Acupuncture and IUI

Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by bistro, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. bistro

    bistro New Member

    Hello all!

    Anyone have any success with an IUI while doing acupuncture? And if so, when, in relation to the insemination, did you go? My acupuncturist recommended the day before and the day after - said it has been shown to boost chances by 40%!! I'm here looking for some proof of that!

  2. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H New Member

    I've never even gone for a consult with an accupunturist but I've wondered if it really makes any difference too! It's very epensive in my area but would be sooooo worth it if it worked!
  3. mom2bntexas

    mom2bntexas New Member

    Hi there - I just had my 2nd IUI almost 2 weeks ago so I'm in the 2ww but I've been doing acupuncture almost 2 months now. My acupuncturist said I need 3-4 months of treatment to help my egg quality. Hopefully I'll get a :bfp: this time and won't have to go back to IVF but if I do then I'm going to do it in August as that will be almost 4 months. I'm also takikng herbs that she prescribed for me. Fortunately my insurance pays for it and it's about $70 a visit. I go twice a week. I figure that since my insurance covers ZERO it won't hurt them to pay for my acupuncture! :woohoo:

    Good luck and hope you have a successful IUI!!
  4. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H New Member

    I hope you're an accupunture success story Kim! Any chance you POAS early??

    I took the plunge and made an appointment for tomorrow morning. It's a free consultation so hey - nothing to loose right?
  5. mom2bntexas

    mom2bntexas New Member

    Thanks Mrs. H but I'm not feeling successful. So I'm just going to keep up my acupuncture if for nothing else to be relaxed. :) The other part of successful acupuncture treatment and pregnancy is eating a healthy diet but unfortunately I don't like most "healthy" things so I don't follow that part. :(

    Glad your first consultation is free - that's the way it should be! Good luck and I hope you are successful as well.
  6. angsea

    angsea New Member

    I tried acupuncture for about three months. I spent a lot of money and my acupuncturist gave me a lot of hope - but it all came out to nothing. She also had me on herbs and an exercise/diet plan and did moxibustion. Her office was filled with pictures of babies and photoalbums filled with thank-you cards and letters of appreciation... but it just didn't work for me.

    Toward the end of my treatments, the process starting becoming painful. It felt like she was pushing in the needles extra deep and I would get strange twinges and little 'zaps' while lying there that hurt quite a bit. We had run out of money and the pain kind of pushed me to stop going.

    However, I saw proof that her methods do work for some people and it is my belief that this is a good and viable method to try. Just don't waste your money by doing it for too long.

    - Angel
  7. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H New Member

    Thanks for your input Angel. I'm a bit skeptical as it is.... I would never keep going if the treatment was making me hurt or feel wierd! I don't know how you really know if it's helping with IF or not (unless I get pg!) it's not really something you can feel. I'm hoping maybe I can get some stress relief too ~ TTC has been getting to me recently! The money is a concern... I don't know exactly what each visit will be yet, but I know it's not cheap... makes me wonder if we're better off saving the $$ for IVF?? We'll see what comes of it tomorrow.
  8. bistro

    bistro New Member

    I am really enjoying the acupuncture and due to some of the diet changes, I am starting to lose those 5 lbs that are so hard to lose. :) It's expensive, but I'll keep going . . .

    As far as going the day before and the day after IUI, I guess it's not gonna happen. I just tested tonight and the OPK came out positive, so we will be going for the insemination tomorrow morning. I cannot go today - too late and she is out of town this weekend. And I can't go Sunday unless I try someone else . . . I guess I'll call her and see if I should see the other guy or if I should go Monday.

    Either way, I'm pretty psyched for the IUI. It's my first, so I'm feeling positive. Hope my bubble doesn't burst in 14 days!
  9. AzooDude

    AzooDude New Member

    Skeptical take on acupuncture

    Eek, meant to hit new post, not reply. Sorry - my bad.
  10. cherrygoround

    cherrygoround New Member

    One thing I will say about acupuncture it really really chills you out. I've been an oasis of calm and tranquility since my treatments before and after the IUI! Its amazing. feeling really positive and chilled!
  11. Deker

    Deker New Member

    I tried it on my third cycle and I did get pregnant but it ended being a chemical pregnancy. I have heard it working for many people but I just wasn't one of the success stories
  12. rachelstarr

    rachelstarr New Member

    Acupuncture and IUI

    Hi ladies. On November 10 I suffered a miscarriage. I was 6 weeks pregnant.

