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  1. Felicia_two

    Felicia_two New Member

    Has anyone heard whether caffeine can adversely affect sperm count? I've cut it out entirely, but my husband is wondering whether or not he should too.
  2. mimiglam

    mimiglam New Member

    My RE said you can have one coffee per day, it is not changing anything. Having couple of cups per day is bad.

    good luck!
  3. Felicia_two

    Felicia_two New Member

    Any idea what "a cup" is? 8oz? 12 oz? 4 oz?
  4. mimiglam

    mimiglam New Member

    I would say that depends of coffee you're drinking, for american coffee if you are buying it coffee shops, I would say it is their small cup or at home any cup filled between 4 and 8 oz. I like italian style home made coffee (which you make in caffeetiera) and size of the caffeetiera depends on number of cups so I just make the small one we have,which is a bit larger than an espresso cup. I also like espresso and I don't take double but long (which has more water).
    French press has different volume definition of a cup.

    However, this is not exact science so don't obsess with it, because different coffee mixtures have different levels of caffeine and I think that doctors want you to have less caffeine. Moderation is your best measure.

    Also don't convert to decaf because that is chemically treated coffee and you really don't want to put that in your body and give it to your baby. Regular coffee is less harmful.

    I've done a bit research on this because I really like coffee, but have never went overboard with drinking too many cups so I was not ready to give it up and my doc and nurses are with me.

    Enjoy yourself and if occasionally you have sip of two more than what you think you should, it is still OK.
    On the other hand if you're too worried you should not have any, so what ever will make you happy is the right thing to do.

    Good luck!
  5. Guest

    I did not get any clear picture about ‘a cup’. What is the exact size?

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