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Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by pixelpie, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. pixelpie

    pixelpie New Member

    I've only done one medicated cycle in April... it was a BFN. We took May off and all month I've been having hot flashes!! I'm having two or three an hour :(. I did not ovulate on my own in May. I've started provera to bring on my period so we can cycle again in June.

    My AMH is non detectable... I only had 1 follicle with my super medicated cycle.... I'm afraid I'm totally out of eggs and have started menopause.... :(

    Anyone else get hot flashes the month after they did an injectable cycle??
  2. linny

    linny New Member

    I did have hot flashes after IUI :grr:
  3. NikeSon

    NikeSon New Member

    I always got hot flashes after my IUI. In January I got hot flashed after my cencelled IUI cycle (I did not produce any eggs besides 300IU very high dose). I ignored them either as part of IUI medication or meanopause just as you are thinking, since my periods also stopped coming which also I thought was due to POF.

    But FF May first week when I went to India for fertility treatment I found out I am pregnant - well in my 2nd trimester. So it could be anything medication, POF, thyroid disfunction or pregnancy. Don't ignore them. I did not have any other indication of pregnancy (oh ya stopped getting periods but RE had told me that it will happen due to my sever POF)
  4. XOXO

    XOXO New Member

    Thats an amzing story. After trying so much, you found out that you are prg naturally. Congratulations!!!

    Are you back from India? Where are you from US. I am form India in Chicago.

  5. NikeSon

    NikeSon New Member

    XOXO - Yes, I am back from India now, I live in Toronto in Canada

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