Anyone else's husband having the mood swings?

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    My husband has some anxiety issues. I am a fairly level person when it comes to emotions, while he swings up and down. The pregnancy is stressing him out a bit, and since I have been very tired and not feeling well lots of times, I haven't been able to do as much around the house/in our business. A severe drop in my ability to participate in sexual activity has not helped either.

    The last week or so this has gotten to be pretty bad. He is stressed, and lashing out one day (telling me all I do is sit around), even having panic attacks. Then, sweetly talking baby names and thanking me for doing all I can to help the next. He saw his doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with anxiety, prescribed Xanax.

    Anyone else dealing with this? I understand he is stressed, and I want to be as helpful and supportive as possible. At the same time, I can't be on an emotional roller coaster during this critical time. Especially when I am truly not physically up to doing much more.

    This is such a wonderfully exciting, yet stressful and terrifying time. It is a difficult tightrope to walk sometimes.
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    What do you mean you can't physically do much? You mean the tougher stuff, like mowing a lawn and lifting things? Does he acknowledge that you at least do the dishes, vacuum, laundry...whatever the lighter chores are?

    I wish my DH was on xanax. lol. We are getting money together for the upcoming ICSI and that's his stress. He's a financially driven person and just worries incessantly about going into debt, his credit, etc. We get into arguments, it calms down and then it happens again. But we just deal with it.
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    He appreciates it some days, others not so much. He just called to apologize for blowing up at me for no reason (his words). He has severe anxiety from growing up with his mom. Everything immediately goes to worst case scenario, end of the world. His anxiety attack, in his mind, was heart problems, or some kind of serious lung condition. It can be hard to deal with sometimes. I suppose we do "deal with it", though. I guess I was just looking for a little support while I was feeling down.

    Xanax can be a necessary evil at times, but with his family history, the propensity for benzo dependency can be more of a worry than a relief. Definitely not something to wish for. I guess we do what we can to help things the best we know how.
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    My BFF's DH had extreme anxiety issues.i didn't meet him till 3 yrs after I met her. His 1st night out w/us was poker night w/5ppl total. They never went out b/c of the anxiety. He started going to therapy..his mom was a big issue. Now he's great. Off the meds, has exercises to do if in case he panics. Even sat w/her thru the c section last week. He's a champ. There's hope yet:flower:
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    A bit stressful is also not so bad...honestly, the most important thing is learning how to control it...
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    Few people ever take the man into consideration when it comes to having a baby, or having fertility issues when trying to have a baby. It can be just as emotionally challenging for the man in a relationship as it is for a woman. We often think of the woman, and I would agree that being able to get pregnant is a big deal for women, but we need to remember that men go through emotional turmoil, as well. I had a friend who had a baby a few years ago. Her husband gained as much weight as she did; he had morning sickness on a regular basis, and he also had mood swings and changes during the pregnancy. Remember that men are people too.
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    I hear ya. This is not my first rodeo but it will likely be my last try and my DH is at times just as difficult as ever. Now he is complete with panic attacks too and anxiety.
    It certainly adds to my stress which I do not need going through this. I need him in my corner. I wish you all luck who have less than encouraging husbands. My DH recently explained to me that he is not sure after holding things up for years at a time because he is in his 50s now.......WHAT!~!!!! it hurts to say the least although at times he is on board. Reading what you wrote makes me feel much less alone. Thanks for posting this. Sorry you share in having a DH who adds to the challenge you have before you.
    I realize you wrote this 2 years ago but if you get this, in box me ((any on this topic) if you like.......otherwise, good luck.
  8. AllHealth

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    You just only use positive language, go for his favourite place or try his favourite hobby and sometimes swimming would gives some relief. if the mood swings are very severe, try to take a break and consult an infertility specialist prior to ttc.
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