Is this Semen analysis normal?

Discussion in 'Men's Infertility Support' started by achemist06, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Could you please help me? these are my results, are those normal?:
    Days Abstinent: 2.5
    Standard Container: Yes
    Entire Specimen: Yes
    Specimen Color: Normal
    Viscosity: Normal
    Agglutination: None
    Semen Volume: 2.4 mls
    Sperm Count (conc.): 39 million/ml
    Total Sperm Count: 93.6 million
    Total Percent Motility: 60 %
    Percent Rapid Progressive Motility: 50 %
    Motile Sperm Count (conc.): 23.5 million/ml
    Total Motile Sperm: 56.4 million
    Round Cells 1 million/ml
    I have a left side Varicocele with grade 2 or 3. I got my semen analysis results, but I have no idea what it means or do I need a treatment for my Varicocele?
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    Unless it's causing an obstruction, the varicocele won't interfere with fertility. If it is big, they will operate. Sometimes fertility improves but it's not a guarantee. My DH has one, but it's no bother, so they won't do surgery. And his IF problem has nothing to do with it.

    Your analysis looks normal to me.
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    Looks great! Best of luck!

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