half way journey almost done!

Discussion in 'We're Pregnant!' started by kellysweet, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. kellysweet

    kellysweet New Member

    Hi ladies.. :)
    So happy to realize that everything goes well and without complications so far.. it's just one more week and we'll see our 12 week scan..hard to believe we've almost overcome the most dangerous part of our surrogacy journey . After so many years of ttc attempts we are half way to the time when our dream come true.. besides we'll have a chance to see our surrogate mother.. Though she's a mere vessel and doesn't have any physical connection to the baby. I mean that wasn't her egg, hence there's no any genes of hers that our baby could have had.. which I think right thing to do.. Still I'm so curios to get acquainted with that woman.. We were told she has two children of her own but she's only 28 .. anyway I'm very glad the clinic has so strict regulation on their selection..
    thanks everyone for your support here .. that means really lot for me xx
  2. Mydreammore

    Mydreammore Member

    Good day, dear! I'm happy with you! I recently got news about our surrogate had been accepted. We are on pins and needles because a new stage of our journey is starting. We want to meet her very much, but we are afraid a bit. We were told we can do it only in 3 months. Another expectation time comes.

    Yes, it was important part of our decision to adopt a surrogacy as our variant, I mean an absence of surrogate’s genetically relation to our child. I think such kind of surro when surrogate is aa owner of an egg is prohibited due to difficult law precedents. ain't I right?
  3. kellysweet

    kellysweet New Member

    Great you have good news too :) yes, as far as I know the other way of surrogacy is prohibited by law (I mean when sm serves as an egg donor).. and I tend to believe it's the right way for the process.. there's quite a number of incidents when surrogate mother to the end of the pregnancy period refuses to give the child to the intended parents because she feels it as her own, as a part of her ..
  4. minerva71

    minerva71 New Member

    oooh! fab news, dear! I can imagine how you feel I guess. Although I'm pregnant personally I don't think I'm more excited than you are, maybe just a bit. 12th week it's really a crucial period in pregnancy. I can't wait till my scan, 5 weeks left after all. I understand why you want to get to know her, it's naturally. She carries your baby and you must be sure she is safe and sound. Anyway, to follow all the rules and to do the best it's in her behalf. btw, is there one pea?
  5. kellysweet

    kellysweet New Member

    thanks dear! that's great you'll have some news soon too.. yes, there's just one pea.. but still I'm super excited about that .. though I would be million times happier to have two at once :) I think if everything's fine we'll go into that one more time. .. but why the question? maybe you have two of them? are you that lucky woman?
  6. lilly_d

    lilly_d New Member

    Great news hon! Congratulations! I wish I could say the same one day. That seems to be wonderful clinic you deal with. I probably have to find something similar. Though I'm not considering surrogate yet, actually I haven't even tried ivf yet. I believe I should. Sorry for that pessimism. Congratulations one more time.. Hope you will like your surrogate mother. Keep us informed xx
  7. Mydreammore

    Mydreammore Member

    Yup, I’ve read a lot about such stories. I’d never dare to take part in the program if my sm was related to the baby. No one could give a guaranty and could promise that she didn’t feel it as her own child. And in such case the law will defend her maternal rights. There were many precedents which taught us to think correctly beforehand.
    I think the variant of gestational surrogacy is a scientific gift to everyone who wants become a parent without complications.
  8. feifei

    feifei New Member

    Hi dear! How was your meeting with your surro mother? I understand your emotions and all anticipation you have. I was in your shoes little more than a year ago. As we've also used clinic abroad, there was no way for us to meet with our sm often. So each our scan was full of emotions! I was super excited before both first and second ultrasound checks. I can't tell in words what I was feeling before the delivery of our baby girl! It seemed I could forget how to breath from all those emotions inside) My dh even proposed to take some pills to calm down. I think he was scared I might blow up) That time was great I should say. When I remember those days of our surrogacy journey it warms my heart. Though we had to go through infertility struggle, we had chance to use surrogacy. Of course thanks to the clinic and services we were provided with, our journey was full of positive emotions. I can't believe our girl turns 2 yo in a couple of months! Time flies so fast...

