure that you get blood work done if needed. Discuss any existing medical conditions or medications you are on that may need to be           taken into consideration. Go over your family history with your doctor. Also ask them who they would recommend for women’s health and   obstetrics–even for pediatric care for the new baby.
  2.      Get your weight to fall into a healthy BMI (body mass index) level. Being under or over weight can diminish your odds of success–   some studies show that it will take women that do not fall in a healthy BMI range for their height nearly twice as long to conceive.
  3.      Stop smoking, cut back on caffeine and alcohol, and eat your veggies. Both you and your partner. Smoking also damages sperm.   You know you should be doing this for yourselves anyway, but isn’t it just a bit easier when you are doing them for soon-to-be baby?
  4.      Track your monthly cycle. The six days prior to ovulation are the ones you want to make sure you’re spending the right way…   Pregnancy is most likely to occur with intercourse within the three days before ovulation.
  5.      Take it down a notch. Stop stressing! Easier said than done when you’re on a mission–I know! But seriously, if you have something   healthy that helps you relax, find time for it. Stress levels can greatly decrease your odds of conception. Your stress level can also wreak   havoc on your cycle making that perfect time of the month much harder to find.

There is no better advice I can give you than this–embrace the season you are in right now, and enjoy as much of it as you can! Don’t let your frustrations and impatience hinder the process. Soon enough, if all goes as planned, you will be in a very different season of your life, and you will be glad that you enjoyed every second of this one right now.

Best wishes and luck to you and your growing families!