Male factor success stories + What worked and what did not

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    It hurts...but

    Being the male with infertility issues, I know what a kick in the head it is to be told my baby making abilities are sub-par. I work hard to be healthy nowadays and I am willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary and available.

    I don't have to tell you that fear, anger, self pity, and the like can invade and overtake my psyche.

    I asked her an unfair question not long ago. I said, "if you knew that for better or for worse meant dealing with infertility, would you still have married me". She said "I didn't even want kids until I met you and saw what a great father you would be" and that yes she would have still married me.

    Her happiness is paramount to me. She also suffers from depression. I have wondered if I could deal with her inconsolable sadness indefinitely.

    I'm a 34 yo paramedic in central texas. My dad who is my hero says that God is my first allegiance and she is my second. With all that she has put up with for me, I have to stick it out for her.

    Thank you guys for posting. I am praying for all of our success and peace. Congratulations HOPE!
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    Low to zero sperm mobility

    It looks as though no one has posted in the forum for awhile. My DH has low sperm mobility, we are begining IVF next month. Does any one have the same issue??? I am 29 and went through all the test...everything on my end is perfect. Is there specific things that we should be doing
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    Hi girls,

    I see that nobody is writing here her/his success story. Please do so , it will inspire those who are still struggling to bring a baby to this world. Please write what you did to improve your chances so we all can learn.
    Thank you.
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    hi, ik that u posted this awhile back and may not ever even end up reading this but in case u do, or if it might help someone else i just hav to say this. we knew that my husband had MFI for over 2 yrs b4 he went to c a urologist that specialized in MFI. my gyno tested him several times and his count kept dropping but my gyno was a man and its probably unfair of me to say that is y he kept looking for problems with me when we knew DH had a n unusual problem with the count dropping quickly from 34mil down to 10 in the end. it took 2 failed IUI's and so much begging on my part b4 he finally went to c the dr himself. he found out that he would b sterile within a yr due to rapidly worsening varicocles!! another yr and that would hav been it. i think that scared him into getting a varicolectomy. even tho all the varicolectomy did was keep him for being totally sterile - didnt improve his count at all due to now irreversible damage - ik he doesnt regret finally going to the dr. he even laughs at himself now for being so worried about going in the first place. i asked him just the other day y he was so afraid to go and y do men feel that way. he said he doesnt know really. he said he guesses that men just dont want to expose their uk what and afraid the dr might think their anatomy isnt sufficient or some strange thing. about 5 exams and i surgery into this he isnt bothered at all to bare all lol at the dr but orriginally i thought he was going to just let me deal with all the poking and prodding on my own. i think that dealing with this Infertility issue together has been good for us in the end but i do wish men wouldnt b so afraid of getting help from the dr bc ik if my DH had went sooner the damage may not hav been permanant. srry to talk so long. just take heart. and keep in mind what my DH now says about how it was alot of worry for nothing as it just really wasnt "that bad" to c a doc.
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    Hi everyone,

    Here's our story.

    My husband and I started trying to get pregnant back in 2006. In 2007 we thought we were pregnant since I was late and after many tests, they decided to test my husband. This crazy nurse comes in and tells us that I couldn't possibly be pregnant since my husband had no sperm and that his white cells were so off the charts that he probably had cancer or something.

    After the shock I found a doctor/specialist to see DH. He right away was able to look at him and suspect that he had Klinefelter's Syndrom (my husband is 6'7 and skinny).

    On August 13, 2007 the results were in. He indeed had Klinefelter's and was most likely unable to father a child. we did a bilateral biopsy and they couldn't find any sperm.

    We were faced with a decision. I was just relived to know that he did NOT have cancer and I was ok with doing whatever was necessary to become parents, if that meant Adoption or using a sperm donor.

    We decided to use a donor. DH is so selfless, that he said that he wanted to see me pregnant.

    We did 3 IUIs with a donor and then we got pregnant. Unfortunately we lost our baby when i was 14wks pregnant.

    Once we were cleared we went back to trying again. On our 5th IUI we conceived again.

    I'm happy to say that we have the most beautiful little boy and he is just like his daddy.

    My husband is his dad no matter what anyone says. My son looks like him and acts so much like him it's just insane.
    Matter of fact, people always tell ME that I couldn't claim that he was my child unless my husband was by my side.

