High TNF alpha : Ayurveda treatment

Discussion in 'Infertility Treatments' started by aishakumar, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. aishakumar

    aishakumar New Member

    Hello everybody

    I am Aisha ,
    I have a daughter and now i am planning for my second child.
    My pelvic ultrasound , fsh, lh , amh, afc etc all is normal. Was still not getting pregnant. So got a couple of more tests done.

    From that popped up a few issues ,
    But the most disturbing one is
    There are a few others which are easily manageable such as anaemia,
    high cholesterol etc.

    Now i want to treat these issues with Ayurvedic treatment. As i am in no mood to try Anti tnf therapy, stetoids,
    or anticoagulants.
    And yes tried ashwagandha and turmeric with few other basic remedies
    Wasnt of much use,
    values and symptoms showed no change.
    So kindly guide,

  2. Khwabm

    Khwabm New Member

    Hi aisha
    I have
    LOW AMH and
    DUSTURBED NK CELLS( few up, few down)
    although tnf alpha is normal.


    Tried blood thinners didn't work out and also
    i am also not ready for steroids.
    I am scared of such heavy medication.
    So trying ayurveda treatment by dr uppal
    (Suntex Ayurvedic clinic).
    Cant comment on it right now as its too early but still you can give him a try as they have been treating such cases from last 70 years approx.
    So its good amount of experience.
    And dr uppal is soft spoken and he hears you with
    Utmost patience. Thats d best part. He gives you ample time to discuss and speak even smallest details related to the patient.
    So good luck
  3. aishakumar

    aishakumar New Member

    Hi khwabm ,

    Thank you for your reply
    Actually these are so confusing issues that you need somebody's opinion on it always.
    And that too a neutral one.

    I have been doing a lot of study on these immune infertility issues and i have learnt alot and this much reading has also messed up my brain too.
    So like both ways
    Anyways i have learnt that ,
    "TNF is high in autoimmune conditions."

    So if your Ayurvedic physician is treating autoimmune conditions via ayurveda then this is good news for me.
    I ll try to give dr uppal a serious thought, meanwhile we ll stay in touch and you keep giving me your updates.

    I ll be waiting eagerly for your updates.

    Thanks dear .
  4. Khwabm

    Khwabm New Member

    Hi aisha ,
    i can totally understand what you are trying to say and i agree with you

    "tnf alpha is associated with auto immunity "

    We need to train our immune system to identify between self and non self , so that like modulation.

    Once this gets done then all the issues relating to auto immunity start getting resolved on its own and
    Our immune system will stop acting against our own organs and systems

    This is what dr uppal explained me and
    i agree with him because i have read similar explanations at some other websites too.

    This job sound easy but it is not that easy.
    Anyways lets see
    How's things progress i ll keep giving you my updates.
    So far i am feeling ok infact a bit more energetic. Its been only few days of my treatment so i need to wait for something noticeable to happen.
    Ok aisha see ya soon.
  5. aishakumar

    aishakumar New Member

    Hi khwabm,

    The explanation sounds pretty satisfying.
    But training the immune system to differentiate between self and non self seems like a tedious job.
    And this also means that all immune related issues can be handled that way, because auto immunity itself includes a lot of ailments
    Such as anti thyroid, anti nuclear antibody, anti sperm antibody etc?
    Am i right ?
    By the way i am glad to hear about your energy levels,
    Good energy indicates that your body n mind are getting into a good state.
    I am getting interested in giving dr uppal a try for maybe a month or so,

    Plus i also want to take few more inputs, opinions from other forums where people are taking treatment from dr uppal ( suntex ayurvedic clinic).

    Ok khwabm i ll get back to you soon.
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  6. Khwabm

    Khwabm New Member

    Hi aisha,
    Well you seem to get my point pretty well.
    I also think that way,
    this kind of Ayurvedic treatment will cover a broader range if auto immune conditions and other immune infertility issuesrather than just focusing on a few.
    This line of treatment is pretty good to adopt.

    Now lets see what happens further, cos from research point of view we have strong reasoning.
    We need to hope that we strike the right cord .

    Healthwise i am ok , digestion gastric stool sleep and body pains getting resolved.
    Energy levels are again much better, even inspite of so much of festivities
    So much of exertion
    Still energy levels are pretty good.
    So i am feeling positive snd motivated with the response i am getting.
    As per my experience so far ,
    1-2 month trial is not a bad deal .
    Taking into account all the aspects, and all the other treatment modalities available.

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  7. natalia

    natalia New Member

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  8. aishakumar

    aishakumar New Member

    Hi khwabm,

    I am really happy to see you progress.
    Infact i have also got good reviews of suntex Ayurvedic clinic( dr uppal) from a few other discussion forums or blogs of which i am a part of.
    I am in touch with a lady, she is taking treatment from dr uppal.

    She has multiple fibroids, low amh along with positive ANA.( anti nuclear antibodies)
    She also has a history of multiple iui and
    ivf failures.

    She has well knowledge about Ayurvedic medicines and their basics of diet , sleep etc.
    She also knows detailed procedures of medicine manufacturing, diet, lifestyle do n donts etc

    She told me that shes been spending a good amount of time with an Ayurvedic physician since childhood.
    That dr was her granfather's friend.
    So i am going to get geniune reviews on
    dr uppal from such a knowledgeable person
    Who is also one of dr uppal's patient.

    Good na?
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  9. Khwabm

    Khwabm New Member

    Lucky you
    This is pleasant news for you.
    You can get ample information from her.
    One thing i have noticed in the last few days is that my irritability has reduced, that weird feel i used to get before my menses is not happening now.
    Anger , repeated loo breaks, breast engorgment, nausea, and emotional behaviour is getting controlled
    I am becoming more of a rational person.
    So my need for any more reviews on dr uppal is no more there.
    My trust on him is getting strengthened every passing day.
    What i like the mist about him is his selfless service,
    You get regular calls from him
    asking about your wellness
    Or any health issues.
    So you as a patient are never out of his head.
    He remembers you well.
    Thats a good sign, and i have started feeling comfortable under his treatment.
    He even calls me up for useful reminders.
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  10. aishakumar

    aishakumar New Member

    Wow dear.
    I have started my treatment with dr uppal
    and i have also started experiencing such facilities you can say.
    Its not any assistant or receptionist who is answering my calls or queries.
    Its always dr uppal , this is impressive

    Giving personalised care to each patient is a tiring job but this is the way how things should be done.
    Atleast the dr should be aware of my case , my condition, and my health updates.
    So far i am happy with my case handling and
    I seriously hope that this good handling or treatment should culminate quickly into some big good news.
    Only time can tell
    Till then
    Take care.
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  11. Khwabm

    Khwabm New Member

    Hi aisha
    Don't worry aisha
    This ll happen and happen for sure.
    When the motive , efforts, feelings , are pure n genuine from both sides , then we are bound to prosper.
    All the very best.
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  12. aishakumar

    aishakumar New Member

    Well said.
    Hey what you told few days ago ;
    I have noticed the exact same pattern.
    All my before mc issues - were negligible.
    This was a big relief, , joint painsbetter.
    Mood swings better
    My husband took a sigh of relief this time
    He was kinda surprised to see this sudden change in my behaviour.
    And for me since my body was ok , i was full of energy to live my life happily in a normal way just as i do otherwise.

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