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Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by JenaNYC, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Jnails29

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    I'm sorry I've been MIA. Between my D&C and my FIL in the hospital things have been crazy for me.

    JennHS I'm so sorry about your BFN. You do sound like you are in a good place though, ready to jump right back in. Keep up the acupunture and just rest your body for a month or so. Have you tried the royal jelly at all. Some of the girls on this site swear by it. It's supposed to help with egg quality.

    I know you asked about where I live on LI. I'm in Wantagh on the South Shore. If you have any recommendations for Acupuncture I would appreciate it.

    You guys are making me so jealous hearing all about Yin and Tonic!
  2. winkie01

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    I'm just joining this. After a recent failed ivf, I'm considering acupuncture before I start no. 2 in a couple weeks. I am als in NYC. How often do you guys go for accupuncture? I want to do it but I'm worried about the expense. Thanks!
  3. JennHS

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    Joanna- I hope you're feeling a little better. I will definitely ask around for a practioner for you. Thanks for the royal jelly tip, I'm definitely going to try it. I read up on it a little it seems like it can be good for you through out your whole pregnancy.
    winkie01- Acupuncture is definitely pricey but if you can squeeze it out of your budget it's worth every penny. Where I go the protocol is 1x/wk until you begin stims then it's 2x's/wk. It's $90 per session (consultation was a little more, I forget). You'll go the day of transfer 1x before and then again right after. This is where it can be very expensive, because if you need to see them and it's not their regular office hours it will be $200 per session. But honestly it's worth it, those two sessions saved my sanity! Once there is a heartbeat you don't need to continue if you choose. My last cycle I started about two weeks before stims and it gave me sometime to get used to it. Even if you don't do acupuncture I think it's important that we do something for ourselves. Even though I've only been doing this intensively since August I thought I was going to lose it half the time and this gives me something to cope.
    Also I noticed you did a Lupron cycle, I'll be doing the same in April. How did the lupron effect you? Did you do lupron the same time as BCP or stims? Good luck to you! Keep me updated!
  4. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    :welcome: to our little NYC area acu group, Winkie01! Nice to have you stop by.

    I think that JennHS gave you a really good rundown of the acu schedule and experience. Mine is the same since we are both at Yin and Tonic. I absolutely love it, and I feel really good about being good to my body in that way. I think it has also pushed me to be better about other things too... I'm eating better and exercising more, and have more energy. Which is probably why I'm up before 6 AM and on the boards today! LOL!!

    JennHS -Thanks so much for the workshop info. I'm not sure that it's going to be the right thing for me at the moment though since I'm such a novice at yoga. I just started an intro series last week for the first time(!!!), and think that once it is over, I'll need a regular class with instruction to make sure I'm doing the right stuff. If you are going though, please let me know how it is.

    Joanna - Hope things are going well! Haven't seen you in awhile!

    Additionally, I just wanted to mention to everyone that if the timing of your retrievals and transfers fall into the month of May that you might want to stop by in the May 2009 IVF thread as well. It would be nice to see some familiar names! :)

  5. Jnails29

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    Hi Jenn and Jena: Glad to see we are keeping this thread alive. Things with me are good. My FIL is finally out of the hospital so I'm hoping to have time to get on line a bit more. I've been trying to just relax this past week and not worry about anything. I'm hoping to go for that massage I've been waiting to get.

    JennHS if you know of anyone that would be great. As for the Royal Jelly, if you get the solid kind (not pills) make sure you don't get the one with propellis in it. It was gross I couldn't even swallow it without holding my nose.

    Jena I'm still waiting to see when I'm going to do my frozen cycle but if it's May maybe I will pop on the May board.

    :welcome: Winkie01.
  6. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    OK, I had my first acupuncture appointment today. I am seeing Dr. Rong-Bao Lu in Chinatown. He was written up in NYTimes and a friend recommended him. He's only $40/visit. But he gave me tea and herbs and it was $190! Steeper than I expected. How much do you guys pay for herbs? And it looks like only a 2 week supply. Anyway, it was relaxing. I hope it helps quickly b/c I hope to start my 2nd IVF cycle in about 2 weeks.

    For those of you on Chinese herbs, what do your REs think of this? Did they tell you to stop once you are on stims?

    Jenn - I didn't have any side effects from Lupron and the shot is so little its really easy. I did it the whole time - first with BCP,g then with the stims. This time I'll be doing the short non-lupron cycle since I had poor emby quality last time.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. My best friend just had a baby and my husband and I are fighting (b/c I'm insanely sensitive since my BFN) -- so it hasn't been great so far! (of course, so happy for my BF - just hard). She is the only one who knows what I'm going through.
  7. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Winkie I know how hard it can be when you friend has a baby right after a BFN. I feel like every BFN I had someone close to me was giving birth. I was horrible. The worst had to be last September three weeks after I got my BFN my GF gave birth and we went by her house to see her DH and I had to listen to him tell me all about the birth and how I would understand when it was my time. I don't know how I didn't jump across the table and rip his throat out. Of course my DH didn't even realize any of this was bothering me. About a week or so later my DH made a comment to me about how his friend kept making a comment about when I was coming by to see the baby. I finally went off on him and told him how difficult it is for me to see newborn babies. Since I've been so strong through all my cycles, he had no clue how badly it affected me. After we talked about it, he realized how upset I was and he actually explained everything to his friend who went out of his way to appologize to me when he saw me. In a way I'm glad it happened otherwise my DH would never have known what I was feeling.