    We are now trying again for a second miracle and unfortunately we have to use a different donor but as previously mentioned, loving your child is what makes you a parent not dna.

    hope this helps someone.
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    What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing. Good luck with this IUI. :cross
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    hope 4 husband

    hi i am new to this site looking for support. my husband found out last year he was sterile due to use of steroids, we new something was wrong because we already have 3 children and become pregnant very quickly. i am fine able to conceive. however he ordered clomid over internet and did that for three months got discourage and went back on steroids. now he is comitted and off steroids scince september and is seeing a fertility specialist in january. in the mean time he wants to take something to boost his count time is running out for us,he is 45 and i am 39. he heard about hmg given to men has anyone taken this for male infertility and work?
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    I am new as well and also in the same situation. When a man uses steroids or is on testosterone replacement therapy his natural testosterone production will shut down. Sperm analysis will show zero and most likely LH and FSH will be close to zero. Tell him I said next time he runs a cycle to use 500IU hCG 3 times a week and it will help prevent testicular atrophy and help him rebound sooner after end of cycle. :)

    Good luck finding a doctor that will help him. My last fertility doctor did not use best practice and was giving me too high a dose of hCG, I found out later it might of did more harm than good. I couldn't hang with the side effects and gave up. I resumed testosterone replacement therapy soon after and did that until about 25 days ago today.

    Google "Steroid Induced Hypogonadism" for more info. Or google... "
    Successful treatment of anabolic steroid–induced azoospermia with human chorionic gonadotropin and human menopausal gonadotropin

    I put together my own PCT (post cycle recovery) but my new doctor shot it down lol. This is what he recommended for me and I was on Testosterone and another doctor prescribed steroid for over a year and a half since last time I tried to get fertile.

    500IU hCG EOD
    150IU hMG EOD
    .5-1mg Arimidex/Anastrozole
    Also using the basic vitamins we are told to take like L-Carnitine, Zinc, B12 injections, Vit E, Vit D, etc.

    Tell your husband to feel free to PM me if he has any questions, I don't mind. We are a special group and there is not a lot of info out there.

    I'm approx 25 days into this protocol. On the 26th I will be doing bloodwork just to take a peak at my LH/FSH and Testosterone. Won't do Semen Analysis for another 2 1/2 months, takes about that long to produce viable sperm after one has been shut down.

    Good luck to you!!!
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    I got some info off a new site Apparently a man ejaculates nearly 200 million sperm, if just 5% of these sperm are normally shaped, and 60% are alive, the sample is within the ranges of ‘normal’. Usually only about 40 sperm make it to the ends of the fallopian tubes and to the egg. The numbers of the sperm that make it there is important as they need to work together to break down the shell that surrounds the egg, so that one can fertilise it. Which is why a low sperm count is important as far as making babies is concerned.
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    @romekwa thats awesome it worked for you guys.

    We are considereing IUI with DS too. We just finished our 1st and probably last IVF/ICSI and were unsucessful. 2 decent embryos out of 40 eggs!

    DH has low sperm count -600,000 and low motility only 5%.

    We would do adoption but IUI with donor sperm is much cheaper and for him it would pretty much mean the same thing. He would love any child however we had them.

    Anyone else with success stories?
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    I know that some don't consider the use of donor sperm to be a "success" story, but here's ours...

    When we realized that something wasn't "right" in terms of our fertility, my DH and I both saw MDs (Urologist who Specializes in Infertility and Ob/Gyn for me). My DH's first sperm count was 7 million with less than 1% strict Kruger morphology, minimal motility, etc. Basically, every parameter was bad. We immediately were referred to a RE, who repeated the SA and did several tests on me. I had DOR (felt to be surmountable at first) and DH had oligoteratoazoospermia. Since DH had no varicocoeles, did not smoke/drink, etc., there were not many factors that could be improved upon. Of note is that his testosterone levels and other hormones were great.

    On our first round of IVF/ICSI, I had 19 mature eggs. Only 9 fertilized and we had 2 transferrable embryos at day 3. Our RE blamed my eggs...

    We did a second round of IVF/ICSI, but it was cancelled for a poor response. Even with 5 follicles and 6 million sperm, we failed our IUI (done to salvage the cycle).

    We, then, did a round of IVF/ICSI using donor eggs. We fertilized half of the eggs with DH's sperm and half with donor sperm...because we were paranoid and I knew I didn't want to keep torturing myself emotionally for failed cycles. Once again, that round failed with 3 perfect day 3 embryos. That's when we knew DH's sperm were NOT going to give us a baby (nor were my eggs).

    This past summer, we did a FET with 2 DS/DE blasts and 1 DH/DE blast. DH's likely didn't make it, but our other 2 did (we don't intend to test to find out)! We are now pregnant with twins!

    Using donors was a nightmare decision for DH and I, especially for him. It took months to reconcile our "loss" of our genes, but both of us agreed that we wanted babies more than anything and we wanted me to carry them if possible.

    I realize that many men cannot arrive at this decision and that it puts great strain on marriages and relationships. All I can say is that I'm glad we were able to muddle our way through the process and that we are now blissfully happy and excited about our babies being here early next year!

