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Discussion in 'Two Weeks Wait' started by Hopeful104, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Hopeful104

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    I am new here and though I have had a pcos diagnosis for close to six years, been FTC fir a little over a year, this is my first cycle with drugs. Due to large cysts causing the removal if an ovary and tube, I am on femara. I had awful headaches and nausea while I took the med, ovulated a week earlier than normal ( per three opks only slightly obsessed) and now am in the midst of my 2ww. I am 6dpo and starting to get very hopeful that it might be our turn. It of course doesn't help that a friend of mine had her little miracle ad a result if her first medicated cycle! So if amyone wants to be impatient in their 2ww with me, or wants to share any femara stories I would appreciate the company and responses!!
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    hello hopeful I am in midst of my 2ww as well when do you take your test? mines Friday its an emotional rollercoaster isnt it?
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  4. Hopeful104

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    No need to test for me. My 2ww came to an abrupt end yesterday when AF started to show up several days ahead of schedule. I knew the first cycle likely wouldn't work, but I don't know if I can rationalize putting my body and my husband thru those drugs again. I know my moodiness was vial and I was so miserable with migraines. :( gl to you though
  5. eboni

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    Hi Ladies

    I'm also on my 2ww my mind is all over the place but I'm staying positive every moment I can.
    Best of luck to all of you
  6. SamanthaSun

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    Hi, dear! Sorry for that you're here. Wish you had another way.. But still this 2ww is rather a tricking thing. It manipulates on us, makes us feel all possible feelings. I suppose this is the hardest time of the process. But talking more to people on forums I absolutely agree this is almost as hard as survive first 12 weeks of pregnancy..
    Women say, 2ww must be in dog time as it feels more like a year than 14 days!! And they're absolutely right! I always did testing too early, which was silly. But I couldn't help doing it again and again. As our desire writes the rules - we want to know faster..this is not right.
    I wish everyone in 2ww be strong. Try to keep calm and wait. May God bless all of you on this path xx
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  8. noreen

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    I can say that you have been through a lot. I am sorry for the cysts. It is better that they were removed because they could have blocked your tube. The TWW is always one thing that makes many people so anxious. But do not worry. I believe your story will be positive at the end of the day. I have been going through infertility since my college years. I currently do not have a uterus because of cancer. No uterus no womb. This means I cannot carry a baby either. I was so frustrated with all this news. But later I came out strong. I went through surrogacy in Bio tex. I had leant about them online . The journey was not easy but I had to pull up. I do think you should do the same. Do not give up. There is long life ahead of you. Just follow the cycles more closely. Then do what the doctor tells you. This will increase the opportunity of it being a BFP.
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