Male factor success stories + What worked and what did not

Discussion in 'Men's Infertility Support' started by babyhope2012, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. babyhope2012

    babyhope2012 New Member

    Dear all,

    I wanted to start a male infertility success page (I will see if we can make it sticky). It take a lot of time to go through many pages of IUI and IVF success stories to see how many of them involved male factor and what the outcomes were (how long it took to conceive, what finally worked). I thought it would be very helpful to have that information in one place. Also, it would be great to know what did not work (for example Clomid for men, vitamins, acupuncture, surgery, etc). This can be an unofficial survey and can help others with male factor to decide what is worth trying (for example whether IUI ever works with numbers less than X, whether Clomid makes much of a difference and is worth the wait, etc).

    Please answer the following questions if you got pregnant after dealing with male infertility:

    1. What treatment, if any, led to your pregnancy? Details are much appreciated.
    2. Did DH take any medications that improved sperm quality and if so, how long did it take for them to work? How much did the numbers improve? How did the change in the numbers affect your treatment (e.g. IUI vs IVF)?
    3. What other treatment failed before your success (Clomid for men, vitamins, acupuncture, surgery, etc)?
    4. Describe your problem (SA results, testosterone levels).
    5. Anything you wished you knew sooner or any other comments?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. George79

    George79 New Member

    i had similar sperm problem,
    i had total 300,000 sperm , 5 motile

    did [FONT=&quot]Varicocle surgery , clomid , vitamen e , nolvadex , arimidex
    now around 20 Million healthy sperm
  3. babyhope2012

    babyhope2012 New Member

    George, thank you for your response! Congratulations on your improvement! Are you trying to get pregnant naturally now or are you using any help?

    How long did it take you to see such improvement? What do you think was most help: the surgery or Clomid?

    I have not heard about nolvadex and arimidex. I will ask the urologist on Monday.
  4. George79

    George79 New Member

    my test was on October 2011, i was shocked by the result , i did surgery after 2 weeks, started medication end of november.
    Clomid and Nolvadex are almost the same " monthy supply cost 30 USD"
    Vitamen E daily
    Arimidex 3 pills a week. "Expensive 1 pack cost 130 usd"
    My Testeron Level now at the high end, same for Free T ,
    FSH , LH , PRL is Normal Range.

    me and my wife will start first round of IUI soon, as she also having PCOS, no regular periods , lack of ovulation

    the best thing that treatment options in my country are affordable
    IUI is around 150 US , medication for my wife is 150 usd so total is 300USD

    IVF-ICSI is around 2500 USD
  5. warempel

    warempel New Member

    Hi babyhope12 & all,

    Thanks for setting up this forum.

    After trying to get pregnant for over a year, both my wife and I went to the doctor for a check.

    It proved I had low sperm count (1,5 million/ml). Although it is difficult to determine the real reason, it is most likely due to cryptorchidism of both testicles for which I had surgery when I was a child.

    According to the gynecologist, IVF/ICSI was the only solution in our case.

    We did three attempts so far:

    IVF #1: 7 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, none survived until day 3

    IVF #2: 6 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, 7-cell and 6-cell embryos (both slightly fragmented) transferred; no success

    IVF #3: 7 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilized, 8-cell (very good quality) and 6-cell embryo transferred; no success :(

    We start to get desperate... Also the discussions between me and my wife are getting heavier in particular related to 'commitments' in this whole operation. I am semi-vegetarian (eating fish) and I like a drink once in a while. While I did not drink during the cycles (with some rare exceptions), my wife expects me to commit to give up drinking completely and to eat meat since she believes this could help. While I want to make my best efforts to succeed, I find these things hard to commit to and it causes heavy, returning discussions between us.

    What are your experiences with this?