    I've done 5 IUI's , 3 with clomid, 2 w/folstim. I had a very good response to the folstim, both times, 2nd time it worked.

    I decided that I can't just do nothing so while I heal from this tragedy and "wait" out what seems like a prison sentence. So I started acupuncture.

    I've been going for 3 weeks now and it does seem to help make me more relaxed although I tend to get very depressed and weepy driving there. I'm sick of going to specialists. I want to believe though, there are so many success stories with acupuncture and so I'm doing everything she tells me. Herbs 3 times a day, cut caffeine, raw vegatables and dairy. Warm foods, oatmeal soups and stews, cut down on sugar.
    She's also having me check my BBT every morning which I have not yet done, so, in a way, I feel like I'm doing new things at least and that in itself feels proactive which i think is good. I also feel like I'm caring for my body inside in ways I haven't yet done, to help me GET pregnant and also STAY pregnant.
    In the long run I have faith this is a necessary part of my journey. It's just so hard.

    She initially said she wanted to work with me for 3 months, so that means by 2/10 I would be ready to start a new medicated cycle. I don't know if I should wait or do a medicated cycle with IUI in January or will this be "jumping the gun".

    I just don't know if I can wait that long. I'm anxious to get back to that very happy place I was at and to be pregnant once again. We may try naturally next moth as soon as AF comes.

    Me 38 - TTC since 11/07
    DH 40 slight morphology issue
    1st IUI w. Clomid - 4/15/09 Premature Ovulation:bfn:
    2nd IUI w. Clomid & Trigger - 5/17/09 :bfn:
    3rd IUI w. Clomid & Trigger 7/15/09 :bfn:
    4th IUI w. Folstim & Trigger 9/14/09 :bfn:
    5th IUI w. Folstim & Trigger 10/11/09 :bfp::cheer:

    10/25 1st Beta:39
    10/27 2nd Beta: 69
    11/4 3rd Beta: 707 1st u/s saw gestational sac!
    11/10 2nd u/s NO HEARTBEAT
    11/13 Beta: 690
    11/20 Beta:40
  13. allycat

    allycat New Member

    I started with an acupunture clinic that specializes in treating infertility in October 2009. I do treatments once a week and take herbs inbetween. I have PCOS and as a result do not ovulate regularly and thus have very irregular periods *sigh*

    The acupunture has yet to bring on a cycle, but I still find it very encouraging. Sometimes Western doctors lack sensitivity when dealing with something as emotional as infertility and I have found the staff as this clinic wonderful!!! Whether I need to cry or laugh, their support seems unconditional.

    I am about to embark on my first Clomid/IUI treatment (I'm getting a little impatient) and I will find out if my acupuncture and herbs helped.
  14. KYgirl07

    KYgirl07 New Member

    This may be a crazy question but how did you find out that your insurance covered accupunture?
  15. nkim

    nkim New Member

    hi allycat,
    congrats on your success! I just started day 2 of road to IUI. Hopefully by day 7 doc will say my eggs are good to go. Have also started acupuncture recently as my sis-in-law who conceived through IVF said that she believed her chances were higher when she did it before & after IVF.

    so far, its okay. I fell asleep during today's session and I go twice a week. I definitely hope that IUI will be successful because its just so much money and its disgusting how people such as my cousin who have it easy is constantly boasting and saying the most insensitive remarks and spending $$ pampering themselves.

    baby dust to everyone here.
  16. Fingerscrossed2010

    Fingerscrossed2010 New Member

    nkim: Im scheduled for my first IUI tomorrow..I also have been getting acupuncture for the past month (twice a week)... Ive been a little skeptical but my acupuncturist/MD says that half of her clients have conceived naturally with acupuncture. One thing I have absolutely noticed is that it has regulated my sleeping; I had been extremely restless and waking up at 3 am every night for the past Im sleeping through the nights like a rock; I hope it has the same success with babymaking:pray:
  17. hopeangel

    hopeangel New Member

    Doing IUI now

    I'm doing IUI now. My acu recons acupuncture plus IUI is especially great for older women like me. He says that IUI plus acupuncture could be more effective than IVF in my case. I've spoken to my reproductive endocrinologist about it. She is skeptical (or course). My acu gave me this study to show her Acupuncture IUI success | Infertility Acupuncture information NZ.
  18. Gogo85

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    Even i want to know about IUI and acupuncture

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