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Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by JenaNYC, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Mamba - congrats!! That is awesome. Hopefully, your luck will rub off on the rest of us. Great news.

    Jena - good luck with everything - your new cycle and the treatment for the NK.

    Nothing new here - still no :af: Usually I have a short cycle after taking injectables. Anyone have a long one after IVF? I am anxious for round 2.
  2. mamba

    mamba New Member

    Thanks Jena, winkie!:grouphug:

    yes it was very cool that my acupuncturist told me I am pregnant before the actual test:) she was actually telling me to go have IVF done right from the beginning but I didn't listen to her and lost 6 months:) but no complaints here. I am very happy:cheer:

    I wish you all the best of luck and sending you lots of babydust

  3. Jnails29

    Jnails29 New Member

    Mamba congratulations. That is such wonderful news. I'm so happy for you. When do you go for your repeat b/w so we can hear how great your numbers double?

    You are officially :preg:

    AFM I finally got :af: last weekend but have been sick all week. This month I think we are going to just practice the old fashioned way and then we will try my snowbabies in May or June.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
  4. mamba

    mamba New Member

    thanks jnails! my next visit will be next thursday. they didn't feel the need to check my bhcg before then. i will also have my first ultrasound that day.

    I wish you luck!

  5. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Just Catching Up!

    Winkie - Did :af: come yet? I'm usually pretty much 26-29 days but my last cycle was 40 days! I think my body was resetting itself from my FET cycle that ended in February.

    Joanna - Good luck with the baby dancing! :babydust::babydust:

    Jenn - Hope you are well... let us know how the book was!

    Mamba - Looking forward to hearing about your U/S this week!


  6. mamba

    mamba New Member

    I saw the sac:) beta is good! everything looks great so far!

  7. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Mamba that's great!:clap:It's so exciting!

    AFM I'm still reading Fertile Female(I've only had time to read on the subway!) but I'm almost done and it's great, I highly recommend it. She talks about a lot of visualization exercises, which do help. Reading this book makes you rethink what the real problem is, maybe we're holding ourselves back, preventing ourselves(subconsciously) from getting pregnant or just not listening to our intuition about our treatment. It's definitely made me rethink some things. So much so I've decided to try au natural for a few months. Of course I'll still be doing acupuncture/herbs and of course my new favorite, royal jelly.

    Good luck to everyone! :babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust:
  8. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Jenn - good luck au natural. I just bought some more RJ myself. And off to acupuncture in a few.

    Jena - hope you're staying relaxed during this cycle. :af: finally came today (think day 38!) So I go in tomorrow a.m Hopefully, ovaries will be clear. I am doing non-lupon so I'll start the stims right away. Jena - we might be on a similar timeline.
    This might sound crazy but I plan to do the injections in my office at work. Am I nuts? I have business stuff a couple nights this week so 4:00 seems like the only possible time. We'll see how it goes...
    I turn 38 this week - hope I don't get too down. Trying to stay positve for this 2nd cycle.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

    Mamba - sounds like you're doing great!
  9. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Jenn - Good luck with the baby dancing. Keeping my :cross: that it is a tremendous success! Let us know how things go! :babydust::babydust: FYI - Since Victoria is out on vacation right now, I had Sharon for the first time this past week. I thought that she was very thorough in her analysis of me and even did some extra spots for some other ailments going on (like under my nostrils for congestion!). The face ones didn't hurt in the least, although I did feel that overall her touch wasn't as gentle as Victoria's. Not painful, per se, just a little harder. Then again, because I had never been treated by her before, it may just have been added anxiety on my part!

    Winkie - Happy Birthday Week! I hope that it is wonderful! Don't get down... 38 is fabulous! I'll be saying so long to it in a couple of weeks, so perhaps I'll have to live vicariously through you! :)

    Wow! Stims already! That's great! It looks like I'll be a couple of weeks behind you as I'm supposed to start Lupron tomorrow and stims in early May. I'll also be heading into my RE's office in the early AM tomorrow for blood work, and I'm assuming an ultrasound. I don't think that you are crazy for doing your injections in the office... you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope that you have some place that you can close the door and have some privacy... it would make it much easier.

