Calling All Pregnant Vegetarians and Vegans

Discussion in 'We're Pregnant!' started by CaribbeanQueen, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Weight: +19.9 lbs
    Exercise: cardio @ the gym on Tuesday and a 40-minute trail walk with DH on Thanksgiving / I am missing my strength training a bit--hoping to at least have one day with the weights this week!

    Food: It was all about Thanksgiving this week! I made Dreena Burton's chickpea tart as an entree and purchased a Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry roast for our guests who were looking for more of a meat substitute. We had TONS of sides and pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert. Two of our guests are near-vegetarians, so they didn't miss the turkey. My folks were here as well, and while they're omnivores, they are respectful of our dietary choices and liked everything that we served! I was a bit wiped out from cooking/being the hostess, but DH stepped up quite a bit AND let me sleep in on Thursday and today.

    This week begins weekly OB appt's. I can't believe how close we are! Still feeling very grateful for a relatively easy pregnancy and for our two DDs who are excited to become big sisters!
  2. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

  3. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Weight: +21.4 lbs
    Exercise: Nada, unfortunately! I was sidelined this past week with a horrible sinus/chest cold. I am finally feeling better today and hoping to sneak in a quick walk this afternoon. It's sunny and in the 60s here--can't ask for more than that! Looks like the warm temps are hanging around for the next few days too--hooray!

    Food: I made 2 batches of this soup from 30 Minute Vegan Meals: Vegan Wednesday! 30 Minute Vegan Meals! | Food for Thought Insider. Both times, I added 1/2 bunch of kale for some extra nutrients. This was easy, nourishing and yummy! Our DDs requested pancakes for breakfast today, so we made the Coconut Pancakes from Vegan with a Vengeance. Here's one blogger's take on them: Coconut Pancakes with Pineapple Sauce « Is this thing on?. The original recipe calls for white flour, but I used whole wheat pastry flour. We also subbed applesauce for the canola oil because hubby is a low-to-no oil guy.

    I've been nesting a bit this week--organizing what I can... I feel like I'll never be ready/caught up, and my main thing this week is to finish a big work project. I hope that our tyke, who is giving me some strong kicks and jabs, stays put until at least 38 weeks. We'll see!
  4. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Weight: +20.5 lbs
    Exercise: made it to the gym just for some cardio on Friday

    Food: I made Mac-Oh-Geez from Dreena Burton's book. This recipe doesn't use nutritional yeast, miso, or turmeric (ingredients found in other vegan recipes). It's uses a nut-based sauce and a baked breadcrumb topping. I thought that the texture was good, but I wasn't particularly grooving on the flavor. I also made the Minestrone with Kale soup from Color Me Vegan--this is one of my go-to soups, and I always like it. My younger DD is a fan as well--I sent some to school with her on Friday for her lunch. The girls and I made the Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins from the FOK website: Forks Over Knives | Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes. I only had a teeny bite (I haven't been into sweets at all this pregnancy), but everyone else liked them a lot.

    Back to the OB tomorrow morning. I've been feeling lots of cervical pressure and big movements this week--very exciting--but I hope our LO stays put for another week or two!
  5. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Weight: +22.6 lbs
    Exercise: Once to the gym again--on Wednesday. Hoping for an outside walk tomorrow. Today was gorgeous here.

    Food: bought several ingredients to make green juice and recipes from Kris Carr's "Crazy Sexy Kitchen" book. Hopefully I'll have some time in the kitchen tomorrow.

    Baby is bouncing away! It's getting close to d-day now!
  6. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Weight: +24.3
    Exercise: just housework stuff; no gym visits

    Food: I ended up making several recipes from Crazy Sexy Kitchen--bok choy with lemon tahini sauce, refried pinto beans (yay, taco night!), and a couple of juices and smoothies. My MiL rolls in tomorrow, so hopefully I can cook a bit while she plays with the girls. Not quite sure of my holiday menu for the week--perhaps a Christmas Eve lasagna? I'm definitely going to make a couple of soups as well. I thought that I could "cook ahead" a bit and freeze some things for when baby comes--hahahahahahaha--joke is on me! This is a crazy time of year.

    Back to the OB tomorrow. LO is active and running out of room! Can't wait to meet him/her! We had a growth scan on Wednesday--baby estimated @ 7 lbs/7 oz--sounds good to me! Lucky 7s!

  7. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Weight: +22.2 lbs (dropped a bit this week--must be getting close!)

    Exercise: no gym visits or walks but plenty of nesting + housework + cooking / nesting instinct in full effect

    Food: been craving greens like a mad woman! I've been having smoothies, salads, green juices... DH made a big crockpot of veggie chili, and it was delish! I made Dr. McDougall's Winter Grains Soup on Thursday--that was excellent too! It was the first time that I've cooked with wheat berries--I really liked the texture that they gave the soup.

    Back to the OB tomorrow to be checked. Baby is super-active and even a little bit feisty. Can't believe I'm a week away from our EDD! This has been a fast pregnancy!
  8. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    So I'm 8 days postpartum and am 3 1/2 pounds over my pre-preg weight--holy cr*p--that's never happened! I am ravenously hungry thanks to my breastfeeding appetite, but I am still only craving healthy foods, so that's a good thing!

    I'll link to some postpartum recipe faves when I have a free moment (ha!). I'm very grateful to have had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby all while maintaining a plant-based diet!
  9. Cannady

    Cannady New Member

    Congrats, CQ! Looks like we're going to "try again" (see sig).

