Does anyone go to RMA of NJ?

Discussion in 'Men's Infertility Support' started by msmoll91, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. msmoll91

    msmoll91 New Member

    RMA told my husband he had low morphology, but a second opinion has proven otherwise. I have since found another woman with a similar story. I suspect they may be telling couples the man has low morphology in order to push IVF with ICSI. Please contact me at if you go here, particularly if the man has been diagnosed with low morphology.

  2. ccdevries

    ccdevries New Member

    I go there... and they told me he had 1% 2 weeks ago.. and now he's at 0%... they cant fudge reports like that can they? they put him on antibiotics at first for 10 days to lower the white blood cell count and hopefully raise the morphology % and it went down instead of up... interesting. I am in the middle of an IUI cycle and have already told them we cant afford any more than that.
  3. Carleen

    Carleen New Member

    Response from RMA

    I spoke to the Director of Andrology at RMA- Andrew Ruiz. He would be willing to meet with either one of you to review reports, lab results or any outstanding questions. If you want to arrange a time, please call me at 973-656-2092 or email

    Good luck to both of you!
  4. ccdevries

    ccdevries New Member

    I'm not worried. I trust them. My DH and I never have anything simple.
  5. Yoshi

    Yoshi New Member


    I go to RMA and I think they are good. Andrew is great! We did icsi because my husband has CF trait.
    I trust them.
  6. Klbabynow

    Klbabynow New Member

    Don't know where you live in NJ, but I go to IRMS in livingston, NJ. All women in their practice. Love and trust them.
  7. alycez123

    alycez123 New Member

    Hi, I just started at RMA and they seem great. Morphology can be rated using different systems. The Kruger method is the the most strict, so you may see a difference if you did two different labs.

    Hope that helps.
  8. kami1234

    kami1234 New Member

    I am also going through RMA and they said my husband had low morphology too

    Is this a scam to get us to do IVF with ICSI (an extra $3,000 in their pockets)?
  9. Dualvans

    Dualvans New Member

    I know it's an old threat, but am a newbie at this site with several of which is about the RMA facility. That place is being suggested to me by my own Ob-gyn doctor after trying ourselves for a year, with unexplained infertality....and am wondering what's the feedback with RMA?

  10. babywanted3

    babywanted3 New Member

    Hello Dualvans, :welcome:

    I read your question regarding RMA and I wanted to give you my experience with them. I consulted with RMA and IVF-NJ earlier this year. I decided not to cycle with RMA because due to my age, I need to do a DE IVF cycle. Their donor program has a 6 to 8 month wait. Because of my advanced age, I decided not to participate in their program. In addition, RMA asks for a $3,000 non-refundable deposit to be added to their donor egg list.

    I did select IVF-NJ (Somerset office) and I cycled in March-April of this year. Unfortunately, due to issues with my donor, my cycle was cancelled. Since that time, I became a patient at Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) of Atlanta, GA. They offer IVF programs, and donor egg IVF programs with fresh and frozen eggs. DH and I selected the frozen egg program for several reasons: 1) shorter wait time (approximately 45 days to complete a cycle); 2) no risk of your donor being cancelled because the eggs are already available and waiting; 3) more affordable cost for the entire cycle (approximately $16,500 and my insurance covers $3,000 of that); 4) high success rate with their world-renown frozen egg program (approximately 70% success/birth rate), and 5) very robust donor pool with well educated and a large selection of donors (most average height or taller and average weight).

    God willing, DH and I will be flying to RBA next week for the egg thaw, fertilization, and egg transfer. Please pray that we get positive a result and I will pray for you as well. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

  11. Dualvans

    Dualvans New Member

    hi babywanted3,

    Thanks so much for your background! 3k is quite a difference, especially if it's out of your pocket. I'll be sending you baby vibes for next week with your appt at RBA ;)

    I'll be going with Morristown location and have appt set up for 28th this month. Since, my testing came back normal, not sure if my eggs is the issue so doubt I'll need DE. Although I won't know until after my through testing and examation later this month!