    TAZZILA Member

    hello, kattysweet! I haven't seen this post before and it's so lovely. Nice to know that someone has the same great news as you. Our surrogate is to deliver a baby so sonn, that I can't even believe it's true. I used to permanent waiting but now when my dream is going to come true I feel a bit weak and scared. Never mind, just my thoughts.
    So, you were to have 12 week scan 2 weeks ago..what news? Is everything okay with your baby? Fingers crossed your little bean is fantastic xx
  10. kellysweet

    kellysweet New Member

    Hi, girls ..
    Yep, I've finally met our surrogate mother. I was amazed. It's such a sweet girl of 28 years only. I couldn't believe those young women go into that for good reasons. I must admit I thought too bad of them. I spoke a bit to her and she told a lot about her life which is not easy at all. She turned out to have tree children of her own. And she is well-bred and educated lady with two diplomas but still lost her work. I understand her natural desire to help her children and provide them with everything needed at least that way. I envy her a bit and want to help her family. Life is often so unfair. I'm sure now my little emby will be absolutely secure with that woman. The scan showed it's strong and healthy and continue to develop properly so far. I'm looking forward my next scan in a few weeks. They clinic staff provides regular check-ups every month..
    Thanks everyone for your support and sharing your stories here xx
  11. minerva71

    minerva71 New Member

    Wow! Today is the day of great news, wherever I look I see BFPs, positive scan results and even news from 'brand-new-mother".
    I'm so happy that you finally met her. She is so young..but if I became a mother when I thought about it at first I would have a daughter almost of her age.
    Women become surrogate mothers for different reasons and I want to believe they do this not because of lack of money. I'm sure that most of all want to help others but as for me, the reward they get after giving a birth to a child is necessary.
    Wishing you all the best! I hope everything will be alright!x
  12. lilly_d

    lilly_d New Member

    Hello kelly! How are you doing there? You haven't been posting the things lately? How's your surrogate dear? Hope everything is going well? Could you remind what clinic you deal with? I've been looking for some lately.. Are you satisfied with service you get there?
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  13. kellysweet

    kellysweet New Member

    I've got another piece of news about our surrogate and the little emby inside.. That's amazing feeling to realize my baby's heart beating somewhere already getting stronger each day. I can't help thinking about it, its growing day by day, developing its arms and legs, hands and feet, toes and fingers. All the organs becoming more visible and prominent from one scan to another. I'm so excited every time I receive the results of the scan. The manager just sent us the next one. The picture is sooo cute.. Thanks god everything's still going fine with both baby and surrogate. I can't wait till the moment we meet and I'm able to hold it in my hands.
  14. lilly_d

    lilly_d New Member

    It seems to me you've mentioned somewhere you are with the Ukrainian clinic.. am I right? Could you tell a bit more about the prices and packages they have there? And what about the services? What do they offer within those packages? You have surrogacy program and I need some de ivf proposal.. You seem to be so happy and excited with all you get there and I wonder if they have some good offer for me to take up to?
  15. kellysweet

    kellysweet New Member

    Well, of course they deal with donor ivfs as well. Have three packages depending on the number of the attempts supplied in each of them.. as far as I remember.. You know here I can answer you in more details about surrogate programs .. so I'm sorry if I could misinform you on the subject.. generally the clinic is quite good and it's worth to get in touch with them and ask all the questions you might have.. Besides they have their site and youtube channel where you can get all the necessary information.. Just put the name of the clinic biotexcom in the search line and enjoy :)
  16. minerva71

    minerva71 New Member

    hi Lily! I noticed you are interested in egg donation programs in Ukraine, right? I also had treatment there and can tell you more about it. First of all, there are few packages, like kellysweet mentioned they include different number of attempts. There 1, 2 and 5 attempt-packs. There is also a package with transition to surrogacy in case of few failed cycles. Of course you can choose one of them but final decision is up to a specialist. If you meet all requirements and your gp gives you a paper that confirms you can can carry a baby and all test results are fine, you are in. Prices for programs are about 5k, 7k, 10k euro. In addition if you choose the one for 5 attempts, my clinic guarantees refund in case of all attempts failed. You'll also be provided with room in a hotel, meals, driver and other useful services. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as I want to be helpful.
    best wishes xx
  17. lilly_d

    lilly_d New Member

    Oh, thank you for that detailed explanation. So nice to have people that want to share their knowledge. And that's a wow-piece of-news that are so sure to even promise the refund in case of 5 failures in a row.. It seems they have certain confidence in their treatment. Can we trust the specialists there, what do you think on that? If they are that good there I suppose I may get in touch with them soon and arrange the first meeting and initial consultation. Do I have to take all the money with me then by the way? or I can make a bank transfer? I'm a bit scared to have 10k euros cash on me while walking in a foreign country
  18. minerva71

    minerva71 New Member

    oh that's nothing, it's the less I can do and I'm glad if it's helpful.
    Maybe you are right. They have quite high success rate as far as I understand so that's why they provide quarantee-programs.
    I'm sure you can trust them as I did. I didn't believe the first cycle would be successful but it is so. Taking this into account I can't but recommend the clinic. You may contact them but you might wait for a few days till they reply you back. It's because they have too many clients and too few coordinators. Anyway, it's not a big deal. Yo don't need to pay all mone at once, there are 2 payment to be made, after signing the contract and the second one when you have transfer.
  19. cindyleyva

    cindyleyva Member

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