    Do you believe moderate alcohol use and eating meat influence success of IVF/ICSI?
    Is it heartless and selfish to make a problem to give up things or to make drastic changes in eating style? How do you deal with your partner related to such things?

    thx a lot.
  6. tomes1978

    tomes1978 New Member

    I am new to this site. I have a similar situation; however, we have not tried IVF with ICSI yet. I did not like the answers my own urologist gave me as he seemed to think my only option is IVF with ICSI. I have since sought out a urologist that specializes in male infertility. He will be able to rule out any treatable conditions which I did not get from my urologist. I have to drive about two hours to Indianapolis to see this doctor but after my first appointment last week I can tell it will be worth it and at least I'll know if anything is treatable or not. I would consult with your doctor about the meat and moderate alcohol use. But in the long run if my wife wanted me to do that I would probably do it for her, the last thing you need is her having any animosity toward you if things do not work out. Things are already stressful when going through this. Good luck!
  7. babyhope2012

    babyhope2012 New Member

    warempel, I am so sorry to hear about the lack of success with your IVFs. Unfortunately, our first did not work either. We are trying to figure out what to change to improve the odds of the 2nd IVF.

    1. Why didn't you perform a 5 day transfer, at least on 3rd IVF? My understanding is that sperm does not play much role in development until day 3, but does for the embryo to go from day 3 to day 5. Maybe you can pick better embryos if you go with day 5?

    2. My DH's urologist said up to 2 alcohol drinks a day is ok. If it was up to me, I would want no alcohol. But all doctors and acupuncturist keep on saying a little bit is not big deal, so I do not have a good argument for DH. He did cut back a lot but often needs to go out with clients so he drinks probable 4-5 times a week.

    3. Not eating meat might be a little bit of an issue. Did you check your progesterone? If it is low, red meat might increase it. I am not sure you need to necessarily eat meat, but at least supplement with vitamins whatever you might be missing out on (iron?).

    4. Did you try acupuncture for your wife? How old is she? Did you do any tests on her? It could be an implantation issue also. We are doing natural killer cell tests for me and some other immune tests.

    tomes1978, I hope you will get to the bottom of your problem. Let us know if you find anything. My DH had ultrasound done. He has mild/medium varicosel and slightly low testosterone. Otherwise extremely healthy (never gets sick, great shape, exercises, eats right, etc). He was put on Clomid. We will go back to urologist in about 2 weeks. I kept on asking what else (other than IVF-ICSI) we can do before we tried one - urologist did not seem to think that anything would make a huge difference. My DH's best result is 4.5 million with 16% progressive motility. When I asked what is causing it - he did not have an explanation.

    PS. It is so nice to see guys doing research on this issue!
  8. DaddyHubbyFL

    DaddyHubbyFL New Member

    SC and Diet

    Greetings all...

    My SA showed I had an above-average count, mobility rating and morphology rating. I'm not a young man and I'm not a shining example of physical fitness, either.

    I will, however, swear on my diet.

    I became gravely ill a few years back. My urinary system nearly failed on me. Doctors had to operate more than once.

    The minute I got out of the hopsital, I dumped every bit of processed food from my diet. I never again touched fast food. I stopped drinking sodas. I went almost entirely organic and fresh. I rejected foods with high-fructose corn syrup. Within weeks my blood glucose, blood chemistry (including cholesterol), blood pressure and liver functions were normal for the first time since my childhood.

    I had been on this diet for a couple of years by the time I went for my first SA. I can't say for certain it would correct a lower count or unusable morphology, but I believe health begins with diet. It gives your body what it needs to function properly. I would suggest it before dousing yourself with corrective medications that might cost you a lot of money but not work either.

    (Trust me, fresh vegetables and grass-fed steaks are more pleasurable than repetitive injections)

    Best of luck, everyone!
  9. babyhope2012

    babyhope2012 New Member

    Thank you for sharing, DaddyHubbyFL.

    I wish good diet worked for my DH. He is in picture perfect health and is a very healthy eater. We buy most of our meat at an organic farm. We almost never eat anything processed, and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. We do not eat fast food. My DH never smoked, he regularly exercises. He is never sick. But SA is still what it is. The vitamins helped double the count, so it was worth a try for us.