    again, thank you for sharing and good luck!
  12. babywanted3

    babywanted3 New Member

    Good luck to you also, and thank you for sending positive vibes my way. If you haven't done so already, you may wish to check out the IVF success rates for RMA vs. other clinics in your area by visiting: SART - Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
  13. Yoshi

    Yoshi New Member


    I had a wonderful experience with RMA..I have a beautiful little boy:) RMA has a few office's but I only went to the W.Orange and Morristown locations. Morristown is the main office and all procedures happen here. I love that they are open early for blood work and ultrasound. So I didnt have to miss work or was late. My husband had CF trait so we did ICSI. We are planning to go back in 6 months to try again:) Everyone in the office was wonderful treated us with kid gloves. I would and have recommended RMA to others who are trying to have a baby. I wish you all the best.:cheer:
  14. Dualvans

    Dualvans New Member

    That's great, Yoshi! We had our initial consult with one of doctors there today. Went quite well; with aloooot of infomation though! But i'll be starting my IUI cycle end of August/early September.
  15. bernatmama

    bernatmama New Member

    RMA is wonderful

    For all of those who have doubts about RMA don't.. not only have I had success there and are going back within the month. But a friend of mine who has been trying for 8 years to have a baby went there after many other fertility doctors about 8 months ago and she is now 4 months pregnant with twins!! I personally have to do IUI because my insurance doesn't cover IVF at all and it is too expensive for me to do. I had my son five years ago in Nov. I got pregnant with him on our 2nd try of IUI. Since then we have tried again 2 times. The first time we went back was 3 years ago and I became pregnant with twins. I ended up miscarrying both and then stopped trying for a while. It just hit me too hard. The second time we tried for about 3 months and stopped for the holidays. And now we are going back to really give it a go. I went to IVF of NJ first and they told me that my only option is IVF and that is why I went for a second opinion with RMA. The staff becomes like a family. The doctors and nurses really care and want to see success as much as you do. My Dr. is Dr. Drews... and I absolutely love him. Hope this helps!!:flower: :preg: :grouphug: :cheer: :wings: :woohoo:
  16. Dualvans

    Dualvans New Member

    Hi Bernatmama,

    Wow! That is great and may you have lots lots of luck in your current attempt....:bsv: :bsv:

    I already love that place and only met them first time this past week, they moved on a definate clear plan for me very quickly. That's what we wanted as we were feeling bit down and overwhelmed with all the options, etc Im fortunate to have insurance that covers both treatments; IUI's and IVF, but my doctor (Dr. Morris) checked my follies and said i already seem to produce alot of it on my own, hence going down IUI's route first. Which is fine by me, as i want to try that at least first for few tries.

    Good luck and keep me posted please!!! ;) :thankyou:
  17. Jay123

    Jay123 New Member

    Don't be forced into Multiple Embryo Tranfers by RMA!!

    Don’t be forced into Multiple Embryo Transfers by RMA!!!
    RMA of Morristown, my wife and I are in our late 20’s early 30’s. We visited RMA after learning I have a low sperm count. Very pleasant at first we discussed multiple treatment options that would suit our case and were told because of our age range and background (we have a previous child, normal conception).
    Well, we were presented with multiple options including IUI and IVF. After our first cycle of IVF didn’t take we agreed to give IVF a shot. All the while going through this process we always were open to other treatment options.
    While researching the Web we came across the S.E.T. (Single Embryo Transfer) procedure which is widely done oversees as a viable option for infertile couples.
    Our doctor, (Dr. Molinaro of RMA) ask us what form of IVF we would be comfortable with “because in the end the decision is up to us”. So we told him we were interested in S.E.T because from studies we are perfect candidates for this form of treatment. It would limit the possiblity of having Twins or Multiples and we wouldn’t create embryo’s that we would disgard (we are against disgarding embryo’s).
    He agreed and told us he would have the Nurse get intouch with us about the next step. This is were the tables turned. Mind you in the begining of this process we were receiving calls from RMA at least 2 times a day about random things… they were very attentive. But after we said we wanted a Single Embryo Transfer we didn’t hear from them for at least 2 weeks.
    Upon Dr. Molinaro finally returning our call, he says: “Hi, well ah I’ve disscused your case with the group (RMA Doctors) and ah… well, we think it might be better if we fertilized 5-7 eggs and implant 2-3 Embryo’s (what happened to it’s your decision in the end?). I say: “Well my wife and I have discussed the precentages and we feel comfortable having one embryo transferred”. He says: “Well, the group has come to the decison that we aren’t able to do that… (here’s the kicker) we find it almost unethical”???????
    How is transferring 1 embryo un-ethical, I would think forcing or as RMA says “strongly perferring” that someone has multiple embryo’s transferred even though they don’t want it is un-ethical or creating a world of Twins and Multiples was un-ethical or creating a world of Nadia Sulaman’s was un-ethical… when did wanting to have just one baby become un-ethical.
    Just saying…
    Don’t be forced, coerced… or persuaded! Stick to your guns and your morals and ethics.
    RMA you get an “F” for wrong use of the word “un-ethical”
  18. kimbev69

