Acupuncture and Clomid

Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by ElleJay, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. ElleJay

    ElleJay New Member

    Hi ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone has tried acupuncture while on Clomid?

    I'll be starting my next cycle of Clomid next month and was thinking of trying acupuncture as well. I've seen a naturopath before for carpal tunnel syndrome and was successfully treated with acupuncture and bowen therapy.

    Has anyone had experience or even success with this?
  2. Kitten9110

    Kitten9110 New Member

    Me TOO!

    I tried Gonal F, at a every high dose (compared to what I've seen on the other posts) with no effect. My doctor suggests I use donor eggs (which I will do as a last option), but I want to try with my own eggs first (though she says I am at 15% likely). I am doing acupuncture once a week and she said she'll put me on Chlomid for my next cycle. I'm scared because I haven't had a period since Feb. 19. I know I'm not pregnant but I hope my fertility rates aren't going down even more. I hope to do another cycle in June.:pray:
  3. Trying-in-Texas

    Trying-in-Texas New Member

    I tried acupuncture for 4 months! It didn't help me! It was relaxing and worthwhile but at the end it didn't help me achieve the bfp!

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