    Sending lots of :cross: your way that everything is good to go for you tomorrow. Let us know how it goes!

    Mamba - So glad to hear that everything is progressing beautifully for you! So exciting!

    All the best,

  10. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Jena- I've had Sharon many times and her touch is always the same as you experienced. I have mixed feelings because she really is great to speak with and she's gentle in a general sense but when she does needle insertion it can be a little uncomfortable. But I always feel great after a session with her so I would never say anything. Victoria definitely has a great techniques for insertion.

    Winkie- Have a terrific Birthday! Be positive because you have so much to look forward to!

    Best to everyone!:babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust::babydust:
  11. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and encouragement.

    Bad news today :grr: Everything went fine at the RE - clear ovaries. But I got the dreaded call that afternoon that I should not start the meds and my cycle was cancelled. My estradiol was really high - 140! Usually it is 50-60, once 84. And the nurse who calls has no explanaton which is frustrating - why does it fluctuate so much? I wish a doctor made these calls.

    I am very upset and hate to wait anpther month but instead of going home and crying, I joined my husband and a friend out for dinner and a few drinks and was OK. I'm trying to tell myself now there's more time for acupuncture to work its magic. But disappointing...

    Has anyone else had a cyle cancelled on Day 2?

    Jena - how was your appointment?
  12. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    Winkie- Sorry to hear that, it sucks. Hang in there and enjoy your b-day you should just celebrate all week! You should ask to speak with the dr. it would only take a minute of his time and make you feel better.
    I'm curious myself about the effects of acupuncture and how long they take to kick in. I wonder if there's an average length of time where women start to benefit?
  13. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Catching Up

    Ohhhh Winkie, I'm so sorry to hear your news. I'm sure that it is just a minor setback and you'll soon be back on track soon, but I so understand that any delay is a bummer. I'm glad to hear that you went out and enjoyed yourself though with your DH and friends! And such a good point about giving the acupuncture some more time to "do its magic."

    Let us know if you get a chance to talk to the RE and what your next steps are.

    Speaking to Jenn's question about length of time for acupuncture to make a difference, I heard a report on the local news once that a study had shown that a minimum of 11 sessions seemed to be the number where there was a better success rate. I was never able to track down the actual study myself, but I've kept it in mind.

    And, Jenn, since I started Lupron on Monday, I am supposed to be going twice a week now, however, I'm sticking with one until Victoria gets back. I felt great after my last session as well, and I really liked that Sharon did a more in-depth treatment of me (for things beyond fertility) but it wasn't as comfortable a procedure. What a fine touch Victoria has!

    As for me, I'm on Lupron now, scheduled to finally see a specialist regarding my NK cell elevation on Sunday. Freaking out a bit because I've heard of some pretty intensive treatments for it, but hoping that it won't be as bad as that.

    Lots of :babydust::babydust: and zen and chi to everyone!

  14. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    I've heard 3 months for acupuncture but I also heard there have been studies showing it helped even if you did it just 2x - 1/2 hour before the embryo transfer and right after. But guess that's more of a lining issue (and studies were conflicting). To improve eggs, maybe 11 times or 3 months.

    Jena - hope your appointment went well.

    Just trying to enjoy my time off from shots and early a.m. doctor appointments.
  15. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Hi everyone - It looks like our little thread is slowing down now. Would love to hear how all you gals are doing!

    The specialist was not concerned by anything in those blood tests, so I'm back to hoping that perhaps acupuncture and yoga will be my magic cure or at least that "third time is a charm" on this go around!