    As for the herbs, I was never sure what my RE felt about them. My acupuncturist was recommended by them so when I told her they didn't want me to do herbs, she said she would talk to them and the next week would come back and tell me that it was fine. Most of the herbs I was taking she had me stop right after my ER.
  8. mamba

    mamba New Member

    I am going to Ying acupuncture for about 6 months. We'll see whether acupuncture has worked for me or not next thursday :)

    she charges $60 per session.
  9. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    :welcome: Mamba! It will be great to hear a success story involving acupuncture! Best of luck to you and keep us updated! :cross:

    I wasn't having much luck finding an acupuncturist referral for you at work, but I asked my acupuncturist and she said she can definitely find someone. So I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. You're gonna think I'm crazy but I love the taste of the Royal Jelly, it's in honey and it's so much better than my herbs!

    Winkie, are you taking herbs that you have to cook or from a bottle. I know in Chinatown they often give you bundles of herbs you cook yourself and that could be why they're so expensive. I take 2 different things 1 is $23 the second $40 and I would say it last a few weeks. AND I hear you on the BF thing. All my close GFs have at least 2 children and it's so difficult to be around them. I've had to distance myself because I would get so depressed everytime we're together.

    hope all is well with you!
  10. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Jnails - glad I am not the only one having meltdowns. I am going to go see the baby this weekend and hopefully will keep it together. My BF was great when we spoke. All she wanted to talk about was my failed IVF and how I was doing. She said "We can talk about my baby later." She was awesome. And I had a good talk with my DH about being more supportive. He's just a man of action rather than words - but I need both! Anyway, hopefully it will be our turn soon.

    Jenn - I have pills and these herbs in a bag that I make tea with. The tea tastes like poison! I am going to ask my RE about them when I start my next round of meds. I don't think I ovulated this month so who knows when my next cycle will be - hopefully soon. I got all my meds yesterday. Hopefully, a non-lupron cycle plus acupuncture and nasty tea, royal jelly, etc. will help my eggs.

    Mamba- good luck!!!
  11. JenaNYC

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    :welcome:Mamba! :cross: for a :bfp: for you next Thursday!

    Winkie - It sounds like there's a reason this woman is your best friend... she handled a situation she knew would be difficult for you with such grace! Props to your BF! :clap:

    From my own experience, I have found that I'm closer to the children of my girlfriends who have been sensitive to what I am going through. And although this may sound petty, I'm no longer as close with my girlfriends who were all about themselves and their baby. It just made it harder to be happier for them.

    So I think that your BF was spot on! She has let you know that she's there for you and she's giving you the space to warm up to her little one in your own time, without any pressure.

    Jenn - Thanks for checking up on me. :) BTW, did you go to the yoga workshop last weekend? If so, how was it?

    Joanna - I'm glad to hear that your FIL is doing better. I hope you went and had that massage you've been talking about! You deserve it. Have you been successful in locating a new acupuncturist?

    AFM, I've had some ups and downs lately. After being under my RE's care for a year with no success, he decided to run a "next step" panel of tests -- tests that he won't run on everyone. I got the results back last week that I have a higher than normal natural killer cell count. Now while they can't say for certain that this is the cause of my infertility issues, they want me to go to another specialist to discuss treatment.

    Essentially a strong count of NK cells in most situations is good because they fight off illness. In my case, though, since they are programmed to attack anything foreign in the body, and because an embryo is half foreign with my DH's DNA, there is a good chance that they are attacking the blasts that I want so badly to grow. :grr:

    So currently I'm still waiting for :af: to arrive. She's about 10 days late right now due to my body resetting after my February cycle. I'm still on track to start my stimulating meds in May for retrieval and transfer then. In the meantime I see the specialist at the end of this month. The first appointment he had was on a SUNDAY at the end of April! How crazy is the NY doctor scene, huh?

    Everyone - What are your time frames for next steps?

    JenaNYC :babydust::babydust::babydust:
  12. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Jena sorry to her that. But you know when they start to do these additional tests and start to pin point problems the sooner they can resolve the issues. This specialist will know exactly how to help and make the procedure work for you. Generally I think they would just suppress your immune system.

