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Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by PositiveThoughts1454, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. I've been on Lupron for over a week now, and I honestly thought I was doing really well so far. But if you saw me last night, you would've thought I was out of control. I seriously started sobbing because my husband forgot to record the Bachelor Reunion show for me! Was that necessary? Oh no. But did it seriously ruin my night? Absolutely! After my crying fit, I went upstairs and went to bed like a big fat baby. Who does that?! Apparently ME! The hubster felt so bad that he packed my lunch for me this morning and even included a special love note. I'm so happy he understands that it was just the hormones talking :)
  2. NikiTTC

    NikiTTC New Member

    Thats a very cute story, you guys are a cute couple, and are going to make great parents!

    Lol! oh isn't Lupron FUN?! I swear I go into DEFCON5 for the littlest things too right now. My DH is the same way, so loving and compassionate about it all. <3 him so much!
  3. KristineWantsABean

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    Hi ladies!

    Glad to know I'm not alone in this! I'm doing a lupron/follistim combo right now and boy am I irritable! I feel so bad for my DH, I feel like I yell at him twice a day for no reason at all. He has been wonderfully supportive through it all, and keeps telling me it's not that bad even when I know it is.

    I've found that when I get like that, the best thing really is just to go to bed, or go someplace quiet where I can think my angry hormonal thoughts without having to inflict them on my DH.

    Bes of luck to you both!
  4. danaisys

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    bad day

    You are not the only :af:. I started to cry at my doctor office this morning and the nurse did not know what to do. I felt so :(. I am feeling better now.
  5. familygirl123

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    so glad i found this thread

    I am only a day into the Lupron shot and already I don't want to be around myself. Reading that other people are as irritable as me is, sadly, very comforting. :evilgrin:

    Kristine: Walking away and being alone is excellent advice. I predict lots of early nights for me in the VERY near future.
  6. right

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    I feel truly so awful for my DH, I sense that I holler at him twice a day for reasons unknown by any means. I am just a day into the Lupron shot and as of now I would prefer not to be around myself. Perusing that other individuals are as bad tempered. I can think my hormonal contemplations without needing to exact them on my DH.

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