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Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by JenaNYC, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    I received my results today that my FET cycle was not successful. I plan to do another IVF cycle at the next opportunity but want to pair it with acupuncture this time... does anyone have a fertility acupuncturist in NYC that they have used and liked (and who perhaps even brought success!)?


  2. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Jena sorry about your BFN. I know it's tough to deal with as I've been there myself quite a few times.

    I'm glad you posted this question as I'm looking for a new acupuncturist myself. I go to one on Long Island and I think she may be helping but I think she is a quack so I need to find someone else. I've been going to her for a year with no success although as you can see, I'm closer this time. Still hoping for a miracle but.....
  3. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Hi Jnails... thanks for your kind words. :)

    I actually went to and did a little research there and found Victoria Koos at Yin and Tonic to be highly recommended. Her office is near Penn Station so I don't know if she would be an option for you, but I am praying that you won't need a new acupuncturist and that you'll get your miracle this time around!

    I did go in to see her for my first appointment yesterday and I plan to do a little summary of that visit in this thread for anyone who might be looking for a NYC area acupuncturist.

    I also have a friend who is friends with an acupuncturist on Long Island. I'd be happy to get her info for you, if you'd like. My friend lives near New Hyde Park, so her acupuncturist friend may be in that area as well.

  4. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Jena the info from your friend would be great. Also the one by Penn Station would work too since I commute to the city every day. I can't wait to see your post.

    Can we really be the only two on these boards who does acupuncture in NY? Can't be?
  5. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    So to update on the acupuncture a bit, after getting some recommendations from an NYC based board, I decided to go with Victoria Koos at Yin and Tonic. My first appointment was yesterday.

    To start, she and I went over my fertility treatment history in-depth and then also discussed my overall lifestyle habits regarding exercise, diet, non fertility-related health issues, etc. Based on my fertility history, she said that she did not think it was an egg quality issue we were dealing with, but perhaps a problem with implantation. Coupling that with the stress of job loss a few months ago and the long term coping of illness in my DH's family, we decided that the treatment of anxiety and stress should also be in the forefront of this process.

    Next she moved me into the treatment room where she asked me to lay down on a nice heated table (so comfy!) and to roll up my sleeves while she rolled up my pant legs. For the next few minutes she placed needles into strategic pressure points in my fingers, wrist, chest, shins, and one at the top of my head. It didn't hurt, although at one point, when she tapped a needle into my shin, my leg jerked. I wouldn't say that it was painful, it was just a little uncomfortable for a moment. Though it was certainly surprising to have my leg move like that without me consciously thinking about it! Victoria said that it was my chi reacting and not to worry... that it was example of the most discomfort that placing the needles would cause (which really wasn't that much). I got the sense that this reaction was a good thing because she tried to draw it out on a couple of other pressure points. She also said that she wasn't expecting it to happen as soon as it did! So I guess that was good!

    Once all the needles were placed, she laid an aromatherapy eye mask over my eyes and headphones over my ears (playing soothing meditation style music) and left me to relax for about 30 minutes. Before she left, Victoria said that this was "my" time, for me only and that I was to leave any negative thoughts and stresses out of my head and just be "deliciously selfish."

    I'll tell you, while I didn't fall asleep, I quickly got myself to a place where I was between asleep and awake... where when you try to remember what you were just thinking about, you can't. I guess I was dozing.

    On my way out of the office, we also discussed herbs and I decided that I would give them a try. I probably have several weeks till I start meds for my next IVF cycle so I don't mind doing them now, although I'm not sure if I will continue them once I am on fertility meds.

    In terms of my schedule, she said she would like to see me weekly until I start my stims, and then we would move to twice weekly, in addition to doing two sessions on the day of transfer... one before and one after.

    I'm looking forward to this, and am hoping for great results.

  6. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Jnails, I've got an e-mail out to my friend for the info. In the meantime, Victoria's website is Acupuncture New York City - Acupuncture and Fertility NY - Acupuncture and IVF.

    I totally agree with you on the fact that you would expect there would be some other users on the board who were doing acupuncture in the NYC area.

    Which reminds me... I haven't been on these boards very long, but I'm surprised there aren't some threads based on locality (unless I've missed something?). I think it is great to be able to find a group of women who are going through the same treatments as you are at the exact same time as you are, and I recognize that you don't have to be in the same city, state, or even time zone for it to be a great source of support, knowledge, comfort, etc... However, I also think that having boards based on location would be great... a place to compare local clinics, doctors, resources, acupuncturists, etc. I can go to in their TTC section, but to be honest, it is SO impersonal.