    Perhaps this helps someone...
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    hi Leanne, i was disturbed reading her post also and confused. i see she apologized and even mentioned her own projected feelings.

    so let's forget it if we can.

    i enjoy your honesty. the fertility orientation we attended recently started by saying how couples in this have tension, fight, etc.

    i wish you the best of luck and i'm sure it'll work out, there's so many success stories out there. on the bright side too, you're young still!

    take good care of yourselves today!

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    New to this site

    Hello, I am new to this site! I just wanted to share how supprised I was to see a MFI section. I was hoping for success stories too, but I guess we can just share our experience, and pray for the best outcome possible.
    DH and I are TTC almost 2 yrs. He has low count and morphology, caused by one undecended testicle when he was little. They fixed it when he was 6, but the damage was already done. We just did our 3rd IUI with 580,000 count post wash and 50% motility. Dr said that the chance of conception is minimal, but this is our last chance befor we move on to IVF in the beggining of next year. We were realy disapointed when we saw the results for the IUI. it took DH 8 months to try to fix tha problem. He lost almost 40lbs, started a baby diet, took PROXEED for the last 5 months + other vitamins, he doesnt drink any alcohol or coffee, so we were really hopeful to see improvement, but we did this last IUI with the lowest numbers. Mothility went from 85% to 50%. So long story short I did a lot of research, I beleived that if the changes lasted longer than 3 months we might see improvement, so here we are 8 months later, using lower numbers than before. Since this is a success story forum, I would like to say that I read recently 3 success stories for IUI with MFI- one with 1.5 mil, one with 300,000 and one with 700,000 - so be positive it might happen for us too. :bsv:
  14. Lily_B

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    gee i wish someone had a success story or two. i'm now trying to find if it's remotely possible to get pregnant naturally with oligospermia (sp?) before we start ivf treatment in two months or so. two months is too long.
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    There are lots of success stories out there. We have MFI with the DH being diagnosised with Klinfelters earlier this year. We both knew something was wrong and it was nice to finally have a name for what it is. He had been on injectable testestrone for over 2 years and was changed to the Androgel due to his poor response to the injectable form. We are currently TTC using donor sperm due to his diagnosis and reccomendations from our RE because of the results of his analysis. This is a stressful process be we are hopeful that we will get a late christmas gift !! Sending lots of :bsv:
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    Lucy- Hi I thought I read maybe on another board that your DH had high DNA fragmentation to the tune of 90% or something like this. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be personal but just wondering if this was accurate and if this was through SCSA. We had nearly 100% DNA fragmentation from them but they continued to say it was just inconclusive and that they are just assuming the results due to their rarity. They say there is too much seminal debris to give very accurate results even though it was washed several times. Anyhow just wanted to speak with you about this since your the only person I've seen w DFI in our range.

    I wish I had success to share but I'm waiting to start my first embie transfers in Feb. I've done two freeze all cycles and have 2 donor blasts frozen and 2 DH 3 day perfect embies frozen. We will FET DHs first and hope for the best even though SCSA is saying DH will never make a baby. Praying for a miracle I guess. He only had one embie go past 3 day and it arrested on day 6 as a morula. (But we've only fertilized 7 eggs with his sperm total in 2 cycles). I have DOR.

    My suggestion to all the ladies and men here dealing with MF issues is please get the DNA test done. Many times a bad SA is an indicator of bad DNA in the sperm. It's only 350$ and can answer questions. It's not correctable through ICSI/IVF and often leads to late arresting embryos and also high chance if miscarriage. We have faced the donor idea already (early thankfully) and although it was very difficult DH is allowing it. hes not 100% ready for it (not sure he will be until the baby is in his arms). I wish you all the best! Shawna
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    electroejac worked for us

    Ivf did not work. I should have known. But anything for a chance. We ended up doing two rounds of Electroejactulation and im 39 weeks preggo today and waiting on baby.

    Good luck to all.:pray:
  18. Greengreengrass

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    Which DNA testing did you have done? Thanks for sharing this info.
  19. Greengreengrass

    Greengreengrass New Member

    How has this worked out for you so far???? Very curious. My husband doesn't take testosterone or steroids, but your recovery protocol is interesting. He took clomid for almost a year and it really didn't help. He's recently started a HCG protocol. We'll still probably have to do ICSI, but any improvement is much appreciated!

    When we stop trying to have babies he will have to start hormone replacement therapy and be on testosterone for the rest of his life. I wish we could get to the root of this.

  20. kspaulding

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    Any more stories?

    We have 1 more month till DH SA and to hopefully start mini-IVF late April!

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