    I asked our urologist what causes bad count, he did not have an answer. I asked - shouldn't my DH's numbers be better given how healthy he is. Urologist said - if he wasn't that healthy the numbers could have been even worth.
  10. ktycarlos

    ktycarlos New Member

    Thanks for starting this. My Dh had low motility and morphology issues and is hesitant (to say the least) to go to the urologist. We have known for 2 1/2 months that this is our issue. He started Fertileaid but only takes it once a day. We just did our first round of IUI and looks like it didn't work.

    Can any of the men out there help me understand his hesitation and suggest what I can say to help him along? He swears he wants a baby and was so excited this month thinking it might work. I am so frustrated because even when we went in the doctor commented on how he obviously had done nothing to help his sperm. I am 40 and feel the time is slipping away.
  11. Guest

    I am so glad that you started this thread. My husband also has low sperm everything.
    We did our first round of IUI earlier this month and it didn't work.
    He had 2 SA done about a few months apart. After the devestating news of the first one, I made him start taking a multi vitamin, vitamin e and zinc. There was a slight improvement in the 2nd SA, althought everything was still very low.
    During our first round of IUI, we did the procedure twice and two days apart. And it appeared on the second day that the sperm was better. the count went from occassional to few, which our RE says is better. Although still not good.
    During those two days, I made him eat fish and the RE gave us samples of these vitamins for men, not sure what they are called. I don't think it would work that fast. But I think the ejaculation two days before made the sperm better.
    We rarely have sex, my husband has very low lebido. And he feels like this whole situation has made it even more stressful for him and that our sex life is "now broken."
    Guys- how do I deal with this? and his saddness about the male factor infertility??
    I would love to hear from you and what worked for you.
  12. Manni05

    Manni05 New Member

    Success with IUI and poor SA?

    Hubby had varicocele surgery and started Clomid & vitamin therapy in July after his SA revealed poor count/motility. His Urologist is confident IUI will work for us, RE says IVF would be best... no issues with me. Any success stories/advice after the same treatments for your DH would be reassuring. :pray:
  13. ktycarlos

    ktycarlos New Member

    So my DH just found out he needs the surgery. How bad was recovery? Did his SA improve? I am hearing mixed results and since I am not sure our insurance will cover I dont know if it is worth it.
  14. LeanneA

    LeanneA New Member


    I found this site yesterday and am hoping I can find some help and support. My husband and I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years and found out last August that he has Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia, basically low everything. We are in Scotland where our waiting list for ICSI is 2 years. We were only put on the waiting list in May this year as my BMI was originally too high to go on the list. I have worked really hard to get to where I needed to be and despite my suggestions DH is not willing to change his diet, reduce his caffeine or alcohol etc as he thinks it's pointless. We also rarely have sex. I feel guilty even telling you this as I feel like I'm betraying him but I don't know where to turn. I am struggling a lot and feel unable to talk to him as he hates when I bring the subject up. Is this how our relationship will be now? How do we talk about this without fighting? Is this ultimately going to break us up? I think I would like to talk to someone professionally but I don't know where to look or even how to tell DH I feel like this without hurting his feelings more. I wish the fertility issues were with me and at least then I could be honest about how they are affecting me.
    Sorry for going on and on.... :(
  15. LWill

    LWill New Member

    Well I have low everything with my age 51 and my wife has DOR at the age of 39 now. Anyway my wife and I had tried a couple of rounds of IVF but the 1st was cancelled and converted to IUI because my wife's eggs were not mature enough. Round 2 we have a tubal pregnancy and had to terminate it. Before we started round 3 the RE tested my wife's FSH and said there was no way that we would get pregnant with her eggs due to her FSH being at 16.3. I asded the Doctor if we got the FSH down below 10 if we could do IVF and he said it was useless, like when your hair turns grey and hoping it will grow back as brown. :( We had read about DHEA and vitamins to take to help get her FSH level down as well as changing our diets and after 2 months had them check her FSH again, which we had gotten down to 7. At the same time I had cut my caffeine and alcohol down to almost 0 and started taking DHEA for energy, my multi-vitamin, CoQ10, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Zinc, and Selenium. The RE had scheduled us to start the meds day after my wife started her P. After she was 2 days late she took the HPT and it was :bfp: . The emby stopped growing at 5 weeks and M/C 2 weeks later.

