Cancelled first ivf cycle due to high estradiol is any one in same condition

Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by mppq, Jan 16, 2012.

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    im 34 ttc for 5 yrs with unexplained infertility after multiple failed infertility treatments i started an ivf cycle this month.all was going very well when 3 days back dr asked for an estrodial which was 5000 with 10 any one had the same condition as mine im very sad to know what ever i did for the last 15 days was a thinking now i'll never be able to be a mom ever:grr:
    30dec 2011 1st n 2nd day of period decapeptyl
    3rd to 6th day decapeptyl +menogon 3 amp slow response
    4th to 5th day decapeptyl +menogon 6 amp slow response
    7th to 9th day deapeptyl+menogon 8 amp
    10 to 13 day menogon 8 amp+decap
    14th day estrdiol 5000 +10 follicles
    coast for 2 days.
    16th day estradiol 6500+10 follicles 18 mmto 22mm
    dr cancelled the cycle as edomertian is getting whiter:grr:
    can any one suggest what to do next??????
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    I think he should have triggered you on the 14th day. Your follicular sizes were perfect 2 days later for retrieval. When my u/s showed white it was the triple layer that was needed for the transfer. Also, when your estrogen increases so does the mucus inside your uterus which also shows up white. Were you experiencing an increase in discharge b/c that is normal? Is your clinic very experienced with IVF?
  3. SassyGurl

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    I'm so sorry u got cancelled before retrieval! That is heartbreaking. I do not have experience w that but my estradiol was also quite high at the end of my cycle (my clinic never told me how high) and I had to coast for s few days so it could go down before trigger. They never discussed the possibility of no ER (just no ET if I got OHSS), but of course I started doing research to see what wd happen if the estradiol did not go down.

    I did find a few posts on here of women who could not get to ER due to high estradiol, so while rare it does happen.

    I know its been a long road for u already and I totally understand why u feel discouraged but please don't give up hope. Many people say the first IVF is really like a practice run cuz dr doesn't know yet how ur body will react. Now that they do, they can do a more appropriate protocol next time so that this does not happen again. Every cYcle is different.

    Big hugs and good luck.

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