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  1. Comper

    Comper New Member

    We just launched a new smart fertility tracker on Kickstarter and we would like to check feedbacks, comments and everything related with the new device, for this we can't find better than

    We start developing smart medical devices for women in 2014 and finally we come up with smart fertility tracker.
    Here is the device:

    Comper Smart Fertility Tracker: is a basal body temperature thermometer with more evolutionary innovations that were designed for easy and friendly use , targeting to largely save every minute from every using scenario ,especially every time-constrained morning.

    With amazingly improved using experience by medical quality materials, edge-cutting software & hardware algorithms and even sophisticated manufacturing system , Comper Smart Fertility Tracker would fuse the power that women track and manage their health through the way of being most simple , enjoyable and reliable.

    Comper lanched a kickstarter campaign and rewards are the new smart fertility tracker, you can check our page for more information:

    We will be so thankful if you can share with us what you think about this new device.

    Thank you

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