    After this we are confident that we can get pregnant on our own now, after the RE had told us that it was almost impossible for us using my wife's eggs doing IVF.:grr: My wife had her FSH tested a few weeks ago and it was 20. :confused: We will try, using our same protocol, on our own for 2 months and if no BFP then we will try the IVF route again. We now believe that everything we put into our bodies has some affect on our eggs and semen.
    Good luck to everyone.:cross:
  16. Guest

    :grouphug: Hi Leanne,
    It is a very difficult time. Everybody I know that goes through this fights. It's even harder when it's male factor because guys take it sooooooooo personally and it's like a shadow of doubt has been cast on their manhood or something. It's hard. My husband and I fought constantly about this but we both really really love and want children. Our lives would not be complete without them. So we try. It is still the beginning of the road for us and I am sure we will continue to have more fights along the way. But we really want kids and that is the goal we keep in mind.
    If your DH can't be on the same boat as you for these things, then maybe he isn't the person to be on this course with. Honestly when I think of what my dad as a father would do for me, it makes me want to cry. He would die for me and do anything for my happiness and health. I think if a person isn't willing to merely change their diet or attitude about something to have a kid, they might not be the best candidate for being a parent.
    Sorry that might not be the answer you want to hear but you only get one chance at this life and if you know what you want and your husband does want the same thing, then it's time to evaluate what's happening.

    Also, he may not want to talk about it but it shouldn't stop you from finding somebody to talk to. And the people on these forums are fantastic support.
    I feel for you.
    Good luck.:cross: :pray:

  17. LeanneA

    LeanneA New Member

    When I started to read your message, I initially thought it was lovely and reassuring, but as I read on I was horrified to read you telling me that I shouldn't be with my husband because he is feeling hopeless and struggling too. You went on to say that he isn't a good candidate to be a parent and that I shouldn't be on this course with him. Well, if you'd read my original post you would know that I wouldn't be on this course if I were with someone else as it's MALE FACTOR infertility. I found your message really unsupportive and you've made me question why I'm on this board if that's the kind of support I can expect. If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  18. Guest

    I am sorry, you're right. that was wrong of me. I apologize, I didn't intend for it to be the way it came across. I must have misread something and projected some feelings I have that are not applicable to you. Don't let this turn you away from these forums, you should vent and use this forum as support because a lot of people do understand what you are going through and will be more helpful than me. I wish you all the best and again I apologize for the comments, I didn't mean to say to leave your husband and I did understand it was male factor. It's hard to talk about and people have all sorts of reactions to things, some people shut down, some people get angry, vocal, etc. I guess what I wanted to say is that you should keep trying to talk to him about it and hopefully things will get better with time.

  19. MrsCobofo

    MrsCobofo New Member

    hi. thx for starting this post. i'm new to the forums... my hubby and i have been ttc for 3-4 years now. it took him a long time to see a doctor, a year after i was checked out he finally went. turns out we are dealing with mf. low count, low motility. since we found out it took him a long time to come to terms with it, he couldn't talk about it for the longest time. his count has been as low as 1 mil and high as 20 mil. motility down to 5% then up to 40% he's been seeing a holistic nutritionist regularly and lost 40 pounds. he also sees a naturopath who has him on zinc, vitamin c, l-carnitine plus others.
    june 2012 we did our first natural iui... bfn and currently we are in the middle of our tww for our 2nd iui (5mg of femara plus ovidrel). hopeful we will get our miracle this time!
  20. Guest

    Good luck on your 2ww! I hope you get a :bfp:

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