High gear on Clomid

Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by Soki, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. samah007

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    I work for adult probation in the drug testing lab. I deal with a lot angry, manipulative, and difficult clients all day. I'm usually pretty even-tempered and can ignore people's behavior. OMG, as soon as I started taking Clomid I felt like I was the one who should be on probation. All it takes is one snide remark to set me off. Earlier this week I felt like I wanted to rip someone's head off. The next moment I felt like I was going have a complete and utter crying meltdown. I really felt crazy.

    Want to hear the interesting part? When I come home I'm fine. I don't snap on my husband and he says he doesn't notice any difference.
  2. tinybubbles

    tinybubbles New Member

    Well, I'm currently holding myself hostage in my bedroom after snapping at my husband most of the morning. I did warn him to stay away, but he didn't and now I'm trying to just take a breather before I ruin his day.

    I didn't have any side effects with my first two rounds of clomid (50mg and 100mg), so I was lulled into believing I would be sane during this clomid ride.

    I'm so frustrated by this journey.
  3. Guest

    They point to a dance at a wedding was off and began to cry uncontrollably were tender. I also "when I was watching a competition program, and this guy won a 54,000 dollar moment". I don't know of any that you see me cry makes excitement. My husband went to our so I thought I had my rocker, side effects of clomid, explained Dr. Any way good luck and all the baby powder.
  4. m&p

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    :cross: Today is last day of Clomid 100mg a day...
    day 1 and day 2 unable to sleep; mayb just excited.
    day 5 bloated look healthy with a rosy glow.

    no major mood swings
  5. Edgardo

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    I just finished my first cycle of Clomid 50mg on CD8. I'm on CD 12 now. I have tons of CM and had slight ovarian pain a few days ago on my ight side. Yesterday I got a VERY + OPK (CD11) but today it's totally -... does that mean it was a false positive or I O'd yesterday?

    Another weird thing is my left nipple was "leaking” just a tiny bit of clear fluid yesterday - I've NEVER experienced this... what is this??
  6. Brookee_Cookee

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    Clomid made me severely depressed. Not quite suicidal, but not far off. Ive heard and read of many drs who will no longer subscribe it.
  7. lilag

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    this is my first time on Clomid and my dh made me play world of warcraft lol smart I took all my irritability out on the game lol

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