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  1. Jessy00

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    Hi to all the ladies, all i can tell you is that you shouldn't give up on your infertility problem for I have known a few ladies who have undergone five-13 years IVF-s, and finally got pregnant. And I was told that most of this ladies travel all the way to some African Countries to undergo fertility treatments. I can get more details about linking you to a fertility specialist to discuss your issues.If you are kind of interested contact me via
    Stay strong and a big hug to you ladies.
  2. Vincent Ortiz

    Vincent Ortiz New Member

    You are doing the great work Jessy. Really appreciated, Good Luck.

    MARYAL New Member

    Hi, thank you very much for giving such information here. I'm looking for some clinic which specializes on surrogacy. I know it would be hard to find something really suitable in so short time. But honestly, I need to do it, I do want to make sad my husband. He really wants to have kids but I have some fertility issues. I have leaded a very v=bad life style and that has leas a negative print on my current life. I'm not able to carry a baby and that kills me, I cry without tears and I'm so devastated..

    So if you don't mind could you provide with some information concerning fertility treatments. Thank you in advance
  4. melissabrown

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    My partner and I have been trying for a baby for over seven years, Finally i am now a mother now
    Anyone with this problem should please do contact doctor climent Scott now he will help you too

    I will only advice every other woman TRYING TO GET PREGNANT or have Fallopian tube issues, pcos and other infertility problem too do their research and don’t base your option only on anyone’s advise, I did and it resulted in waste of money and time. contact Dr climent on email: Or his whatsapp number. +2347036879479 because I have discover Dr climent. long time ago and I would have been pregnant earlier if I follow my heart and buy the herbal herbs but I disregard it because of my doctor’s advice and I am annoyed at myself but at the same time I am happy that I made the wise decision by going back to Dr climent, for his herbal herbs. Now I am a strong believer of this herbal herbs natural medicine. Thank Dr climent for bringing this joy into my home am so happy at last am now a mother of twins am the happiest woman on earth thank god i came back for your herbal herbs i no so many marriages out there finding it difficult to conceive i will surely encourage them to have fate and contact you on your email or number for help contact Dr climent now via Or his whatsapp number. +2347036879479
    +2347036879479 +2347036879479
  5. Vincent Ortiz

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    There are lots of surrogacy clinics that will help you out. I have heard about Surrogate360 in US from my friends and relatives. They will definitely help you to create your family. They consider the health, legal, and ethical issues affecting all parties involved in surrogacy arrangements. I assure you about getting the best solution here!

    MARYAL New Member

    I have never heard about surrogate360! How do they work? Do a couple need to consult them using this link or what?
  7. Vincent Ortiz

    Vincent Ortiz New Member

    Surrogate360 is an US based agency to help couples having children. I haven't visited ever but my friends has told me about this agency. Yes, the couples can contact here to get all the information whether they want to know about the fertility clinics, how to become an egg or sperm donor, looking for surrogate mother and more fertility issues. They will guide you the whole procedure about their problems.

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