My husband is infertile. What should i do?

Discussion in 'Male Infertility' started by Mallia, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Mallia

    Mallia New Member

    Hello! A few years ago we learned that my husband can’t have children naturally. Only ivf what we have done already 4 times but our attempts weren’t successful. I’m so tired of these clinics, injections, hormones, anesthesia and e.t. I understand that I just squander my health without any result. My husband would think to use anonymous donor but he withholds his consent. I want to have full family but I’m scared our baby will not favor his father but unknown man. My husband still hopes for a miracle to have a baby naturally. We married for 10 years 8 out of them we tried to have a child. I don’t know what to do. Please give me some piece of advice.
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  2. Agnete

    Agnete Member

    Hi Mallia. I'm sorry about your unsuccessful experience of TTC. sure, 8 years is a lot. Likewise, I know how it feels to want a baby desperately but facing troubles again and again. So, what's the problem? Very low sperm count? Or low motility? in your previous IVF attempt, did they do ICSI?
  3. Am_elia

    Am_elia Member

    He and welcome! Sorry to hear this. So what is your next step? Sperm donation? I think it shall be put aside as the last option. Have you really tried everything? Modern medicine make miracles. ICSI or TESA? Nothing worked? And what about your fertility? Everything's ok with you?
  4. New Member

    Oh dear, sorry to hear that.. We went through the similar story though in our situation the problem was completely on my part. You should try your best and persuade your husband into some donor sperm if nothing else helps. And don't be afraid that your child won't accept him as a father as the sperm thing doesn't matter so much actually. That's much more important who will be bringing up that child and taking care of it day by day. With the course of time the child will for sure acquire your and husband's gestures and habits and you'll both forget about the donor completely.. Cheer up, hun and talk to your dh .. I'm sure this time you'll find the necessary words for him ))
  5. Mallia

    Mallia New Member

    Hello! My husband was diagnosed oligospermia and azoospermia. Recently we have done a 4 new cycles of ivf but they weren’t successful. We are planning to do ICSI next week.
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  6. Mallia

    Mallia New Member

    Hello! My husband has already done TESA but it didn’t help. We are planning to do ICSI next week and before we have done all examinations together. Now we are waiting for the results and I’m very nerves because I feel that after all this treatment my health deteriorated later on. And I’m also not getting younger.
  7. Mallia

    Mallia New Member

    Thank you for your support. Sure I’m always cheer up my husband try to show him my support and love. I don’t believe my husband have ever agreed to use donor sperm it will hurt his man’s ego. Now we are waiting for the examinations results and I have a bad premonition as if the problem is more deeper then we can imagine.
  8. Agnete

    Agnete Member

    so sorry to hear that. That must be a devastating dx for a man. Hopefully, we don't have male factor infertility in our family. Is it treatable? I mean have you tried to improve sperm quality with medications/alternative treatment/ diet? I've heard that dieting can make miracles.
    I hope your next step will work. Are you using your own eggs or already shifted to donors?
  9. Mallia

    Mallia New Member

    Of course my DH and I lead a heathy life style. He gives up smoking and don’t drink. Now we are waiting for our examination’s exams we decided to do it again. Then we’ll decide what to do next. Now we are planning to do ICSI.
  10. Agnete

    Agnete Member

    Sure, healthy life style is a must, for any couple TTC, but it seems there's a special diet to improve male fertility, isn't it?
    Ok, I don't want to seem nosy, so just wish you good luck in this cycle of ivf treatment.
    keep us updated, I hope with positive news
  11. Reya S

    Reya S New Member

    Dear Mallia, researchers have found resolution for male infertility but it will take time before it can actually be used to help people. However, as a woman, and with 4 failed ivf cycles, do you really have the time to wait? Female fertility declines sharply after 35, and by 40 years, chromosomal changes in the egg render them less useful. You haven't mentioned your age, but 10 years of marriage I'm sure you must be in your thirties. Get advice from a different doctor. If you are going to use donor sperm anyway, the sooner the better. I wish you all the best.
  12. cindyleyva

    cindyleyva Member

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  13. ankit

    ankit New Member

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