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Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by PCOblues, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. PCOblues

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    Hi. I began developing symptoms of hyperstimulation right after ER. :grr: I spoke with my dr at transfer and he encouraged me to move forward, despite being diagnosed with moderate OHSS. I thought I'd turned a corner in my symptoms but now, just 1 day post ET, my belly has swollen even larger (didn't even think that was possible), I've gained 4 lbs, and I'm not peeing as much as I know I should be. I'm totally panicked and wish I would've stood my ground about freezing all embryos instead of being convinced to ignore my body.

    Anybody out there in a similar position? Or made it through and have a (not terrifying) story?
  2. csangelbaby

    csangelbaby New Member

    Hi! I just saw your post and I had moderate OHSS the day of transfer. I proceeded to go even though my Dr told us we could hold off. He though said that I did not have too much fluid around my ovary so he thought it should be ok to proceed. I actually started to feel better and then by the time I got my Beta results I started to feel like crap again. I did everything I could to try and prevent me getting it worse and it did work. I am 13 weeks pregnant now with twins. I have had tenderness in my ovaries still and think it's barely subsiding. I was also recently told I have a cyst that should go away on it's own. But I am glad I went through with it and can't wait to meet my munchkins. I really know how you feel and I do hope that you get feeling better soon.:grouphug:
  3. PCOblues

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    Thanks for the positive words. It is really encouraging to hear that I will feel better and that it's all worth it in the end.

    Two questions:

    When you said you did things to try to stay on top of it, what did you do? I've been trying gatorade (though at this point it's very nauseating), protein, and salty food.

    How long did your more severe symptoms last?
  4. BlessedinTX

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    OHSS Sick

    Hi There!
    I'm joining in b/c I'm on the couch right now with OHSS. I had my ER on 9/22 w/ 31 eggs. This is my 2nd retrieval. Afterwards I had some bloating but not as badly as my first retrieval and my Dr. said we were good to ET. Did ET on 9/25, and shortly after my OHSS became much worse. But RE and DR said this is very good sign. It means your body is producing HCG for the embryos. My beta is 10/6.

    So good luck to you! It is positive news! Oh, I'm drinking lots of fluids now, gatorade and water alternating. Too naseaus to eat much.
  5. PCOblues

    PCOblues New Member

    :welcome: BlessedinTX. I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering from OHSS. It looks like our ER and ET times are pretty closely lined up. I've been trying to work throughout this but have had to come home early several times, including today. I have nausea off and on but am lucky that is one of the few symptoms I don't see to have too badly. My biggest issue is the incredible pressure on my abdomen - not to mention i look about 5 months pregnant. I think I'm going to have to send my DH out to buy me some maternity clothes this weekend since dressing is so much effort in the morning.

    I really hope we both start feeling better soon! Did you have OHSS your last retrieval? How long did it last?
  6. csangelbaby

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    I did drink gatorade and a lot of it. I started with the orange but after a while I couldn't stand it. The grape is good. Just try different kinds. And if you have to just sip on it day/night. I also took pedialyte so I wouldn't get dehydrated. I also ate boiled eggs and craved teriyaki chicken that was very salty. Also I elevated my legs at night and slept with my head a little elevated. That keeps any fluid from going into your diaphram. Also just rest when needed and try to walk when you can.
    My more severe symptoms lasted probably about 7 weeks. I know a long time and I am pregnant with twins and it in itself is hard so I haven't had a break since becoming pg. I am so thankful and wouldn't trade it for the world though. I don't think it's normal for symptoms to last so long but maybe it is. Just try everything you think will help and good luck! :)

    Blessed- Good luck with your beta:)
  7. PCOblues

    PCOblues New Member

    csangelbaby - Wow...7 weeks of symptoms. You are quite the trooper! I can't believe you've had to suffer for so long. After only 10 days of feeling like garbage, I was already wondering how long I could put up with this! Fortunately I started feeling better yesterday. I'm still not 100% but the pain has diminished and my appetite is back. I'm still carrying about 4 lbs of fluid around my abdomen (my own personal innertube) and can't fit into any of my clothes (thank God for the belly band!) but I can at least function. I'm just crossing my fingers that my symptoms have peaked and will continue to diminish.

    Blessed - Hope you are starting to feel better, too. Good luck on Thursday!
  8. mnjbb

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    Hello ladies
    I am niot displaying signs of OHSS yet however my RE says that after my ER I will. I am freaking out! I am already drinking gatorade and increasing salt and protein. He tells me that this will reduce my chances as well as help it to be minimal. Is this true? I am a little worried as you can tell. I even found a protein drink that has ALOT of soduim and 17 g of protein with no sugar. I hope I am over reacting! :grr:
  9. PCOblues

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    I'm no expert, though I've spent many hours researching OHSS while laying on the couch in misery. From what I understand, gatorade (or some other electrolyte replacement) and protein are good because the fluid that leaks from the cells is full of electrolytes and protein. I've read some things to suggest that the electrolytes and salt help your body want to pull the fluid back into your bloodstream after it's leaked into your interstitial cavities. While these things may mitigate some of your symptoms - and certainly staying hydrated will keep you from feeling and getting more ill - I honestly think that OHSS is just a syndrome that has to run its course. The best and only way to prevent it is to stop the cycle before the hcg trigger. But, who wants to do that unless you're going to be deathly ill? Is your RE considering decreasing your trigger from 10,000 to 5,000? That can reduce the severity. I did the full trigger but the triggered me a day early so that my E2 didn't get any higher (although in my case, I think my OHSS was related to the number of follicles, not my E2). The other thing that can worsen or prolong symptoms is to get pregnant so if you're feeling really crummy, you can always freeze all (if that's an option) and do a FET once you feel better. I was pretty sick from the day after ER and for about 8 days afterward (so 10 days from hcg trigger). Then I started to feel a bit better, only to worsen a couple of days later when the hcg from my pregnancy started to kick in. In total, I was really sick (very swollen, abdominal pain, heartburn, skin that felt too tight, and mild nausea) for about 2 1/2 weeks and then started feeling a bit better. I also had hemoconcentration and am on a blood thinner. After about 2 weeks I got 2.5L tapped but gained all the fluid back the next day. My total weight gain from fluid was 18 lbs over a 2 week period. But, that said, I've now lost about 5 lbs in a week and, while still very swollen, I feel much better. It was a miserable experience...there's just no two ways about it. I think you need to decide how high your risk is and whether you want to move forward with trying to get pregnant right away. Symptoms will diminish much faster without pregnancy. There were many days where I questioned if I made the right choice in doing a transfer (I'm sooo glad we only transferred one embie) since I felt like I could suffer through it as long as I knew I'd feel better soon.

    I wish you much luck in making these decisions. It stinks to have to go through IF and then to have this on top of it! Seems so unfair but you'll get through it no matter what choice you make!

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