Need reference for high risk/twin pregnancy OB in NYC, northern NJ

Discussion in 'We're Pregnant!' started by saara77, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. saara77

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    Hello ladies
    I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins, and have seen NYU twice, but in my last visit did not have a good exp....the Dr, didnt seem confident and kind of scared me.
    i'd really appreciate if you can provide any reference in NYC or North NJ (i live in Hoboken)
  2. sanali1103

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    I don't know if you've already found a high risk doctor. But I can recommend one that is one of the best. He actually also works out of Hoboken Hospital. I was going there for my ultrasounds. Let me know and I will give you his name and number.
  3. Notgivinguphope

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    I love Dr. Lescale. He is great with offices all over. Pretty sure he is in manhatten as well as weschester. I see him in poughkeepsi. HIGHLY recommend him. Just google Dr. Lescale Perinatology and it will brin gyou to his web site.
  4. ecarolk

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    I'm a high risk twin pregnancy and getting excellent care at Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates: Blending Hi-Tech & Compassion

    It can be hard to get your first appointment (you may have to wait longer than you'd like), but once you're in, you're in. They have a great staff, and most importantly they specialize in high-risk and multiple pregnancies. They take lots of different kinds of insurance.

    They're located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Their docs deliver at Mt. Sinai (it's a team of OBs and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists).

    Good luck!

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