What’s ivf (OE vs DE) like?

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  1. SamanthaSun

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    Hi, ladies! After years of struggling I should admit that IVF is not as scary as it seems. I was super nervous as well, but I think it's the unknown that's scary. I found the injection process for IVF#2 much easier than for IVF#2 (When using OE). Though because the IVF injections are subcutaneous and the needles are tiny I was not so stressed for the 2nd time as I knew what to expect. My first injections were painful and the needles were longer. They also stung a lot.
    The retrieval was the most difficult process, as you don't know how you will recover until you're there. They put you under and you don't feel a thing. You just wake up when it's all done and I woke up sore and in pain. I had been even super sore and in pain for a few days. But many others recover quickly and go back to work the next day.
    Transfer is super quick and painless. (Now we’re dealing with egg donation in Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic, shot#1, official testing day – 25th May). Overall, the process is a bit longer than with IVFs with OE but I found it easier in some ways. I didn't throw up from the drugs or have any other crazy side effects. The worst side effect is being super bloated the closer you get to your transfer. But I guess this is because of nerves.
    Good luck to you with your current cycles. Baby dust to all! Xx ;)
  2. Kim79

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    hello, i've just posted in your another thread. now I see that you've already tried ED. have it worked? got your BFP?
    looking forward for your update:)
    have a great day!
  3. SamanthaSun

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    Hi, Kim! Thanks for your replies. We've passed IVF with donor eggs, got our BFP :) But actually we have to wait a couple of weeks more for the program to be accomplished. You know 12 weeks safety stage. I loved the procedure, don't mean I'm keen on meds, injections etc. But I liked the people we worked and are still working with. Support is highly appreciated while in this game!
    Am waiting for hearing from you ;)
  4. Kim79

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    sure, the people's vibes you deal with matter. lucky you! bfp from the first try? that's gorgeous! congrts on your safe stage and please take the very best care of yourself and baby! how'r u feeling now? ;)
  5. Agnete

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    hi, Samantha. congrats on you bfp! I hope you feel well. enjoy each moment of your pregnancy: those magical feelings get forgotten so quickly when a baby is born. all your values change. what was important before fades away and new sense of life emerges. take care
  6. haileYhi

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    Hello hun! How's your procedure? I hope it's successful! I also had de ivf in Ukrainian biotexcom. The procedure was successful. I’ve got pregnant from 2nd attempt. Now I have my precious girl. We asked our doctor to find egg donor, who will have same features with me. Now I have absolutely no feeling that my girl is not mine genetically! No one can ever tell she is from donor egg. We found many reviews about it, which convinced us to go there. Also manager of the clinic responded quickly on our first mail. She answered all our questions and tell us everything we needed to know. I've looked through each forum, each thread, each comment about de ivf procedure. There were both good and bad reviews. But generally the clinic seemed to me professional and popular among infertile couples. Also their prices are much lower then in US or Greece or any other country. We are not greedy. But everyone should understand this procedure is only the beginning. After childbirth costs grow along with child. So why pay more? This clinic proposes same services for lower price. What was the major factor which convinced us? There were a couple of factors actually. But when we came to the clinic for the first time, we saw many people there. I should say we didn't expect this at all. I never thought Ukraine is that popular. And since that moment I had a feeling that everything will be fine. Not for nothing people go there! First I was sceptical I guess. I thought their medicine stuck in the past. But after looking at the clinic and their modern equipment I changed my mind. You don't have to hire a translator! The clinic have already took care about everything! We were met in the airport by taxi driver, who was carrying us across Kiev by his car. He was transporting us to the clinic and our apartment, which was also provided by the clinic. We had a manager and she translated everything for us. She spoke language fluently, so there were no misunderstandings. They even provided us with food supply. The only thing which we cared about was the procedure.
  7. Kim79

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    nice to meet you
    fancy - we also used bio texcom for our donor egg surrogacy. we have twin boys. i agree with your comments on the clinic. we were very picky when choosing. even in Kiev, there are a few centers for reproduction offering different conditions for different prices. biotex quality-fees balance seemed to be the most optimal for us. yes, almost everything included in your contract so you have nothing to worry about it.
    in any case, the key factor for us to decide was dozens of success stories from couples who already became parents via this provider
    good luck to everyone trying and searching
  8. Agnete

    Agnete Member

    oh, thanks

    we’re those who are trying, not searching though. We’ve already found. Luck is very needed for us now

    as we explored all possible option, we definitely decided on Ukraine. choosing a clinic was a bit more challenging. There’s an overview of reproductive medicine providers in Ukraine we found on google. http://kiev-hotel.net/medical-information/centres-for-human-reproduction.html

    we visited two from this list: Isida and Biotexcom
  9. SamanthaSun

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    Wish you all the best, hun, with your treatment. :)
    We went with Biotexcom, I've written above. I always keep saying I have nothing to regret about using them. They are professional, qualified and well-organized. Well, huge lines bothered me once but I cannot say it's their minus. People trust them. What's your impression? Hugs X
  10. Agnete

    Agnete Member

    oh, yeah, lines! nothing changed it seems. the clinic is overcrowded. imo, they have to move to a larger building and hire more stuff. we met so many IPs there from all the world. i was surprised with couples from Australia and China! gosh, that's half a globe to travel! still they do travel to Ukraine. it means a lot, at least for me an dh. i hope we made a right choice coz our future is in their hands now. how are you feeling, Samantha? any symptoms like nausea or you feel well?
  11. SamanthaSun

    SamanthaSun Member

    Thanks for asking. Everything's going on quite smoothly. I guess I have just ordinary early pregnancy symptoms. But they aren't bothering me anyway - we've been waiting for this so long!!:) I'd say I had felt so much tired during the 3rd week. But they told it was normal as body was getting adjust for a new life and needed more energy than usual.
    How are your things going?
    Take care X
  12. ladybird345

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    Hi to all here, I just want to share my story here. We also with biotex, our surrogate is pregnant.
    We have opted for a surrogacy with donor's eggs. Frankly, I was surprised with the first visit to biotex. We didn't expect to see such a small building, a lot of people inside and long queues. Any way, we were met by the driver at the airport, then by the manager at the clinic and went for a medical examination at clinic. After that we discussed the contract and signed it as well. From that time our journey has started.
  13. Vincent Ortiz

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    It's good to hear your story and hope that you should blessed with a healthy baby. HAPPY FUTURE SURROGACY!

    I wanted to know about this agency and their contract.

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