ivf in india for poor responder

Discussion in 'Infertility Support Forum' started by emptycradle11, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. emptycradle11

    emptycradle11 New Member

    please anyone with suggestion of ivf clinics in india dt can help with a poor responder. i just had my ivf cancelled due to d poor quality of my eggs . am running low on avalable funds . thinking of going to indiafor ivf any info will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance am kinda desperate:pray:
  2. akg1229

    akg1229 New Member

    I suggest googling, there are sites for fertility 'vacations'
  3. CAWife

    CAWife New Member

  4. emptycradle11

    emptycradle11 New Member

    thank you, i have been googling i was hoping someone with personal experience could point me in the right direction.
  5. emptycradle11

    emptycradle11 New Member

    this seems like a good hospital. thank u for your prompt reply. infertility can be soo frustrating. i feel like am drowning, i just want a clinic that understands how to treat my endometriosis.... my doc is suggesting donor eggs but AM ONLY 29!!!!
  6. Gift

    Gift New Member

    Hi, You can also check GIFT- Gyno IVF Centre, Kerala, India
    It is one among the best IVF hospitals in Kerala for all IVF and infertility treatments.

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