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Discussion in 'Raging Hormones' started by Kovach4u, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Hello, I am new to this forum. Looking for support and advice. I am on my second round of Prometrium. I have low progesterone levels. last months cycle, I went 33 days, got AF 6 days after stopping progesterone. This past month at much surprise I went in for my follicle screening on CD 12 and there was an egg there!!! Anyways i was told to stop progesterone after today by my specialist. So here is the real question, after 10 months of TTC I know AF is coming, I was thinking about taking the progesterone a few days longer since my husband will be out of town when I will be O next month, plus now I am afraid I will O again on CD 12, I have always been CD16 when I have gotten +OPK. Specialisy has never told me to take a HPT before I stop progesterone? help I want a chance next month still

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