Accupuncture and pregnancy pulse?

Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by lori38, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this...I'm currently the 2ww of my 2nd ivf and see an acupuncturist that specializes in fertility! I saw her on 8dp3dt and she said my pulse was very strong, which can be indicative of a pg..she said its not a guarantee and she can't predict but she said its definitely encouraging! Last ivf, I got pregnant but m/c..I was seeing her also...she saw me before my beta but she didn't say anything last time but after my beta came back positive, she said she kind of knew by my last appt but didn't say anything? I think it was because of my pulse last time! I'm really hoping this works! It kind of gave me hope since I don't really have any symptoms and it's been driving me crazy! Have anyone heard anything about a pregnancy pulse? I've looked it up on the Internet and there is definitely some info on it...thanks for any advice!
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    Well, as we can all tell from your signature, your acupuncturist was right! Congratulations!
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    My acupuncturist says progesterone can cause "preg pulses"

    My acupuncturist (who has a Chinese MD and is an infertility specialist) says that the progesterone supplements can often mask pulses, or cause pulses to "act pregnant" when the patient isn't.

    MENTS of BFP details...

    Last week, when I was still in my 2ww, he said, "Well, if it wasn't for the progesterone you're on, I'd say you're pregnant." As it turned out, my Beta was 412, so he was right. Another acupuncturist (less experienced) said that she was simply looking to make sure I had enough ancestral jing, and couldn't tell by my pulses if I was pregnant, but rather if I could maintain a pregnancy.

    Honestly, I have no idea how any of it "works," but acupuncture relaxes me, so I keep going. It is interesting that I finally had my first BFP in 3 years this cycle, and it's also the first time I did acupuncture before and after embryo transfer.

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    My acupuncturist was able to predict my baby`s gender at about 6 weeks, and she was right it is a beautiful baby girl.

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