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Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by badegg, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. badegg

    badegg New Member

    :pray: Can anyone recommend an Acupuncturist in the Annapolis area? I would consider Baltimore/VA or DC but prefer Annapolis.

  2. Tryingfortrouble

    Tryingfortrouble New Member

    There are a lot of amazing acupuncturists in annapolis. Check and search the Annapolis area. I went to school there and learned from some of the most we known acupuncturists in the country. It's amazing medicine!! Good luck
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  4. Cannady

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    Tai Sophia is wonderful!

    I agree about Tai Sophia. :) An even cheaper option, if you aren't near Tai Sophia, is to look for "community acupuncture" or "my neighborhood acupuncture." These are in Baltimore and Laurel (respectively), and are far cheaper than acupuncture usually is - max of $40 per session. It's wonderful for us fertility patients who need lots of treatments.

    I found my acupuncturist while she was still a student at Tai Sophia. She's now at My Neighborhood Acupuncture in Laurel. If you make appointments at these places, make sure you say you're a fertility patient, so that they can be prepared for you and give you a private room. :)

  5. badegg

    badegg New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Is there a specific name? I really want someone who is known to deal with tough infertility cases ( older female, diminished ovarian reserve and endometriosis in my case) . Has anyone been successful with an acupuncturist and was a tough case?
  6. Cannady

    Cannady New Member

    Also Dr Zhang in NoVa

    My Tai Sophia acupuncturist is still new to fertility acupuncture, so I'm going to try Dr Zhang, too:
    Web site:
    Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs- Eugene Zhang L. Ac OMD- Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine Doctor, Chinese Herbalist, Chinese Herbs, Tai Chi, Qigong Classes, Chi Kung, Holistic Medicine, Energy Medicine-good, best, local, top rated, F

    He sounds like he's been doing fertility acupuncture for decades. I've been emailing him, and will be going in soon.

  7. Cannady

    Cannady New Member


    If Dr Zhang and traditional Chinese acupuncture aren't your taste, or if Fairfax is too far away, I go to Janet Young at My Neighborhood Acupuncture in Laurel, MD. But you can also try Tai Sophia in Laurel for referrals. We're lucky in Maryland to have an "acupuncture school" like Tai Sophia, so finding an acupuncturist near you should not be hard. What's hard is finding someone who is really experienced in *fertility* acupuncture. I love Janet's commitment, and she's learning all about fertility acupuncture now, but I will still be supplementing the (affordable) visits to her with visits to Dr Zhang, since he's such an expert.
  8. Tryingfortrouble

    Tryingfortrouble New Member

    Have you found someone yet? I'd be happy to give you specific names if not.
  9. Baby4mimi

    Baby4mimi New Member

    Acupuncture in del ray

    I go to Stephanie Simmons in Alexandria VA and she is amazing. I have PCOS and she has got me more regular. She also is very soothing and passionate about infertility.
  10. Cannady

    Cannady New Member

    Use this site to find an acupuncturist

    I found two acupuncturists I really like using this site. I cross-reference what I find here with my insurance listing:

    Find a practitioner | NCCAOM

    I highly recommend Grant Zhang in Ellicott City! His office is quiet, and he's remarkably soothing, and quite the expert with infertility and IVF. He's amazing. I had to stop going because we switched to an HMO, and he wasn't in-network.

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