    Anyway, just a thought. Maybe I'll have to start a thread.... unless someone can point me in the right direction!

  7. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Jena I haven't seen any threads based just on location but I have met a bunch of women from NY on many of the threads I've been involved with. I saw a threat way back when about IVF if NY but then it dwindles out. I sort of like the fact that you get a mix of women but I do agree it would be helpful to compare clinics on line. I've talked to a few women in the clinic that I go to who have all switched to mine so every time I think of leaving I wind up staying. LOL

    I saw your post about your consult. It's so funny, besides for the job loss I could be you. We think my problem is also an implantation issue. I would love to hear about what kinds of herbs she recommends.
    My acupuncturist had me taking all different types of things everytime I went focusing on blood deficiency which is also something I have (or at least that is what she thinks). Your appointment seemed so relaxing. That is something that I definitely do not feel when I go for mine which is what I think the problem is. I can't get much out of it if I'm not fully relaxed. Can I ask how much she charges per session. I currently pay $65 but that is discounted because she is through my clinic. When I add up how much I have spent just in the past two months I get sick but I have a feeling if I switch places I'm going to wind up paying much more. I guess it would be worth it if I was truly relaxed.
  8. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Hi JNails -

    Yin and Tonic would definitely be an added expense as the initial office consult is $190 and then each session after that is $90. However, if you don't feel as though you are getting the treatment you need, then it might be worth it.

    Did you check out her website? There's a lot of good information there that might help you make your decision.

    In regards to your question about the herbs, I'm taking a Dragon Herbs blend called Profound Essence, which is supposed to help to balance my yin and yang after long periods of stress. Sounds just about right though, don't you think? With the past few years I've had, I'll take any balance I can get! LOL! :)

  9. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    I may definitely consider it once I find out what happens with me. I'm so jealous with how relaxed your session was. I haven't had one where I felt totally relaxed. If I don't do acupuncture, I may do massage. Will have to play it by ear.

    I agree the added cost would be worth it if I relaxed!
  10. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Yin and Tonic

    I too go to Yin and Tonic. I've seen both Victoria and Sharon and they're both great. I just had my 1st IVF and am in the 2ww. I've had 3 unsuccessfull IUI cycles and thought if I'm going to commit to the financial and emotional parts of IVF I should do whatever can to aid the process. I was scared at first but I think acupuncture was the best decision I've made.
  11. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    JennHS - How neat that you go to Yin and Tonic too! Are you taking herbs in addition to doing acu? I'm on Dragon Herbs right now to try and balance my yin & yang. Good luck with your 2WW. I hope that Victoria and Sharon were able to do the trick! :cross: Please check back in and let me know how it goes!:clap:


  12. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    I'm not doing the herbs, I started the acupuncture only about a week before my stims. How do they make you feel? Do they help with moods at all? I'm having a horrible time with my crinone this cycle, the acupuncture helps but not enough!!!:grr: Let me know how they work for you, keepme updated. Good luck to you too:cross:
  13. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Jena tell me again how relaxing your acupuncture is. I could use the serenity. After next week I plan to do all the things I haven't been able to do. I'm going to get my hair colored, get a massage and have a drink!
  14. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Joanna - Definitely have that drink and make those appointments for your hair and massage... you deserve it! As for the acupuncture, it's SO relaxing. I had my third appointment today and for the third time in a row, I completely fell into a sleepy state. Not completely out, but not really awake either. The heated table, new age music on the headphones to block out the sounds of the street, and a warmed aromatherapy eye mask to keep out the light will do that to you. Seriously, when I get up off the table, I'm so relaxed, I have trouble speaking. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it, but Victoria will also sometimes ask if I would like some aromatherapy oils on my temples (I always say yes!) and she usually likes to place ear seeds on certain acupuncture points in my outer ear for a few more days. As for the actual effects, people are telling me that I look so much more relaxed and, at the same time, I also feel like I've got more energy! JennHS, who has posted to this thread a couple of times also goes to Yin and Tonic. Maybe she'd be willing to tell you about her experiences.

    JennHS - I can't get a complete gauge on the herbs. Victoria only has me on one type right now and I think it is supposed to be helping with my stress levels. So far I'm pretty sure something is working since according to friends, I'm apparently looking more relaxed! I'm not on fertility meds yet so unfortunately I can't help you with your question about the crinone. I'm currently planning for a May retrieval and transfer but wanted to get a head start on the acupuncture to help with increased blood flow in addition to combating stress. I do hope you feel better soon and wish you luck during your 2WW. Praying for you to get your :bfp:!

