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Discussion in 'Men's Infertility Support' started by sunnyb3, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Hi... I'm new here! My husband has had 2 SA done to this point, the second with a Fertility Urologist, and I threw the meeting I was basically just hearing bad, bad, infertility, bad. A few weeks a later, I am now looking at the SA and a little confused about something. I'll mark the point of my confusion below (as I do not understand what it means at all), but will post the SA for context. Can anybody help me out?

    Here's the info:
    Volume: 4.7 mL
    Viscosity: Normal
    pH: 8.4
    Concentration: 0.05 million (50,000)
    Motlilty: 60%
    Forward Progression: 2.5
    Total Motal: 0.141
    Morph: Not done

    Comments: Note that only 5 sperm were seen in 10HPFs with 3 being motile **(I don't know what this means at all)**
  2. DaddyHubbyFL

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    It looks as if your DH's overall count is very low. A total ejaculate of 4.7 mL is pretty good, but if that entire sample contained only 50,000 sperm cells, then he isn't making very much at all.

    I wouldn't freak out about this. He apparently has at least some sperm with good motility (meaning they swim strongly and in a forward motion).

    I'm curious as to why they didn't check morphology. This is where they observe the physical appearance and usability of the sperm cells. They're looking for sperm which have a good oval-shaped head and properly formed tail (Misshapen or deformed sperm are not viable).

    If your doctor hasn't identified a fertility issue on your side, then I would think all that needs doing is for your doctor to isolate just one of his good sperm cells and use that to fertilize one of your eggs. Of course, that itself isn't a 100% guarantee of success, but it evens your playing field.

    (I'm not a doctor. Just an IVF husband. Always best to ask these questions of your doctor.)
  3. sunnyb3

    sunnyb3 New Member

    Thank you so much! We do have prescribed IVF with ICSI, so I know that's the route we will be taking, but I'm confused about that last portion about the "Note that only 5 sperm were seen 10HPF's with 3 being motile" means..... For some reason, I just noticed.

    I don't know why they didn't test his morph. He's had 2 different SA with 2 different providers, and they never tested it. The first one they said something about the numbers being too low to test it? Hmmm.

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