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    Hello everyone! Hope for your advice. I will start from the beginning so it will be clear what I'm asking for. When I was 20 I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I couldn't understand why it happened with me. I've been always dreaming about big family. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My parents have been together for 40 years already! They've always been an example for me. But my diagnosis changed me completely. I thought I will never meet a man, who will love me with my problem. Who wants to be with a woman, who cannot have children? That what I was thinking about. I felt like I'm different and everyone judging me because of my diagnosis... I closed in my room and I was trying to go outside as rare as possible. I started to be afraid of people. I didn't hang out with friends. I put an end on myself. But one day husband of my older sister came to visit parents. It happened so he was with his friend. When I remember that day I can't hold back my smile)) It was love from the first sight! I don't know how but it cured my heart and my mind. Suddenly I realized that my problem is not that huge anyway. There are so many people, who have problems much worst then mine and they keep on living no matter what! We start dating soon after we met. And I told him the truth. Of course I was afraid to lose him. But he supported me and said 'We'll figure it out together!' We've been married for 3 years already. We think it's time for us to have children. The only solution for us is IVF with donor egg. We're thinking to go to Europe to do this procedure there. But we are confused and don't know which clinic is better to choose? What should be considered? I will be grateful for any help!
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    I recognize myself in your post) A couple of months ago I was also looking for clinic, where de ivf can be done. I have PCOS and unfortunately treatment didn't work at all. So the only solution was using donor eggs. Now I'm in the very beginning of the process. My dh and I just came back from Ukraine. We had our first meeting with the doctor of biotexcom clinic. There are many reviews about this clinic, that's why we chose it. There were really many couples. I think it shows that clinic is popular among infertile couples. We made all needed tests. Also we gave characteristics of desirable donor to our doctor. We want our donor to look like me. The representative of the clinic met us in the airport. Then taxy was carrying us across Kiev, including the clinic. We were provided with comfortable apartment and food supply. Also we had a manager, who was translating for us. All these services are already included into our package. We've chosen 'success' package. We'll have 5 attempts. In case of five unsuccessful attempts the clinic will return us money. Our package costs 9 900 euros. We paid 4 550 euros during this visit, after we signed contract. I'm so nervous! Can't wait to go to the clinic for embryos transfer. I can advise you to pay attention to all reviews, both positive and negative. It's better to contact clinics directly. Each clinic has an official website. There you can find all needed contacts like phone or email. Don't be afraid to ask them questions! I hope I helped somehow) I wish you all the best!
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    My congratulations Amanda! I wish you all the best in your journey. It's a very big step toward parenting. I'm so excited. I want my journey to start asap. But it's so hard to find reliable clinic! I'm in my search for a couple of months already. Reviews in the internet are so controversial! So many pros and cons. I'm so confused! I still have no idea where to go. I've read many comments about biotexcom. The clinic seems to offer good services for normal price. But I have some doubts about Ukraine and their medicine. Also there is war going now... I don't think now is a good time to go there. How was the situation there during your visit? Was it safe to walk on the streets?
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    Thank you, honey) I already imagine, how it will be to feel baby inside. I dream about big round stomach... I know it's too early to think about this. I'm afraid not to flush out my luck with such thoughts. But I can do nothing with myself! Only thoughts about myfuturebabymakeme so happy! I really feel like my life is coming back to me! All that treatments, medications, pills, doctors... I was so tired and didn't enjoy life at all. Now I feel that big changes are coming. This feeling fill my life with joy) I understand you better than anyone else! Searching is one of the hardest and stressing parts. When you think you've finally found what you was looking for, you see some info, which changes your opinion completely. I remember we contacted a couple of clinics. But some of them answered in a week or even more! Some of them didn't answer our questions, some just ignored us. I think communication with clients should be one of the most important things for clinics. Because their attitude makes the first impression. First communication is decisive. Biotexcom didn't make us to wait. They sent us email with all info we needed. To be honest I also thought that Ukrainian medicine stuck in the past. They have photos on their website. There are pics of the clinic and apartments which they provide. But I had doubts till I saw everything with my own eyes. I should say that was such a relief to see modern equipment and fashionable design. So here you have nothing to worry about) Speaking about war, same situation. I thought we'll supposed to wear somebulletproofvestsand run under bullets)) But Kiev appeared to be the most friendly city I've ever visit! I literally fall in love with it! So if you decide to choose Ukraine, there will be no need to worry about safety)
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