    It does upset me though that these RE's don't exhaust every possible test first until they find an issue and then proceed with IVF, etc. They seem to jump into IUI, IVF, etc and figure it out along the way at our expense, emotional and financial. Does anyone else feel this way? Sorry to be negative, I'm feeling pretty fustrated right now :grr:
  13. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Jena- I am going to send your quote about my BF to her. You said it better than I could. Going to see the baby today or tomorrow and I fele good about it. Acupuncture first to help me be zen! Sorry to hear about the NK cells. That is a new one for me. But it sounds like they don't know if it is even a problem. And Jenn is right. If it was the problem now they can fix it and maybe next cycle will be the one. My fingers are crossed.
    I am anxiously awaiting for my:af: too. I have a 2-day business trip next week so stressing that I'll get it around then and have to figure something out so I can make it to the RE for Day 2.

    Jenn - yeah, I have been feeling the way you are for a while. Sometimes I wonder if I am geting the best care since its such a mill with so many women. You wonder how individualized your care really is.
  14. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Jena I have to ask my RE if he tested me for NKC. I'm don't recall that ever being brought up. I have to make a f/u appointment with him soon to figure out my next steps. He never called with the results of my genetic testing of my D&C. I'm a little annoyed at that. I'm going to start my new list of things to talk about. Oh and as for the massage...No I haven't called to make the appointment yet. What is wrong with me?

    Jenn I agree, the RE's should test for every possible situation before they start all these proceedures. For some reason I think that CCRM in Colorado does. Everyone goes in for a pre-workup and then they call and let you know what they think your chances of success are based on your results. It is only after that they even talk to you about coming in for any sort of proceedure. Why can't they all do that. It was a long time ago but all I ever remember my RE having me do was get a full CBC and they tested me for HIV and then a few other tests. Don't see how that is really helpful. Unless they ran other tests that they didn't tell me about. As for the Royal Jelly, I'm not a honey person but I do like the one without Propelis. It's the one that has it in that I can't stand. YUCK.

    Winkie your BF sounds like a keeper. It was so nice of her not to push baby talk in your face knowing what you have gone through. I hope your DH has a better understanding of how you feel now and he can be there to support you.

    Mamba :welcome: Praying for good results on Thursday. Please let us know.

    ASF finally had my HCG levels go back down to negative so just waiting for :af: . Seems like forever since I have seen her. After that I need to wait another month before I can do anything.
  15. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Jena- I did the yoga fertility workshop and it was great. The instructor would have us go into these restorative poses, which are extremely relaxing, and just stay there for awhile. She would cover us with a blanket, cover our eyes with little pillows and read us an inspirational passage. Just the kind of comfort you need during these times. She also told us what to avoid during daily practice. Things like inversions during your period or intense twisting which scrunches your reproductive organs. The focus is to keep that area relaxed and open.

    For everyone there were also some books they recommended. One of them was "The Fertile Female; How the Power of Longing for a child Can Save Your Life and Change the World", by Julia Indichova. It's great I'm only on page 40 and I'm already feeling like this could help change things for me! I never wanted to read books on the subject because I was afraid they would make me dwell on the problems, but this is the opposite. I'll give you guys a full review when I'm done. She also put out a book prior to this one called "Inconceivable" which is also supposed to be great.

    Hope everyone's doing well!:grouphug:
  16. mamba

    mamba New Member

    yesterday, my acupuncturist checked my pulse as usual. she told me that there is a chance that I am pregnant and that chance is 80% :woohoo:

    so of course, I had to test this morning. the first response test says



    I went for the beta this morning. today is my 10dp3dt. They will call in the afternoon. I am praying for good numbers :pray: :pray: :pray:
  17. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    :clap::cross: MAMBA!!!!!!!!:cross:
  18. mamba

    mamba New Member

    The Beta is 76.7

  19. mamba

    mamba New Member

    thanks Jenn :cheer:
  20. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member


    Congrats Mamba!
    That is so exciting! You are :preg:! You must be over the moon right now. :) I'm also so amazed that your acupuncturist was able to pick up on it by your pulse! How awesome is that?!?

    Jenn - Thanks for the recommendation on the book and the info on the yoga workshop. I'll be finishing up my last week of beginner's yoga in a couple of weeks and then after that I'm going to see if the weekly yoga for fertility class is still going on over at NYU fertility center. I've included the link below in case anyone else might be interested. I look forward to hearing more about "The Fertile Female." Please let us know if you think it's worth a read!

    Everyone - Thanks for your reassurances about my current NK cell situation. I agree that I wish this would have been investigated earlier. Hopefully there will be a relatively easy treatment for it. I've been reading about women having expensive transfusions and I hope it isn't going to be to that extent for me. In the meantime, :af: arrived on Saturday and I started the BCPs on Monday. On April 20th I start the Lupron. The following week is my appointment with the specialist, so we'll see! It's all very exciting. I continue to have hope.

    Here's the yoga for fertility link at NYU in case anyone is interested. I'd probably start April 27th as my beginner's class is also on Monday nights and ends the week before.

    Yoga for Fertility Classes | NYU Fertility Center | NYU Medical Center | New York, NY

    :babydust::babydust: Jena

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