Does anyone go to RMA of NJ?

Discussion in 'Men's Infertility Support' started by msmoll91, Oct 5, 2008.

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    $3,000 is a huge amount I live in CA and it is $600...!!!!!!!!
    quote=kami1234]Is this a scam to get us to do IVF with ICSI (an extra $3,000 in their pockets)?[/quote]
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    I am so sorry to hear that you have to deal with this kind of issue!!

    I don't have a perfect answer but Ido think about considering a different facility is a good idea...this kind of thing should not be happening at all!!!!!

    I speak with another women on this forum and a very similar things is happening with her!!! ugh!!! not sure where she lives but pretty sure it is not in NJ.

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    That's great, Yoshi! We had our initial consult with one of doctors there today. Went quite well; with aloooot of infomation though! But i'll be starting my IUI cycle end of August/early September.
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    Love Rma

    I go to RMA and have nothing negative say. They have treated me great from day 1 and I love Dr. Bergh and My Nurse Merry. I'm sorry some people had a bad experience.
    I just started my stims for IVF and they have no problen answering all my questions. Oh and they told me the most embryos they will tranfer is 2.

    Best of luck to everyone.
  5. Guest

    Left RMA NJ

    I actually left RMA NJ for IVF-NJ after 4 IUI cycles (I left RMA to go to Dr. Marcus Jurema in the Short Hills office of IVF NJ). I wasn't happy at all at RMA NJ -- highly impersonal and a lot of cases where no one was returning my phone calls in a timely manner when I had questions. My main doc was supposed to be Dr. Richard Scott, but I only saw him at my very first visit and then never again. After that, the doctors were entirely hit or miss. To get a phone consult with Dr. Scott after my initial visit, I had to wait a good 2 - 3 weeks before I could schedule an appt (again, for 7 am on the phone -- we're not talking an in-office visit here). After being told I needed to wait 3 weeks to talk to him about going into IVF mode I went for a consultation at IVF NJ and decided to switch clinics. Luckily, I made the right decision, as I got a BFP with my 1st IVF at IVF-NJ. I'm 42 years old and 11 weeks pregnant with twins. My feeling is that RMA NJ is a decent clinic but that they are not always patient-friendly and will generally go with the most expensive option available, rather than the "best" option. They push ICSI and CCS in my opinion, even when they're not necessary. I had 3 3-day embryos transferred at IVF-NJ, and obviously 2 of them stuck. Still, based on clinic success rates, the only 2 clinics in Northern NJ I would consider are RMA NJ and IVF NJ. I simply felt that IVF NJ is able to achieve identical results with a lower financial and emotional cost (i.e. told me ICSI and PGD would be a waste of money for me; I could also call and get a nurse on the phone whenever I needed to, my doc called me every day with my blood work results rather than a nurse, in case I had questions, etc. etc.). I was paying out of pocket, and the amount I ended up paying IVF-NJ for my IVF was $2400 less expensive than what I was supposed to pay RMA NJ (since, keep in mind, I almost went for IVF at RMA so I did get the quote for what I owed them before I could proceed; I just canceled at the last minute and switched over to IVF-NJ). The only nuisance for me is that I had to travel to Somerset NJ for the transfer which is a bit further than the Morristown office of RMA NJ for me. BUT considering my wait time at RMA was so much longer in general for every appt, I think I ended up saving tons of time anyway!!! If you have insurance, and are mentally okay with ICSI (man-chosen sperm rather than nature-chosen), I'd say either clinic is okay; if you're paying out of pocket, and have a preference for no ICSI (and don't need it), I'd go with IVF NJ. One other small difference, monitoring hours for RMA NJ are 6 - 7:30 am; at IVF-NJ they are 8 - 9:30 am. I preferred the later hours but if you work, you may need to do RMA NJ in order to get out early enough in the morning.
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    Exceptional care at RMANJ

    I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years. I had a history of PCOS and went through treatment using Clomid. We went through several cycles of failures and bouts of frustration. It so happened that we needed to relocate to New Jersey due to professional reasons.
    It was then that we decided to try out IUI. After careful research, we zeroed in on RMANJ Englewood (Dr. Eli. A Rybak). That was decision we do not regret.

    My very first attempt at IUI was successful. However, what impressed me was not just the successful outcome, but their professionalism, meticulous monitoring and care that RMANJ provided. I am very satisfied with RMANJ and would recommend them to other people having fertility issues.
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    Question RMA-NJ Protocol

    I went to RMA-NJ for one cycle and now question their protocol. I am 40 and they definitely pushed doing the PGD testing. It sounded great, we were sucked in, but after the cycle (including two transfers) did not work, we got two more opinions.

    Two REs in NYC, one of which is at Weill Cornell, said they would definitely not do PGD testing unless there was a genetic history because it may weaken the embryo. They basically said we have that technology too and could do it, but we chose not to. Also they both said that the RMA process of weeding out embryos based on the lab's criteria/PGD reduces a woman's chance of getting pregnant -- some Day 3-4-5 embryos that they reject may succeed if they were placed back in the natural environment of a woman's uterus. My guess is that the PGD testing is a big money maker for them.
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    I would say they are doing their job with efficiently. I have never go there but have a colleague who used to go there.

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