    Last night, we had homemade veggie enchiladas. Right now we're eating homemade indian food with potatoes. :)

  10. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    Cannady--HOORAY! I've been wondering how things were going for you. Those are some nice betas, my friend. Please keep me posted!

    I have tons of recipes for new things that we've been trying. If I can get my act together, I'll post some here. I've mainly been trying to hold down the fort while DH has been working crazy hours. I am back to work PT this week as well. Made it up to Great Sage with the crew this past week--that was fun!

    Best wishes to you!

    P.S. Aurora41 (Amy) is pregnant too--11 weeks along with a singleton from DE/DS!
  11. Cannady

    Cannady New Member

    Nothing to report until next week, after our first u/s. How's breastfeeding going? I forget - are you vegan? I'm not, but I'm very picky about where my dairy comes from. I'm also eating salmon to get some good, easy DHA.

    I'm drinking some decaf Earl Grey with vegan protein powder for my "breakfast" today. :)

  12. Cannady

    Cannady New Member

    :tap tap: Is this thing on?


    I've discovered my food aversions have pushed me towards more cold foods, like fruit and veggies. I already loved both, but now I'm eating a lot more of them. Last night, for dinner, I threw together a cucumber, tomato, and chick pea salad. That was it. Very simple, but it was all I wanted. Been eating tofu a lot more for my protein, instead of dairy. And I had added fish back to my diet a few years ago, but I've been completely averse to it for this pregnancy so far (9 weeks).

    No morning sickness for me. Just occasional aversions to strong smells. I think I read somewhere that vegetarians tend to have less morning sickness... I wonder if that's true. Or maybe because b12 deficiency is something a lot of vegetarians are aware of (and correlates with m/s), maybe we've just got our vitamin supplementation in place already. :)
  13. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member


    So busy here, but I'm glad to hear from you! Hope you're feeling well. So glad that you are KNOCKED UP! Yeah, woman!

    Yes, I am vegan. This was my first vegan pregnancy. I was lacto-ovo veg with the other two.

    Hubs and I are about to do a 2-week gluten free challenge--we'll see how that goes. I was pleased to see that Trader J's has lots of GF vegan items.

    I'm sticking with (mostly) whole foods and trying to get back to doing a green juice or smoothie every day. I just need to clone myself or add a couple of extra hours to the day.

  14. Cannady

    Cannady New Member

    I've added vegan protein powder drinks to my breakfast... figured it would be smart to be on top of my protein, since I had gastric bypass and have to be good about it. Now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, it seems like the wee one probably is going to start needing more protein to keep growing well.

    I'm still not really craving anything, but I definitely am averse to unhealthy stuff. We had a picnic for Memorial Day, and all I are was corn on the cob and hummus. :) Couldn't stand the idea of potato chips. I'm definitely more vegan now than I've ever been... just haven't felt drawn to cheese or milk, and fish definitely turns me off. (I'd added fish back to my diet after my gastric bypass so that I could get more protein without using soy isolates.) Anyway. I guess I was one of the lucky ones... no nausea! But I definitely have had some aversions to certain smells.
  15. CaribbeanQueen

    CaribbeanQueen New Member

    2nd tri already! Your pregnancy is going by quickly (at least from where I sit!). With this past pregnancy, I was craving carbs BIG TIME. I ate lots of Ezekiel toast with Earth Balance in the first tri and other plain foods... Once the 2nd tri kicked in, I was also craving healthy foods! I couldn't get enough kale, and oddly enough, my weird craving was for potatoes. I had baked/steamed/roasted potatoes just about every day until the end of the pregnancy. Oddly, I've been eating more potatoes than usual since giving birth too.

    Do you still have to watch your calories b/c of having the bypass? I used beans, nuts and seeds as my main proteins. Ironically, this was the first pregnancy where I wasn't anemic!

    Even though it's so dang hot here, I'm still making soups. My new obsession is spicy cashews. I've been putting them on my salads. I try to have one mega-salad a day. I have some chickpeas soaking now to make this recipe: Dreena's Vegan Recipes: Tamari Roasted Chickpeas. We all like the flavor of these.... Great warm or cold and even as a taco filling!

    I am going to get back to my daily green juice starting tomorrow. I loaded up on ingredients at WF yesterday. Hubs and I are going to try to have Joe Cross's Mean Green Juice with breakfast: Joe Cross' Juice-Cleanse Recipes | The Dr. Oz Show.

    Hubs and I are still gluten-free. I am not sure if I'll stick wtih it. I don't think that I have a gluten sensitivity, but it has forced me to think more about eating (I am snacking/grazing way too much!).

    Have you tried Two Boots pizza in Balto? I've heard good things.
  16. dedication

    dedication New Member

    I am a vegetarian (that eat's dairy), and completely gluten free. I have been gluten free for 13 months now. I do have a gluten sensitivity, and do much better without it. It is hard to eat out, but pretty easy to make my own food at home! I am 18 1/2 weeks preggo, and might gain a bit more this time around (so far I have gained 6.5 pounds). With DS I gained a total of 26, but I felt like I had more consistent exercise with him... now it is hard with keeping up with him and finding time to get in my yoga, walks, and pilates! My pre-pregnancy weight was 10 pounds less with this pregnancy to start, so I am okay with gaining closer to 30 this time around, whatever produces a healthy baby!
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