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Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by Soki, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Soki

    Soki New Member

    Clomid can be rough. Since it affects some of the most potent of female hormones, it can be difficult to predict how you will react to any situation as far as emotions are involved.

    What happened to you while taking Clomid? Any stories of Mr. Hyde getting loose at the most inopportune times?
  2. lisa_verburg

    lisa_verburg New Member

    I was at a wedding were they were auctioning off the bride for a dance and started crying uncontrollably. I also had "a moment" when I was watching a game show and this man won 59,000 dollars. i don't know any exciment that I see makes me cry. My husband thought I had went off my rocker until our Dr, explained the side effects of clomid. Any way good luck and baby dust to all.
  3. sarah16

    sarah16 New Member

    At the Catholic school that I teach we were having a prayer about advent and waiting....... I started crying because I'm waiting for that pregnancy!!
  4. Mel85CJ

    Mel85CJ New Member

    I destroyed my phone last week :(

    client ticked me off...
  5. jaynyasi

    jaynyasi New Member

    PCOS and Clomid

    Hey guys, I just joined the site and already I love it!! Im so happy that Im not alone with the whole PCOS thing.. This is my second month on Clomid and it really is not fun at all, my emotions are definitely out of whack. So far I have not ovulated so hopefully within the next four months I will :cross: .. Anyone have any advice for me on dealing with this situation?? It really sucks....:grr: ....Hope to hear from anyone soon!! :thankyou:
  6. breanna

    breanna New Member

    Sorry to laugh but I have mood swings like that normally, I am terrified of what i will be like once i start the clomid at the end of the month. When i told my mom that i was going to start fertility medication, she told me to not talk to her or come over during that time. I started warning close co-workers, my boss and my husband and friends. However most peopl who spend a lot of time with me are already accustomed to my awful mood swings. I have always felt i was hormone heavy since i get pregnancy symptoms every cycle normally, and cannot touch birth control. Are the clomid symptoms like being on birth control hormones?
  7. hope26

    hope26 New Member

    I think everybody is affected differently by Clomid, but I do know my modd swings and "outbursts" (really that's what they are) were like 10 times worse than normal and it gets bad. The 1st month it was worse, the second month it was just one HUGE blow up and I am hoping this month maybe we can keep reducing to NO blowups! Good luck to you with IF drugs...they're a ride all in their own! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: to us all!


  9. tamtam

    tamtam New Member

    On Clomid I have been very pissed at a professor I work for. I (in my head) called her a very big B**tch) She gave me work that was for her TA's but she is cheap and doesn't want to pay for RA's to do the job she can force ta's to do. She is awful...I wanted to tie her down and throw water bombs at her.
    I can't wait to start my legal career away from her.

    thanks for letting me vent!
  10. prayinfor#2

    prayinfor#2 New Member

    TAMTAM- I noticed you have an IUI 10/25. I just had my first IUI 10/24- keep in touch in regards to your 2ww emotions.
  11. Becca10

    Becca10 New Member

    I feel like I'm having more raging mood swings AFTER being off the Clomid, as I got AF last wk. Weird! Not sure how long it stays in the body?
  12. Becca10

    Becca10 New Member

    I feel like I'm having more raging mood swings AFTER being off the Clomid, as I got AF last wk. Weird! Not sure how long it stays in the body?
  13. sunshineshimmers

    sunshineshimmers New Member

    I would cry at the drop of a hat, then be ready to kill my boyfriend at the time n the next minute...i hated it!!!
  14. sunshineshimmers

    sunshineshimmers New Member

    I would cry at the drop of a hat, then be ready to kill my boyfriend at the time n the next minute...i hated it!!!
  15. RuthieT

    RuthieT New Member

    I have been on Clomid since November and also on Metiformen since January and my hormones and emotions are just all over the place. I too cry at silly things that I see on tv someone winning $$ etc... I also have been feeling like I am not good enough for my DH and that he wants someone else and deserves someone better. I feel like he doesnt find me attractive anymore. Its hard to know how to diet and lose weight when going through all of the stressful times with ttc.
  16. Charloto

    Charloto New Member

    It's so good to know I'm not the only crazy hormonal wacko ;)

    I have been an absolute wreck. My husband has been gone for work, like out of state gone, for the entire time i've been on meds this month and it's just making it all so much worse. I know he has to work but I'm so angry at him for not requesting to stay home during the most difficult time of my life right now. My crazy moment was a few days ago.. I just completely lost it. Crying (more like screaming) uncontrollably, wanting to throw things, pull my hair out, etc. Thankfully I was home so no one had to see it. I was talking to myself, out-loud, saying "what is wrong with you?".. "you're going insane!"

    I feel like, the only thing my husband has to do is have sex. How hard for him huh? ha. At the very least he should be here to see what this is doing to me and let me beat on him ;)

    I start 100mg Clomid tonight. Taking it right now actually. Last time on 50mg was no fun. My stomach blew up like I was 3 months preggo half an hour after taking it! I don't even want to think about the mess i'm going to be. Did I mention my sister is pregnant and expecting literally any day now. And she wants me to be in the delivery room to photograph the birth.. sigh. I don't know how i'm going to handle that.
  17. Charloto

    Charloto New Member

    I had the same thing! I asked my doc if it was normal for me to be having mood swings, hot flashes, etc. over 2 weeks after stopping the clomid and he looked at me with his little smirk and said "oh yea.. that's normal." sigh.

    I feel ya.
  18. fairiedusst

    fairiedusst New Member

    I only did one Clomid cycle, but it was the worst! I was working in Orange County that week, driving home to San Diego county every day...which is normally about a 1.5 hour drive, but usually 3.5 around rush hour. (My company would have paid for me to stay in a hotel, but I had to come home to go to the doctor!) Traffic was horrible and I couldn't keep my hands off of my horn. I was flipping people off left and right, old ladies, people with kids in the car, I didn't care! If they so much as appeared to cut me off, they were gonna get it. I think about it now and can't even imagine being THAT upset. Follistim rocks!
  19. Renee'

    Renee' New Member

    making since now

    I'm going to reveal how big of a newbie I am, but I didn't realize clomid would affect your mood. That explains some things. I've been getting snappy with people here recently and (looking back) couldn't figure out why they made me so angry. I guess a few appologies need to be made to my DH. :evilgrin:
  20. AEV13

    AEV13 New Member

    ohh the clomid !!! Im only three days into it and last night my dh and i were cleaning the house and wow did I flip out screaming yelling it ended in me crying in the bathroom... why you ask? who knows? it felt like i had no control of the situation my body was just on auto pilot.... NICE!!!! poor dh didnt even know what hit him.. I did apologize and make him some cookies thou . I give so much credit to all u ladies who have taken this drug over and over ! good luck to everyone ttc!

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