Me and my girlfriend are trying to get pregnant but so far no luck

Discussion in 'General Infertility Support' started by Andrew443, Sep 24, 2017.

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    So im 23 and my girlfriend is 28. We have been trying to concieve for a month now. We had sex 16 times last month during her fertile period and shes supposed to have her period tomorrow and she took a digital pregnancy test and it was negative.she took a cheaper one this morning also negative. She has regular periods but she got off birth control 3 months ago so we could start to conceive. I would think something is wrong with me but theres no reason why i would be infertile. When i was 18, me and my ex had alot of unprotected sex but she never got pregnant.I had my thyroid checked and it was normal. Could it be me or her?
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    Hello. First of all I want to say welcome to this forum. Hope you will find everything what you need as well as a great support here. As for your question, the majority of couples don't conceive until they've been trying for around 6+ months. Keep on TTC if you feel you're ready for this ride, but I'll tell you right now that if not conceiving within the first 3 months is causing you this much stress, you may want to focus your efforts on keeping calm first before you carry on. Nine months of pregnancy, and then the rest of your life as a mother is going to present you with many more challenges than not getting knocked up within the first 3 months of trying. I wish you lots of good luck, but please chill out for your own sake, and for your future child's sake.But if you want you can go and visit re.
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    Infertility is not all about thyroid problem. You never know there might be something wrong. It is also not a must that family member must be going through that. I know many infertile men who have other fertile family members. So the only option is going to a clinic. It might be an issue with your sperms. Maybe the quality, production or quantity. It means a lot. Or maybe the problem is not you. It might be your girlfriend. You see right now we cannot settle at any option. The best way to know this is seeing a doctor. Let him tell you what you are going through. After you know what the problem is. You start finding the solution. There is nothing impossible. With technological advancement. We have many solutions these days. I believe you will get sorted out. Bio tex clinic has a wide variety of services. They do cover male infertility too. And they are very affordable. Incase you want to start your medical journey. You should not look any further.
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    You are not going to be sure till you get tested. Have you though of going to a clinic? This ill even help you mentally. You do not have to stress yourself whether you are the problem or not. Also knowing your fertility health is something good. Go and try to see where the problem is. that way you will know how to solve it. It might be something small that can be treated in a day. Rather than waiting all that long. You should also go with your gf. It is good to know the health of both of you. Since it is the two of you that want a child. It might even be that you have no problem. Maybe your girlfriend body is trying to adopt. Being on pills changes the work of hormones. It might even take someone 6 months off the pill to be pregnant. It just depend with how fast the body can adjust. If you two feel there is no other option you can opt for surrogacy. Much more information here .

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