Male factor success stories + What worked and what did not

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    You'll have to bear with me as I don't know all of the terms. To go waaaay husband was dropped as a toddler and he landed doing the splits. His testicles went back into his body and he didn't have the surgery to correct this until he was 12. Fast forward, and he had a feeling before we got married that he had low sperm count as he never got his girlfriend before me preggo. He had his sperm count tested and I can't even describe the sadness he experienced when he got the phone call that he had no sperm at all.

    We were given an 80% chance that there were sperm inside the testicle, but it would take a biopsy to check. I was ready to start the IVF process 3 years ago but he refused. To those on this thread that have mentioned that their sex life suffered after bad news like this, ours did as well. Thankfully we were able to talk about it and he said that he just felt like there wasn't a point to sex. It took a long time to work through. Anyways, he didn't want to do the biopsy because he was afraid that it would come back negative (this took a HUGE blow up fight for him to finally admit, which was what propelled him to finally give the go ahead for IVF).

    He did the biopsy and we had sperm!! They weren't perfect and I don't know any of the numbers, but we froze them. A few months later I did IVF and we used ICSI. I can't even remember my numbers of eggs, but the end result was that we had 4 good looking embryos, 2 of which were implanted at the time, resulting in our baby girl. The other two we are planning on using for a FET next month.

    I do need to say that the embryologist told our RE that they will not work with a frozen speciman again as it took them 6 hours (SIX HOURS!) to find good enough sperm after they thawed. So next time, if there is a next time, we'll have to have our surgeries on the same day.

    The funny part (if you can call it that) is that now when we talk about another biopsy for him he isn't even phased. It's really a "whatever" point now as the recovery wasn't very bad. It really was the emotional part that was so scary for him.

    Hope that helps!
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    congrats and good luck on ur next round!

    Good luck on ur next fet!

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    Our (success) story

    Hi everyone,
    Here is our story. My husband and I started trying to conceive 5 years ago. The first year we were pretty relaxed about it and basically just stopped using birth control (cervical cap). The second year we started trying to time sex better according to my cycle. The third year we had our first SA done and my husbands count was 100,000, very very low. When the nurse called with the results she said that was one of the lowest counts she had seen. My husband went to his GP and the doctor told him to try some lifestyle changes, cut down on alcohol, cut out hottubs (this was daily), stop occasionally smoking pot etc. The doctor should have known that 100,000 was very morbidly low and that lifestyle issues were probably not the problem.

    After another year he did another SA and his count went up to 200,000 but that is still REALLY low and he had 5% motility, and 80% abnormal morphology. My gynecologist said IVF was probably our only option. And that we should go to a clinic 2 hours away, not the local clinic, because we were a tough case.

    A visit to the urologist indicated that he didn't have any problems with the structure of his penis or testes (blockages etc). Our RE had a DNA karyotype test done and he turned out to have a normal male karyotype. The final test was an analysis of his y-chromosome, which revealed a microdeletion on the AZF-c region of his y-chromosome. This region is partly responsible for sperm production. This is something that most likely happened as a result of a mutation of his father's sperm, in other words, his father most likely has a normal y-chromosome, because if he had the same issue as my husband, he probably wouldn't have been able to conceive him.

    The RE was optimistic and said that all we needed were enough sperm to fertilize how ever many eggs I produced in a cycle. They had him go in early and freeze a sample to make sure that there would be something on the day of my egg retrieval. The first sample had no sperm. He had to drive up another 2 hours and produce another sample, which had enough to freeze.

    You can see our results in my signature. We had 4 embryos make it to day 5. I am now 8 months pregnant after our first try. We are so happy!

    There has been a lot of sadness too. My husband was definitely in denial for at least a year, he kept saying we weren't having sex enough or on the right days, and it sucked to have our sex life turn into having sex a few times a day 4-5 days in a row and then barely being intimate for the rest of the month. It felt like a chore to both of us. He also struggled with it being 'his fault'. And then, of course, when I did get pregnant several people slapped him on the back and congratulated him with things like "Congrats on the swimmers" and "way to get one past the goalie" etc. Which was like a punch in the gut. And the biggest thing, is that we are both heartbroken to know that our son will inherit the same defective y-chromosome as his father. We struggled with what to do, knowing that there was a 50% chance we would have a boy if we got pregnant.

    BUT we made the decision to move forward, hopeful that by the time our son is ready to have kids (if he wants to), medicine will have advanced and they will have better procedures, and the cost of IVF will go down, and he will have advanced knowledge of his low SC and not have to go through years of heartache like we did.

    Can't wait to meet this little guy in 7 weeks!
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    Beautiful story! Congrats!!!
    We are trying already for 3 years with IVF.... It is difficult, sometimes really difficult - if you know what I mean ;(
    We had 6 IVF attempts so far and started at the age of 28... I hope to post soon a success story to inspire all those couples. As I understood with male factor it usually takes more time....

    Baby dust to everybody and big hug.

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