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Discussion in 'Acupuncture Trying to Conceive' started by maverick76, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. maverick76

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    I ll give you the short version of my story, 1 failed IUI 3 failed IVF. re said egg quality was bad. I started seeing an acupuncturist the first week of December and she told me to put off my last IVF try till March to give it a chance to work.

    Here is my question will my re be able to tell if my egg quality has improved with the blood work. I kinda wanna know before I do my final IVF treatment.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  2. Finch12

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    I'd think it would depend on what was the indicator of poor egg quality to begin. You know, was it FSH or something they saw in IVF. It'd depend on what brought them to that conclusion in the first place.
    Don't be afraid to call your doc and ask!


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