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  1. waiting41miracle

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    Hi all,
    I have seen lots of positive feedback about acupuncture in this forum, I have been doing it for almost a year, and did before my FET in April 2013 and ivf in June 2012, I haven't done post transfer , as my acupuncturist is a bit far from my RE office and my DH didn't feel comfortable in taking me for long drive after the transfer both the times. I have to take anestecia for my transfer. I will like to know if someone can provide feedback about their acupuncturist, I have followed gluten free and vegan diet as told by dr Zouveus and my acupuncturist, and most of herbs and supplements but I am looking for more options, some one who can come to dr Zouveus office if need for my post transfer treatment, provide me help with egg quality issue .

    My insurance doesn't cover it.

  2. fmfv1

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    Dr. Nguyen at Harmony Acupuncture on Moorpark Ave in San Jose/Saratoga

    Hi, I saw Dr. Nguyen the day before and the day after fresh embryo transfer. Also, was being treated by him for 3 months prior to transfer. Had 16 eggs retreived, 13 mature, I think 7 fertilized via ICSI. Transferred two good 8 cell embryos on day 3 and two others made it to 5 day blasts and frozen.

    Today is actually my due date...waiting for baby to come!

    Sending :bsv: and :pray: ers that your next transfer is successful!
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    I have been seeing Dr. Leslie Oldershaw in Oakland for a few months and she's changed the game for me. She helped to diagnose a thyroid condition that my obgyn said she wouldn't have caught until I had a MC. Leslie is very patient and kind. She responds to emails 7 days a week and has helped me feel much better about my chances to conceive. I highly recommend her in the Bay Area.
  4. waiting41miracle

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    Awesome, hope fully things work great with you,

    Happy Mother's Day in advance.

    Do you mind telling what was issue you were facing? Looks like you were successful in first cycle it self.
  5. waiting41miracle

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    Wow! Hope both you and baby are doing good! Looks like you we're sucessful in first cycle. What was problem diagnosed for IF for you?
  6. waiting41miracle

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    Thanks fierce kitten, Oakland is a bit far, I do have thyroid issue and I take livothyroxine daily. Is your thyroid getting better with acupuncture?
  7. fmfv1

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    Hi, for us, the main issue was husband has obstructed azoo...basically he was born with natural vasectomy. Had to get sperm retreived via mtese. Also, due to weight issues I had stopped ovulating regulary. Did acupuncture to help get my body healthy and primed for IVF.

    Best wishes.

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