trying to turn a corner after loss

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Loss' started by Bravegypsie, May 14, 2015.

  1. Bravegypsie

    Bravegypsie New Member

    any advice welcome!!

    I find that my heart is still so broken after losing all babies I have been pregnant with. I suppose this is normal but I am running out of time to make this dream come true. Any advice for dealing with the pain and more importantly, the anxiety that creeps in when I move forward in this new journey (DE), I just get so scared.
  2. lovelady

    lovelady New Member

    Sorry for your pain and lost dear!!!
    I was scared I will never become a mother, and i know exactly how do you feel, but trust me patience and positive thoughts is the best for you now! I know my advice can be very late, because your message is old. I just wanted to tell you how much I feel your pain and fear!
    Please be safe and all the best for you
  3. Emily Morrison

    Emily Morrison New Member

    Well! This post is very much painful. To recover from your pain is many difficult and tough. Especially when you have lost your most valuable thing. Your heart completely breaks with that continuous pain. In this situation undergoing through anxiety is very much obvious and harmful too. One should never lose hope of something which he or she has lost. Hope is the only solution of your anxiety and depression and which can make you out of it. In this post, a woman lost all her babies during her pregnancy, which is really very painful. But, my dear, you should have faith in God and yourself. You have to recover from your pain. For this particular thing a psychic session can be referred. The psychics can surely help you in resolving your fear and anxiety. With their generous future predictions, they can also make you aware that whether the things will be sorted out again or not. Whether you will have a baby this time or not. People can explore more information about these psychics at and cabn avail more services.​
  4. calisy

    calisy New Member

    Losing all babies is not normal. Dear, you should see a doctor. There are many reasons why one miscarries. Medically, doctors believe that there is a problem in any situation faced. Like in your case. Miscarriages happen due to various reasons. I am well informed in this topic, perhaps I can help. My sister had a similar case. But she decided to go to Bio tex clinic for help. Thereafter, she had a solution to her problems. Before that she had 3 miscarriages. I told her that was not normal. Bu after treatment in Kiev, she is now a proud mother. You should also start seeking medical help. There is something wrong with you. You cannot conceive unless you solve the problem. Reasons for miscarriages can vary. Like weak uterine walls and thin endometrium walls. Rhesus factor can also attribute to miscarriages. Immunity issues is also an effect. I wish I could elaborate more on each problem. But I feel the post will be lengthy. However, you can go to the hospital to get more information concerning this.

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