    kimbev69 New Member

    I have a beautiful baby girl Olivia due to IVF and ICSI at RMA .. Thank you Nurse Dannielle and Dr. Bergh.

    I am going now for a new cycle and have to say some of the protocol has changed .. i'm not too pleased with some things there. I went in on a Saturday was told by the attending dr that i should most likely just do and IUI due to my follicles and when i showed concern was told that he doesn't really know my file and someone will check my b/w and get back to me that day..

    i get a call on my "cellphone" and told come sunday for b/w and u/s ... everything is going good to keep up my shots

    i go in sunday for b/w & u/s and am told everything looks great that more than likely i will go in for retrieval on Monday and transfer on Wednesday so i'm excited...but wait for the nurse to call with the details...well...this office that i've known since 12/08 phones my home number and leaves a very upsetting message with my husband who tells the nurse to please call my cell..instead it went like this...

    please tell beverly that her cycle has been cancelled that her numbers have dropped and to stop taking all meds...and call us back if she has any questions.

    well!!! i can tell you i was irate!!! they never ever called my home number since 12/ leave a message like this and not even ask who it was answering the phone..pissed me off..

    i called the office the answering service my nurse..noone got back to me until a 2nd call on tuesday...i was apologized to but it doesn't matter...i feel that this cycle they started my meds 2 days later..something just doesn't seem the same..not to mention trying to sell me on a $6000 procedure that i can choose the best genetic embryo even the sex of the baby...i declined....

    needless to say i'm told i have to wait to have a sit down with the doctor to see how we are goin to proceed...what does that mean??? i called to day because i feel that i am wasting a cycle here...this happend in September...why do i have to wait til November for a sit i will go in for testing on 10/29 and i will talk to Dr. Bergh via telephone on tuesday 10/19.

    My insurance pays for my cycles.. 4 in a lifetime..i have 3 left, but i do pay a percentage of my medication..about $600 out of pocket which i can't afford it if someone screws up a little on their end..if it was just that my cycle was screwy i could understand but i haven't been told that....

    should i change clinics..I don't know!
  19. daviidwilson

    daviidwilson New Member

    I go to RMA and I think they are good. Andrew is great! We did icsi because my husband has CF trait.
    I trust them.
  20. Ih8theshots

    Ih8theshots New Member

    I have had great experiences with them- as you can see from my signature it took some work but we finally got to a :bfp: . Each time, they changed something in my cycle- and I never felt like something was pitched to me as a sale.

    My hubby does have poor morphology but I don't doubt it according to our poor success from IUI. Also, I was told that the criteria at RMA is very strict (Kruger??). However, my dr. did say that other clinics might not consider the morphology to be so poor.

    I say for anyone checking out clinics- go with your gut! You'll hear good and bad about every clinic. Check out the stats, find out what various options they have to offer, meet the dr.

    If you're not comfy with ICSI, go somewhere else and get a second opinion.

    Fortunately, my insurance covers nearly 100% so this wasn't a concern for us. However, I imagine if you are paying, you have to question everything.

    Best of luck!

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