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  16. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Not too much to report here. About to go POAS since we're going natural this month. Hubby and I just planned a last minute trip to the Caribbean for our anniversary so leaving in a couple days. Figured we better go now before another IVF cycle starts up again. It would be nice if I ovulate while we're away while I'm nice and relaxed.

    Jena - good luck with the stims. I guess that is good news about the tests. No extreme treatments. And, yeah, hoping acupuncture is the magic cure for all of us! Keep us posted on your response to the meds. Hoping you get lots of good eggs.
  17. JennHS

    JennHS New Member

    How is everyone doing??? It's been so long. I've been going through some medical problems, changing my thyroid meds. But I think everything is finally straightened out and hoping next cycle will be a successful one. Still doing acupuncture I think I'm making progress. Please everyone fill me in on your status!!!
  18. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Hi Jenn! Thanks for checking in and giving the thread a little bump!

    I'm sorry that you've had some issues lately, but it sounds like it is worked out. When do you plan to start your next cycle? I'm hoping that it will be the ONE! I see that you are still doing acu... are you still going to Y&T?

    AFM - As you can see from my signature, I got a BFP for my most recent IVF but still remain cautiously optimistic. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy! I just have to take it one day at a time at this point. This coming Thursday, I have my second U/S and am praying for a heartbeat.

    I'm still doing acupuncture at Y&T and am torn now as to who I like better. Victoria, as we discussed, has a great touch, but Sharon really takes her time to do an in-depth overview of how you are feeling (beyond the fertility stuff) and works that into treatment. I really like that, even if her touch is a little harder. I see them each once a week now, I think until heartbeat. I'm hoping that it doesn't mean that it ends this Thursday, tho! I mean, yes, I want to move on, but I'm going to miss acu so much!

    I hope everyone else is doing well. Would love to hear what you are all up to!

  19. winkie01

    winkie01 New Member

    Jena - Congrats!! That is so awesome. I noticed your signature and was so happy for you. But I understand totally not wanting to get too ahead of yourself. I'm sure everything will be fine but we've all been through a lot so its probably hard to completely celebrate yet.

    Jenn - glad your thyroid thing got straightened out. Thyroid is a big deal so now maybe you'll have better luck.

    I had my retreival yesterday. 12 eggs and 10 fertilized. So I am happy so far - that is 2 more fertilized than last time. But fertilization is not our problem - its quality of embryo. So I am still terrified waiting to hear how my embies look. Really hoping a new protocol and acupuncture, RJ, etc. helped. Jena - its so great to hear success stories to give us hope.

    My ET is scheduled for Monday but could be pushed a day or two depending on how the embies look.

    Oh, Jena - question - how has acupuncture changed now that you are pregnant? As far as placement of needles? I heard to avoid the abdomen and want to make sure my acupuncturist knows what he's doing when I go in post-transfer (I am being paranoid). Also, did you go in right before and after transfer? Thanks!
  20. JenaNYC

    JenaNYC New Member

    Winkie - I'm so excited to hear about your retrieval yesterday and am :pray: that your little embies grow strong and healthy. Would love it if they were able to go to a full 5dt! Either way, the best of luck to you and much :babydust:!

    To answer your question about acupuncture, I've been going in twice a week still (Mondays and Thursdays) since I started stims at the beginning of May, and you are absolutely right, no abdomen placement post-transfer... that was only to help increase blood flow for the transfer itself.

    I really wanted to do acupuncture before and after the transfer, but it was an extremely difficult week for my DH and I, and there were too many factors to try and work in, especially since my acupuncturist's office was closed that day (Sunday) and I would have had to arrange it in advance and then pay $200 for each session to have someone come in for the off-hours.

    Though I did go on either the Friday or Saturday (can't remember which) before the transfer and then again at the earliest appointment on Monday the day after.

    In the end, although I was worried that my chances wouldn't be as good, things still worked out!

    Again, much luck to you!

    Please let us know how your embies are doing and when you are slated to transfer. :babydust:


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