  15. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Joanna, you should definitely try acupuncture. The great part is Victoria really works with you. I was unable at first to really let myself relax. Victoria is there to help you overcome any fears you may have during a session. Once I let go it was terrific. You are completely relaxed after a session and my mood is always lifted no matter how bad I felt when I arrived. I'm not sure on the long term effects yet but having all this stress, any relief is welcome. The day of my transfer didn't go as I had hoped but having those sessions before and after transfer really helped me cope. If this cycle is unsuccessful I will still continue with acup. for relaxation and to aid in my next cycle. I think I would be interested in testing out the herbs as well! Enjoy yourself this stuff can be ridiculously stressful and you need to grab every opportunity to unwind.- Jenn
  16. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    I definitely want to try Yin and Tonic. My biggest fear, which my DH keeps bringing up, is that I live on LI so the calming effects may be gone by the time I hit the LIRR and head home. I thought about going at lunch and heading back to work, but that would be no good either! :grr: I really have to figure out if there is a place like that on Long Island. Jena did your friend get back to you?
  17. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member


    Since Yin & Tonic is about 3 blocks from Penn Station, it may actually be feasible for you to stop in and see her for your appointment and then be relaxed for your trip home. When I come out of my appointments I feel like mush and also feel energized at the same time! When I'm checking out, I have a hard time putting together cohesive thoughts and responding to her questions, but after that, I just let the relaxation hit me, put on my headphones, and go for a stroll. Last week I kept going and walked all the way to the Financial District (!) before meeting up with my husband and traveling home with him. I recognize that not everyone relaxes in the same way, though I do make a concerted effort to keep the zen, even when I get bumped in the street!

    I'm going to send you a direct message with the info on my friend's friend, only because she asked that I tell you to mention her name should you give her friend a call. Please keep in mind that I don't have any referrals on her as an acupuncturist... my friend had just recommended that I give this woman a call with any questions when I was first starting to consider acupuncture as an aid to ART.

    I did reach out to one other friend whose girlfriend may have done acu for fertility on LI, asking her to see if she could find out more.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do! I look forward to hearing more about it.

  18. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    So I got the old :bfn: Moving on, I'm excited to continue with Acupuncture and I also found this yoga workshop for fertility in my neighborhood. Victoria also put me on Dragon Herbs and Prosperous Farmer? It's a tincture and it tastes god awful! I'm going to wait for my next cycle to start IVF so I can maybe prepare my body a little better. I don't know in the end if it makes any difference. I guess we'll see. How's your treatment going? Is your Qi flowing?
    Joanna, if you're looking for a LAc in your area I can probably get you a recommendation. I actually work at an Acupuncture school. What area in LI do you live?

  19. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Hi JennHS, I'm sorry to hear about your BFN... I know how tough that is, but I am glad to see that you haven't lost your optimism and are already jumping into next steps! :)

    Would you mind sharing the info about the fertility yoga class? I had seen that NYU Fertility Center was offering something but the series ended a couple of weeks ago and I haven't found anything else online.

    Victoria has me on "Profound Essence" by DragonHerbs, and with the exception of ear seeds, nothing else at the moment. Does she give those to you as well? I definitely feel as though my Qi is flowing. How about you??

    In fact, I'm starting to notice that a couple of days before my scheduled appointment, I start getting antsy and a bit unsettled. Almost like a craving... maybe I'm turning into an acu addict!! :eek:

    I think that taking a break to better prepare your body for the next round is a great idea... I've actually been doing the same for the past month, and will be starting up again in about a week or so, once :af: arrives.

    I look forward to hearing more about your progress! :clap:

  20. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Acupuncture is definitely addictive. I never wanted it in the past now I rely on it to make it through the week! Yeah, besides the herbs she does the ear seeds too. I usually forget they're even there. The fertiflity workshop is going to be in Park Slope at the yoga studio Bend and Bloom(another interesting name), but the workshop is called the Receptive Nest. You can check out details at their site Receptive Nest - a yogic approach to fertility or Bend & Bloom Yoga • 708 Sackett St. • (between 4th and 5th Ave) • Brooklyn, NY 11215 . It's only one day March 28 for a couple hours. They give you a booklet to bring home to continue your practice. You should go if you can. Then you can go to your regular studio for weekly practice. I haven't done yoga in over 10 yrs. so in April I'm going to do a beginners series.
    Wow, I can't believe it's already time for you to start. The time goes so fast until you're in the 2ww! Best of luck, keep me updated! -Jenn

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