My acupuncturist wants me to wait 3-4 months before next IUI.

Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by tallgurl70, May 6, 2013.

  1. tallgurl70

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    Hi all. So glad to have found this forum. I'd love to get your thoughts. I've had 2 IUIs, both unsuccessful. I've been seeing an acupuncturist for a little over 2 months now...I started seeing her just before the first IUI, and have gone pretty much weekly ever since.

    However, she is really pushing me to stop with the IUIs and to just focus on getting acupuncture for 3-4 months to improve my egg quality. She says the treatment is very different if they are just working to improve egg quality and fertility than if they are supporting the IUI process (they are much less aggressive when you get treatments during IUI, apparently.)

    This is kind of depressing feedback, since I'm 42, and I really hate the thought of waiting. I also had heard it's better to go back to back with IUIs, in terms of response rates?

    Anyway, I know there aren't any perfect answers with all of this, but I'd love to get some thoughts on the matter. Would help a lot.

    Thank you!!!:flower:
  2. Finch12

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    So there is definitely no wrong or right answer to this, and I'm only giving my two cents because you're asking for people's option - but again, whatever you decide is right for you!

    Anyway... HELL NO! I think acupuncture is great. I'd say it improved my carpel tunnel 90% and I think it works all around, but in the case of fertility, I'd say overall people's reviews seem mixed enough that I personally don't think there's much to it in this particular arena. Just as many or more saying it didn't really help... not to mention time is of the essence at 42.
    If it was me I'd continue the fertility treatments with your doctor and the acupuncture... and if you're acupuncturist is pushing hard, I'd get a new one. Way out of line for them to do so... in my opinion anyway.

  3. Trying-in-Texas

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    Ummmm no

    Hi! I did acupuncture for 4 months when I was 33 and it did NOT help. I had completed a clomid cycle and never had a period. Tried acupuncture for 4 months hoping to restart my body naturally....nope didn't work. After 4 months, I went back to RE. I'm not saying it won't work for you but based on your age, I'd try both approaches at the same time!!
  4. abeadinpath

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    Hi. I can 100% empathize with you. My acupuncturist tells me I need to do a minimum of 5 months at 4x per week before even starting IVF. On 5-28, it will mark 4 months. Now that I am this deep into treatment (DID I MENTION 4x PER WEEK AND SHE IS AN HOUR AWAY), she is telling me I really need a solid 1 year bc she says I am worst case senerio. I told her I will only do 5 months and she said that I will not get pregnant or I will have another miscarriage. I am choosing not to listen at this point. I will do 5 months and then go back to RE as they are suggesting I not wait another minute. I am 40 and turning 41 in September. I know acupuncturist loves that I have great insurance as I have unlimited amount of times with no max amount of visits. That said, I do feel she has helped me so far as my numbers have been much better in terms of FSH and LH. I just don't think she can play God and tell me ts' not going to work after 5 months. How the heck does she know?! I would love your feedback on this.
    I don't think once per week for 4 months is going to help a lot but if you ramped up your visits to 2-3 times per week then maybe your egg quality will become better. My acupuncturist says it takes 5 months with treatment and herbal Chinese meds (liquid only) to grow new and nice size follicles. Is it true? Don't know but she has excellent success rate and only sees infertility patients exclusively.
    PM me if you want. :grouphug:

  5. Nilah

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    My acupuncturist says at least 3 months because the life cycle of an egg is three months. I did it once a week. I did more after I started stimming and around transfer. I know that was for IVF so I am not sure if that matters. It worked for me last time. This time I have been doing acupuncture since February but I wasn't able to take the herbs the whole time like I did before. I will see if that impacts my egg quality this time. My acupuncturist said he would have like to have had more times on the herbs but he understands that time is of the essence and he is comfortable with me trying again. HTH.

    abeadinpath: I don't think a doctor, acupuncturist or anyone can say anything with 100% certainity. If you didn't have top notch insurance would she not treat you? 4x a week for 5 months:woohoo: :woohoo: I have never heard of such a thing. I don't know your situation but you might want to get a second opinion on the acupuncture.
  6. tallgurl70

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    Thank you all so much for your input -- I really, really appreciate it! Basically, after consulting with my RE, she has advised that based on my age I move full steam ahead with the IUIs. If I were younger, yes, absolutely, she'd be more on board with my waiting and focusing solely on acupuncture. She mentioned that she has seen too many scenarios in which acupuncture hasn't been the magical fix.

    That said, I do really believe that acupuncture can support and help the process, and I'm going as many times as possible before my next IUI.

    Wish there were a crystal ball for all of this! My big thing is that I've started seeing a different acupuncturist who doesn't make me feel guilty for the choices I'm making. I know my fertility acupuncturist was just telling me her honest opinion, but I only need positive influences right now who are on board with my choices. It's an emotional and uncertain process -- we need all the support we can get!

    I really appreciate hearing about your experiences and getting your input. Means a lot ;)
  7. Nilah

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    tallgurl70- I am glad that you are moving forward. At our age our numbers can fall off the cliff real fast. I am also glad that you changed practioners because acupuncture is supposed to be theraputic not stressful. That kind of pressure under minds acupuncture. I am praying for a positive result.
  8. tallgurl70

    tallgurl70 New Member

    I really appreciate all the help and support, truly. What a great resource. I'm very sad this a.m. Got a BFN on round 3 of IUI. And I was feeling so pregnant. It's such an emotional journey.
  9. Nilah

    Nilah Member

    tallgurl- I am sorry about your bfn. Have you considered moving to IVF?

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